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Terri B ! hits again...

Terri B! the voice of DONS, 2Eivissa, Future Breeze came with a smashing hit. The new single is called Take Me Away, and was made with french project  WATF.

Terri B! about the collaboration :

The music was so amazing.    It’s about life, with many ups , and downs, and how we somehow find our way. WATF has a wonderful sound that is filled with emotions, and that’s why I took a chance on the track. It reminds me a lot of blind heart in the texture. It’s about just wanting to get away.

The song personally I like, and even more when the song describes that moment in life when you meet some one .... and you wait the approval, and the other one is confuse,  and that makes you crazy, and you want to go way...
Take me away is definitely a summer hit.

Spotify : Take me away 
Facebook: Terri B!  

Baby Can I Hold You ?

Baby Can I Hold You ? is rhetorical question, asked by Terri B! in her new single made with Swedish dj Olwik, a cover after Tracy Chapman.
In the era where modern technology is occupying a part of our live, the human interactions in real life became more rare. This is also the principal theme in the new cover of Terri B!
And is not only the first collaboration of Terri with the Olwik, in 2015 made  track called Fight no more.
Baby Can I Hold You can be translated as a awake up call, that superficiality doesn't have place in a relationship.
The new single can be found on all digital megastores, more details here
Spotify : HERE

Facebook :

Terri B! another success

Terri just landed the number 1 position Billboard Club Songs chart in America with the infectious, Big Fun - D.o.n.s &; Terri B!, as well this week takes the #9 spot with Blind Heart (Cazzette ft. Terri B). 
She has also grabbed beatport #64 position in the House Charts and things are getting really busy for her. Terri is planning her arrival at WMC in Miami's South Beach and joining important parties this March, but first up, will be several special appearances in North America to support her current success. Tours in the Middle East, Brazil, Europe and North America are well in planning for this performing MC/DJ/Vocalist and she is very proud of all of the teams who had a hand her current success, including team PRMD, Christian Rosen of Lifted Records, Reservoir Publishing, and of course MidnightBeats, her booking agency. 
Terri will be in the studio in two weeks with Danish superstar Medina and a few up and coming acts as well penning new music for the summer dance floors.

Source: B Music Entertainment 

Terri B! New release

TERRI B!, Vocalist/Producer and Songwriter, has been considered one of the most sought after voices in Electronic music, with hundreds of remixes and singles to her credit, as both writer and performer. Her extensive discography includes singles with names like Roger Sanchez, John Dahlbäck, Stonebridge, and Henrik B has lead her to her ever growing stack ofbonefide club smashes. The legendary rework with Henrik B of Soul Heaven, went straight to the top of the every deejays playlist. Classics Get Down (Avant Garde) and Bring it Back (Global Deejays) reached Billboard Dance chart status. She has taken the #1 spot on Traxsource charts three times this year with the infectious, Rise Up! (Paul Ridney, UK) and Saxophonist Toddi Reed. Now the solid songwriter lends her raspy, unique identifiable voice to the brilliant, sure to land on radio smash, “Blind Heart”, as a featured vocalist on Cazzette’s brand new single. Liftedrecords (Ida Corr) and PRMD (Avicii) found a way to optimize this soulful blues tinged number by pairing Terri with the Swedish Duo, Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer and they do not disappoint. With soulful vocals, a lush production and groovin' breakdowns, the duo and the diva nail the project with a unique twist that set this one apart from ordinary electronic releases.

Blind Heart already has almost 70,000 spins in the first day of release and picked up all major stations.
The track is set to be the US invasion for Terri, who has comfortably enjoyed international success for many years. check out the song on spotify and see the front page review on Fuse TV, one of America’s most important video channels exclusively spotlit on their webpage.

Terri Green Project - Stairway to Nowhere

YESSSS! Today, on the 26th Sept. 2014, the brand new single of "The Terri Green Project" is available on iTunes and Amazon. This is the start into Terri´s new album which will be available in early 2015. "Stairway to Nowhere" highlights the emotional rollercoaster of an undying and eternal love that has lost its way. Terri Green flaunts her warm, luxurious, signature vocal over this charming, soulful song. Accompanied by a bouncy melodic piano, romantic horns, and complimenting strings, the first single for The Terri Green Project cleverly, fuses yesterday's soul with a brilliant, hip sense of today. Here you can download your copy of Terri´s new single (and if you like leave a comment and a rating ;)

New releases from Terri B!

Terri B! is  revving up worldwide releases, and first stop is Brazil, where Energia 97 has picked up the infectious EDM title "Beautiful Daylight" (Vee Brondi and Terri B! on Building Records). A collaboration with Jay Frog is finally complete with a new version of the Classic Funky Dogs, Fired Up, which Terri performs flawlessly on the superb Deep and Soulful track by Jay Frog, one of Germany's most well known Deejay producers. Swiss Superstar and longtime friend DJ Antoine and Mad Mark add Terri's collaboration to his upcoming LP. Due out on August 31, Terri teams up on the title "Guestlist", an EDM burner. Terri B! also celebrates a strong,  top 10 position in the top 100 MixCloud Jackin house charts  with her own one hour mix, and for a vocalist turned engineering DJ it's a big accomplishment.

Strong releases are on the way with Sony picking up her single with Sean Finn and Peter Brown, FREE, the only team to get the rights worldwide in almost 20 years, and she is extremely proud of the cover that she has loved since Ultra's smashed charts in the 90s.

Co-writing her next single with Duane Harden, "Separate Ways" is due out soon on her own label, Just B! Music, a Beatport approved label, which also features a strong EP from her first signed DJ artist, Quincy Ortiz. The EP features 6 phenomenal deep cuts and will be released on August 31st on all digital portals via JustB!. Congrats go out to Terri & Paul Ridney on the track, RISE UP, which features  Saxophonist Toddi Reed, by taking the number one position and remaining in the Traxsource charts for more than 4 months, in the top ten. In other news, Tom Novys' label  drops the smash deep number,Heartbreak with Dave Lambert and Terri B! on Nouveau, Niveau Records. Features with Rio Dela Duna, My Digital Enemy, D.O.N.S  and more are on the way, stay tuned...

Infos Terri B! Music

Terri B! a new material

The club dive turn back in studio to work on her other project - Terri Green.  The news was shared by the singer yesterday on twitter.
It's a different material that inlcudes collabortion with Colin Brown, former back-up singer to Robbie Williams, Rebecca Carrington (London Philharmonic Cellist for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) and myslef. explained the singer

The new material will be ready for relase later this year, and you can follow her tonight 21th of November on  Aspria LIfestyle club Soul Event in Germany.

Infos and tickets:


Terri B!  i must say is one on of my favorites singers and when her voice is combined with  house sounds the results can be a music chemistry. "WTF" is a club anthem with a strong message - of what happens all around  us .
Terri B! was known after the collaboration with 2Evisssa, Future Breeze, Avant Garde, Dahlback, DONS, Roger Sanchez and the list is so long, now she's back and she has her own show called House Crunch were is playing the most recent house tracks of the moment.
This new single done with Gerald Henderson has what it takes to become an club anthem, because Terri discovered that you must bring what the public want, and this track has.
One more thing  be careful - Terri B! music has is a big disadvantage it's very addictive.
"WTF" was released last month and can be pre order here

Already Gone Terri B! & Sidelmann

Diva Terri B! comes with a video for a song that from my point of view has all what she  needs to be a top 40 hit.
The new video was shoot in black and white to recreate exactly what Terri B! felt when she wrote this song, reminds me a little bit of Lykke Li video,  but there is something different about that video the song is not so much powerfull like this one...I didn't convince you look for your self...

Back to work

Back to work said two Divas of dance scene... one is Terri B! who's preapring 2 new songs one was made HIIO and called "Something about you" and the other one is called "Hurricane", a song that gives me chills in a good way.. Both songs can be found soon here.

The second artist who said that she feels very inspired is Pandora, who said that it's writing new lyrics and she has the perfect vibe to create  new one.
Pandora didn't tell what genre will be her creations, but she revealed one tip:   what motivates her to wrote songs: Family and the children from "Came a life center" were the singer is a volunteer member.
So, we can't wait to see what kind of songs will bring this "Queen of Aland" :)

What I Want by Terri B!

Terri B! no needs an introduction because this lady of house/club scene  most of you know her from 2Evissa, Future Breeze or AvantGarde, and she  has one of the most popular and seriously infectious vocals around, featuring alongside Roger Sanchez, Jerry Ropero, Kurd Maverick, Eddie Thonieck, John Dahlback and a host of premeire producers/deejays and Paul Parsons co owner at Tall House also has a little previous on labels such as EMI, N.E.W.S and Sub Terranean.  

Now Terri B! came with a new  single called "What i Want" made with Paul Parsons a track  about love and fun in the same time mixed with Terri's unique voice, just  perfect for your party !

The pack comes 7 remixes  from Stuttering Munx, Tom Leeland, Soulful Brothers, Disco Ballz and last but not least Jaywax! These remixes cover the deep house to electro house and you can be sure these will be hitting dancefloors hard in the coming months!

Terri B! can be named a brand for club/house music because even now her songs are still pumping the speakers from clubs around the world... right now is preapring a new dance song with Dj Rook called "Beyond Tomorrow"..

"What i want" will be soon available on all megastores

Terri B!

Terri B! is at it again, and we just wanna catch you up  on the latest events. This week feedback has been outstanding on her new track with DJ/Producer Kid Chris, which now entered the 43 in the DDC (Deutsche Dance Charts) and now Norway dance charts at 34, just behind LMFAO, and its just beginning. The infectious track is not a typical anything, released on Housesession records, its really a bomb, where terri more speaks than raps, with her flirty, dirty vocal put to a kid Chris's mega track, with remixes from Sean Finn and a host of hot music makers.

This has been a nice compliment to the track with Global Deejays & Niels Van Gogh, Bring it Back, which reached no. 8 on the  US Billboard Dance charts this year, and still storms french radio and clubs with a radio top 100 entry at 73.Terri and Matthias Menck will drop a remake of Come into my House, originally by Queen Latifah,  on Ministry of Sound, already supported by Roger Sanchez and premiering on his stealth release yourself hot new releases spotlight, show 553.

The new Sean Finn and Terri B! single is nearly ready and a fresh vocal for Nico Hamuy,Ortzy & Chuckie is in the works as well as  music from D.O.N.S, Dj Tom Tash and Swedish producer Charlie Valley. This week, Terri moves her pure soul live event to the famed culture spot in Hamburg, Germany, The Stage Club, which will feature grammy nominated singer/songwriter, David Nicolls, and several surprise top notch talented guest, including Gerald G! (Scream and Shout Records, Jason Anousheh, Saxaphonist Toddi Reed, Kimia Roth and a night of musical surprises, visit []

For booking her contact:
Website: Terri B!

Antoine Clarman vs Terri B!

Antoine Clarman the french dj came with a new single, a new remix to be more clear, "Deeper love" cover after Aretha Franklin.
The new remix made by Antoine not impress me so much this single is more weak then his latest singles. The tune was made with David Esse and singer Lulu Hughes, and can not be compared with the remix done by Dons & Terri B!

Anoine Clarman version

Terri B! version

Both singles can be found on digital stores.

Alexandra Prince is ready to set you free....

Alexandra Prince the german/brazilian dance diva is ready to attack the dancefloor with a new hit, the tune is made in collaboration with Jeroenski a famous dutch dj & Jorn, and it's called "Set me Free". The single is allready launched world wide and can be found here.

T-Seven alias Judith Hildebrandt recently gave an interview to a local german magazine where she talked about Mr.President time and how decided to be a dj at Radio Energy. The hole article can be seen here.

Pandora is like a box very hard to open to know what's new with her :), recently she gave an interview to russian television where she explained how hard is to be on top and to keep the feet on the ground. Pandora is an tour to promote her new single with russian  singer Stacy, the interview can be view here.

Terri B! just said on her official FB that is working on new tracks, Terri was one of  voices behind of dance projects 2 Eivissa, AvantGarde, Future Breeze and this days is working on her material that will be released soon.

2 Unlimited Ray said on his official FB that this days is shooting the new Ray & Anita video, and a fan will be invited to appear on their video.

Velvet will be invited on August 4th on WORLDS BIGGEST SCHLAGER AFTER PARTY, there Jenny will perform her new single "Love Struck".

Niki Haris is still alive and doing music, last week Snap! vocalist appear on american event more details here.

Terri B! ready to "Bang the box"

Terri B! is preapring a new smash single this days, among the years Terri tried different genres of music but only one can bring out the amazing voice of Terri B! - house.
In a recent interview Terri explained : "I know now that i learned as i release my next single is that i have only one life to live and each year is a total blessing, and i'm proud of all my journeys and would not change a thing, the tears, the pain, the joys, the hurt, the successes, the lucky chances, and the hard work." said the singer.
The new single will be out next month worldwide.

Dance updates

ATB announced on his official FB account that the new material is almost done right now is doing vocal recordings for the album. The new material will be out later this year.

Liza Da Costa Captain Jack lead singer is preparing a new video called "Passarinho - Little Bird", the single will promote the future material Hotel Bossanova - "BOSSANOMIA".

Cascada gave an interview to Capital Fm were she explain her success, and she talked about the new material.
Natalie : "Will be the same cool eurodance stuff but also we tried and something different".
Cascada new single will be released next week and it's called "Enemy". more details here

Terri B! finished a new single called "Flirt" made in collaboration with John Dahlback, the single is out now and can be found here.

DaBlitz Vivian B made a new song with italian artist Fabio, the tune is called "Anima nell'anima"(Soul to soul) and was released on itunes.

Alexia just announced on her FB that is expecting a new baby..
Alexia: "The new year has begun in the best way for me and I decided to share with you just because of the affection that I have a good news to you: I will give a little sister to Maria Vittoria! I do not know how the call but I know it will be a great joy, I hope you can feel with me!"


Terri B! is back on track with a new look and a new song called "Keep on Rising" made in collaboration with Micha Moors.
Terri B! aka Terri Bjerre is the most known voice on european dance scene she collaborate with artists such as DONS, Jerry Roppero, AvantGarde, Future Breeze but was best known as the former vocalist of 2Elvissa. "Keep on Rising" her new song, will be out probably later this month... till then you can watch the sneak preview of the new single here.

Ida Corr is back with a new single called "What Comes Around Goes Around", the tune will be included on Ida's future material who will be out later on all digital platforms.

Pandora just announced that a new single is ready for release and ready to turn up the charts,the news was posted on her facebook account. Pandora or Anneli Magnusson is the best artist from eurodance scene, she release many hits among the years like "Tell The World", "Come On And Do It", "Don't You Know", "Trust Me" and "On A Night Like This"...
The tune will be released in Finland on the end of January .. the title is "kept secret" in "Pandora's box".

Regi compilation "Regi in the mix 9" is the best selling compilation in Flanders Ultratop album charts, Regi( Milk Inc, Sylver producer) is busy lately with the new Milk Inc. material who will be ready later this month.

Eurodance News

Terri B! is going back in studio to record some new tracks with Gerald G &Smoking, the date release is unknown yet.

Also Queen house diva Alexandra Prince(Sqeezer,Nana) is preapring new songs with latests djs and producers.

Pandora sung Madonna's song "Frozen" at In Bed With Riku Niemi show the performance can be seen here.

Peter Luts(Lasgo,Ian van Dahl)started the new year with right foot 'cause is ready to release with Groovewatchers the new single "Echolights & Sexy Sexy Cool" on January 24th, preview here.

Also and Peter Luts collegue David Vervoort release a single "Iemand zoals jij" with the project Get Ready! like the title says, is ready to conquer the flemish charts. More here

Euro dance News

Dj Project Elli White(ex Dj Project) new single will be called "Nu te mai vreau(I don't need you)", the tune was made by Inna's producers Play Win, and was already released in Romania. A preview can be listen here .

Fragma Damae announced that her new single will be called "The chains are gone", the tune will be available soon on all digital platforms.

Terri B!(DONS, Future Breeze, 2Evissa) just said the name of the songs that will be released next year as music pack, this are : "Deeper Love"& "Big fun" the tracks are remixed by DONS, Roger Sanchez & Shahin and will be available on all digital platforms, a preview here.
 Terri's last master piece it's called "I Still Believe" and was made in collaboration with Damian William. The tune was released on beatport on October 28.

Bad Boys Blue Made a new song called "Russia In My Eyes 2011 (MS Project RMX Edit)" and is featured on the russian edition of thier album "25".

Neja made a cover after Nirvana's hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and can be listen here

Eurodance News

N-Trance After of departure of Kelly Llorenna who take the road of solo career, Kevin O'Toole and Dale Longworth aka N-Trance choose another vocalist,Lynsey Jane Barrow is the new voice of eurodance project from Oldham, Greater Manchester(UK), the new single "Is this Love" is pumping out in the world charts.

Meta Message

Kirsty Hawkshaw released on digital megastores 2 songs one it's a The Felt Dolls song but wrote by Kirtsy and it's called "Halloween" and 2nd one it's called "Skin" released on 25th October on "Beauty 2 : Music that touch the soul".

Ace of Base recorded a new tune while were on promotion tour in New York, the track it's called "All Night Long" and will be included on the future material and was played on Sirius Radio. Right now they are on promotion tour for "The Golden Ratio Album".

Terri B! she "put the hands" on the new song from Dj D.O.N.S & Shahin. The brand new pack will be available shortly and it's for clubs. Till then you can enjoy the new single "Keep on Knocking".

Nadia Ali it's filming a new video for "That Day", a song made in collaboration with Dresden and Johnston and will be included on "Queen of Clubs: Onyx Edition CD".