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Anita Doth she was hit once again ..

The half of 2Unlimited - Anita Doth is fighting once again with breast cancer. The news was shared by the singer on her instagram profile:

I Am fighting again. Just like so many others in the world. Just send us power, love and light and keep us in your prayers and meditations. That would mean the world to me and my kids. I am grateful for my family and friends support its so hard for them also. Especially mum and dad I can't imagine their pain. And I am grateful for the medical staff @olvgamsterdam. Just know that I am in my strenght. So I am wearing my smile like armour BAM. And to end on a positive note.... the chemotherapy is effective.. Anita Doth

Musically Anita Doth, recently release a new song you can read here
You can leave  comments here
Thanks to Karine Sanche

Anita Doth stretched!?

The half of 2 Unlimited - Anita Doth was stretched on exam table by 2 guys from secret services trying to find if the body is real... 
It's nothing serious guys.. it's just the theme of Anita Doth and the dutch dj Nils van Zandt's  newest video "Ain't Gonna Wait For Love"
From the pictures posted by Anita on her FB, will be a crazy one with chase and hunting the bad guys....
Also Anita will drive a  retro car trying to run and to find love.... i think!? But we must wait to see  "Ain't Gonna Wait For Love" because the tune / video will be released soon on all digital megastores... 

Anita Doth 2Unlimited it's a closed chapter

Anita Doth lead singer of 2Unlimited, and one responsible of the 2U comeback  in 2009 and of the name in the next year, shared a  few thoughts about 2U period :

2 Unlimited is a closed chapter. The songs are for ever. But I am not in the group. I go my on way now, and some seriously interesting project coming up. Next Level. New Chapter. said the singer

The singer left the project in 2016, and was replace by Kim Vergouwen from Dance Nation.  Anita Doth said in a interview for dutch paper  the real reason why the split in 1996,  it was a toxic relationship but in front of public we must look like the perfect ones. The interview was made after his colleague Ray published the biography.  And Ray targeting Anita in few posts from Facebook.

Anita Doth - Fac iu!

The lead singer of 2Unlimited - Anita Doth, release a few days ago with the help of belgian singer Denzel and club Sound this tune who is an healing anthem of bad days.

Anita Doth "Sometimes you need to loose all your anger, to leave place to love"

The single can be found on all digital platforms and is the anthem of Kamping Kitsch Club.

Anita Doth reacts

After the incident with  Lyane Leigh (E-Rotic, SEX Appeal), Anita Doth finally answer to the accusation. She never called her that way,  and was just a misunderstanding, and a lie.

Anita Doth: It's so funny when people tell lies about you. It means they spent their time thinking about you. All they do is waste their energy. Some people know who i am talking about but when i responded she just deleted my reaction.
Believe what ever you want to believe about me. All females should be sisters and never call each other a bitch.

Lyane she didn't comment about those accusation, and we wait the true facts from that incident, or was just made up for a relaunch in music.... Because scandals are getting attention, and attention publicity right ?

But this not gives you the right, and opportunity to react like a "diva", and treat others like "baby poop" to be more artistic.

Anita Doth it's freee....

2Unlimited lead singer Anita Doth took a holiday break in Dubai with Ray  after she heard the good news from her doctor - that she's official cancer free!

Ooooooooooohweeeeeee Officially still cancer free!!
Thanks for caring everybody!! Anita Doth

After the clinic appointment the singer posted an emotional message addressed her fans  

Dear FB Fam. This morning a had a full blown panic attack. But then you showed me what UNIVERSAL LOVE is. I experienced LOVE in all it's beautiful colors. Your messages helped calm me down and face what i had to do with confidence. And you reminded me why i have the LOVE ENERGY tattoo. I need to thank EACH and EVERY one of you for this beautiful gift. I know now more then ever that i have friends in all the corners of the world. You are all angels and i treasure you xx 

Power and Love Energy to all the people suffering from illness/pain/misery  said the singer

So the holiday in Dubai was what she need it to run away from daily routine.

Anita Doth a new look

Lead vocalist of 2Unlimited - Anita Doth came with a new look. The singer recently made some photos with William Rutten and some of them are made with symbols that for those who loves the theory of conspiracy would say that Anita joined the illuminate and the new world order grup. But the singer has a message for those who can suspect her about Illuminati
Not illuminati symbolism but the symbols of our ancestors and i will wear them with pride. said Anita
About the new materials with 2Unlimited, Anita answered that will be and the fans will be the first to know...

Twenty 4 Seven, Anita Doth, Regi

Twenty 4 Seven Ruud van Rijen, Twenty 4 Seven producer thought that it's time to bring out this project, it's been almost 3 years past from "Like Flames" the single who announced Twenty 4 Seven comeback but was for a short time, now in 2010 Ruud join forces with Li-Ann (Raffish a girl band collegue with pop sensation Eva Simons, as solo artist release "Friday" a song produced by Regi and Filip Vandueren and Pop the Cherry ), and Miss Cherry.
The song choosen for this comeback it's the new version of their hit "Slave To The Music", a version remixed  by Ruud & Dj Rockz, and will be available soon on all digital megastores, more infos here. ( Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Anita Doth (2Unlimited lead singer) made an interview for the dutch magazine "Beau Monde" were is talking about her disease and how she get through...
Anita : "Now, I live the day" said Anita in that interview.
Anita and Ray will perform live on 4th September at Beach Break from Slam Fm. Infos here.

Regi shoot a new video in California for "Runaway" the new single from his recent album Registrated 2. The  track was made in collaboration with Tyler.

A message for Diana Charlemagne

Anita Doth recently shared on Instagram a message to lead singer of Urban Cookie Collective - Diana Charlemagne :
Diana lost her life on October 2015 after a long battle with cancer.
The message has more meaning 'cause Anita Doth is also suffering from the same disease. And is still fighting  with this "demon" who annual takes  millions of lives.  We send our love and positive thoughts to Anita...because she is a fighter and we want to see her performing the music !

Another sad news for Anita!

                                                                                 Source: Anita Doth Fb

Sorry to start this day with this news, but I must say it anyway. Anita Doth from 2 Unlimited has breast cancer for the 2nd time, the sad news was gave to the singer last year on routine investigation. And is not the 1st time when is passing to this, in January 2011 was also treating but it seems that the problem appeared last year. In recent post shared by the singer, said that she will keep moving forward, and doing what is loving the most - music. All our positive thoughts is with this artist who show us that being an artist is not saves you from problems, even you are a star doesn't make you invincible are just like others but only difference is that your job is more different then others... #Blessyou #GoodThoughts #2Unlimited

The best gift for Anita Doth...

You all know that today's is Anita Doth  birthday, 2Unlimited lead singer and a fighter also!
 In a recent twitter post the singer said that she got the best gift that she want : breakfast in bed brought by her son :

Another birthday. Breakfast in bed from my precious son. Brought tears to my eyes. I feel blessed............ so blessed. said the singer

But she wanted one more thing:  no more children suffering on our planet.
If i could have one birthday wish it would be: no more children suffering on our planet. 
It's a tough one :)

But, there is a but in this story... what she really wants is your all support buying her music, and this way you can tell her that you love her so much  and she needs to stay for a very  long period.

One more thing  just in case  you don't know: Anita was the one who brought 2Unlimited alive! so give your love and support and buy her music.  

Anita Doth won another battle..

Finally after another hit, the lead singer of 2Unlimited - Anita Doth made a statement about her health:

Anita Doth a new collaboration

After the departure from 2Unlimited, Anita Doth the lead singer of the group came back with this amazing collaboration with OJKB entitled "Like A Lion", the song is very catchy, and was released on First Class Music, and can be pre order on all digital megastores .

Anita Doth back with a new single

The lead vocalist of 2Unlimited project came this days with a new music project, a music project made with a new comer dj Rät N FrikK.
The track is entitled "Can't hold us" a song with a message that we must be who we are, and what others says doesn't count.
Rät N FrikK says about this collaboration This collaboration with  legendary Anita Doth (2Unlimited) makes this track  outstanding and powerful,and the message to be heard.
 "Can't hold us" can be found on djs first EP Throwback and can be found on all digital megastores.

Anita Doth has a new job

The lead singer of dutch project 2Unlimited Anita Doth is pregnant. The news was posted by the singer on her twitter account.
Is not the only one vocalist who's expecting a baby, Alexandra Prince also, and Kim Sasabone gave birth last month to baby girl.
What we can say to her: to have an easy pregnancy!

Taleesa, Anita Doth, DJ Bobo

Taleesa During her appearance on the stage of Italo party 2009, Taleesa announced that a new single was on its way...Photos with her from that event can be seen here

Anita Doth confirmed during an interview that her and her former 2 Unlimited partner Ray are working on a new single you can watch it here (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

DJ Bobo The release of the new DJ Bobo album Fantasy was posponed to February 26th 2010. It will include 13 brand new songs as well as a Greatest Hits Megamix on a special double CD. You can already pre-order it and receive it signed by DJ BoBo on the date of release. A "Making Of"-DVD of the forthcoming Fantasy-Show is also on its way, you can buy it here

Infos by Karine Sanche

Read the newest interview with Sylvia Tosun (Deadmau5 & Kaskade)here.

Busy days for 2Unlimited

It seems that these days were the busiest days for Ray and Anita 2Unlimited. Both were occupied with their new born children. 
Ray Slijngaard last weekend baptize his son Noah on the event were invited close family friends. The rapper said whit  Noah  arrival everything changed, and his enjoying that posture of dad every day. 

 My whole life is one big Weekend for the rest of you enjoy ur Weekend said the rapper

The other half of dutch producer Anita Doth gave birth on February 3th in Amsterdam to a healthy baby girl named Ameerah (Princes).
I am extremely happy with her ​​arrival shared the singer on Twitter

 For singer was another miracle after hearing the news that she's free of cancer, and now leaving the second time the experience of mom.

 Ray and Anita now are preparing a tour with other eurodance artists(Vengaboys,Twenty 4Seven) named Acceleration tour.

Lyanne Leigh answers

After the incident with Anita Doth and Lyanne Leigh i looked to see and Lyanne version and i did.. I do not take parts of anyone involved but i think is normal that people to know the true and i like to tell the true..

Eurodanceblog: Hi Lyane, I want to ask you something, about the incident with Anita, she said that she try to get in touch with you and she never get the chance because you delete her comments?

Lyanne Leigh: I wrote a personal email to Anita a few days later. I wrote that we should stop this and just try to treat each other with respect next time we meet. Unfortunately she did not answer my mail. And I did not delete her comments, I just deleted her as a friend which anybody should understand ;-)

Eurodancblog: The promoter has a part of guilt in this hole story don't you think? 

Lyanne Leigh:  I am really sorry this all had to come so far and yes maybe the promoter should have known. 

The true story of 2Unlimited, Aqua, Love inc, Jessy

2Unlimited Since last summer when Anita Doth was saying to the belgium press she was thinking to sing again with Raymond under the band name 2 Unlimited for at least one time many fans believed a possible comeback was near and asked thousand times the same questions :
Is it true ? Will the executive producer Jean Paul De Coster who owns all the copyrights on the band name 2 Unlimited will accept ? Will we see a live concert of Raymond & Anita in 2009 ?
No no no.There is still a big problem with the band name 2 Unlimited and we all hope the ex-members & the producers will find a solution in a near future for all their fans worldwide.
YES Raymond & Anita will perform together on april 11, 2009 for the I LOVE THE '90 party !
Bad news ? ToCo International stopped all 2 Unlimited projects since the last record (the dvd / best of Greatest Remix Hits) they have tried was a commercial failure.
2008 was a decisive year.A lot of fans discovered the dancers James & Deborah (No Limit 2.3) were still presented worldwide as 2 Unlimited & Jean Paul De Coster closed Byte Records website too.
Thank you for this info to 2unlimited website

Aqua are back to rockin the show in 2009. Yes you see it right you don’t need to clean your monitor from your pc .
Claus Norreen said on Aqua conference : “Since we starded in 1994 we were togheter all time and therefore friction moved occur. Luckly we stopped, before it became really bad . Time heals all sorrows and now we’re ready for a new round, what we have it just quite funny . Aqua are grown up and will be relaxed for the upcoming shows this year .” Claus.

Love inc Simonne Denny (Love inc vocalist) finished some new tracks you can discover them right here

Jessy Some exclusive photos from video shoot Can't get enough from last Friday i found and i will posted here. Enjoy it!!

Fusion Radio Suck

Eurodance News

Eurodance bands invaded Romania on New Years Eve, La Bouche was invited on Buzau, Captain Hollywood on Focsani and 2Unlimited aka Anita Doth on Iasi.

AnnaGrace single Let the feelings go was choosen the song of the year 2009 in Ultratop dance chart. This single spend 20 weeks in this chart in 2009.
Another news is the new single Love keeps calling, was chosen Dancesmash on Radio 538 also enters the Ultratop Dance at #3.

Lyv McQueen, Jinny's vocalist is back with the project. She has now her official Myspace and she performs in discotheques Jinny's biggest hits...
Watch it here

If you want to know more about DJ Mikey, author of the superb Italo mix that was presented last week, you can check his Myspace .

Romy and Marion (former 2 Unlimited)'s future single will be entitled "I Said Yes" (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

Loona took part to the ODLO-Biathlon. Her new single "Life Is Just A Game 2010", a collaboration with top-model DJane La Mica, was released.
Buy it here

Al Walser (former member of Fun Factory second team) posted a sample of his upcoming 2010 song "All I Want Is You", which is inspired by David Guetta. A new album is also planned for next year. (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)
Listen to it here.

Milk Inc Filip Vandueren confirmed on his Twitter that there won't be any DVD of Milk Inc Blackout concerts. "Guilty" will finally be released as digital single on iTunes, in Canada only, unfortunately for European fans. Milk Inc also recorded a French version of Forever, available on iTunes Belgium only. And "Forever" could been soon played on french radio station NRJ !

2 Unlimited Ray and Anita from 2 Unlimited revealed the title of their forthcoming (and long-awaited) single : it will be entitled "In The Name Of Love". (Thanks to 2 Unlimited official fansite)

Regi "Loaded Gun", the new song by Penxten Regi featuring Tyler entered the Belgium Ultratop singles charts directly at position #11. (Thanks to Dancevibes)
Buy it here

DJ Bobo reveals the tracklisting of his forthcoming album "Fantasy". 13 tracks including 5 great dance songs (This Is My Time, Superstar, Upside Down, Fantasy, Ready To Fly) and a cover of the classic Tarzan Boy. You can discover samples on his official Youtube page.
Listen to it here

Helena Paparizou is said to be currently recording songs for her 4th Greek album. Title of the album is still unknown, release date could be on March 2010.

Caramell recorded a Christmas version of their anthem Caramelldansen
Listen to it here

Infos by Karine Sanche

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