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BB is back!

    The techno project BB Nation created by the producers DJs Matthias Menck and Dennis 'Double M' Bohn are back with some remixes of 90's dance club hit "Canda" in collaboration with polish project DafHouse BB Nation team promised a new material too on April 20th called "Brooklyn Bounce & Splash Party Bounce", my question is... where is the old Brooklyn Bounce!?
 I still miss the old team and new stuff from this project not "reviews from the past".
 Let's hope that the producers will have the same ideea like T-spoon producers ...till then you can enjoy this "bring to life remix"

Alexandra Prince said Yes

The half brazilian & half german singer Alexandra Prince said yes to her boyfriend Simon Ihmig. The event took place last weekend when Alexandra was conquered with a beautiful golden ring.
Alex "shared this event" on her facebook were she posted pics with the new Ms Ihmig.
Profesional speaking Ms Ihmig is very busy with her german project DURSTLÖSCHER, recently released a single called "Durstlöscher--Der N.D.E. Sound" more infos here

Liza Da Costa Captain Jack lead singer released with her project Hotel Bossanova a new material "Bossonomia" with 11 tracks wrote by Liza in her genre that she loves - jazz more details here.

September released in Canada her 2nd single "Me & My Microphone" from her recent european album "Love CPR".

Linda Rocco is preaparing a new single , the news was posted on her official facebook, the date and what genre will be the future single - we don't know...

Leila K From what i read on scandicpop the eurodance legend Leila K will be back with the new project Wallenberg, the tune is called "Legendary" and Leila will do the raps. The new tune can be found on soundcloud for free, more details here

Brooklyn Bounce are back with a collaboration with King Chronic Miss L entitled Cold Rock A Party, to be released on May 20th. Not really the usual style... The following month, they should release a antoher collaboration, this time with Maurizio Gubellini, entitler Bass, Beats & 5 Seconds. Listen to it here Buy it here (Info Karine Sanche)

Dance News

Dance Love Pop (Love Love Love Edition)

Agnes The Liverpool dance project Cahill made a remix of Agnes "Big Blue Wall" song who is included on "Dance Love pop" material. A preview here.

September released on itunes a english version of "Mikrofonkat" called "Me & My Microphone". The new track will be included on September future material who will be out next year, so don't forget September is back and is trying to resuscitate all the charts with her music!!

Brooklyn Bounce dj Denis Bohn released on digital platforms an album with Brooklyn Bounce remixes, the name of that material is "BB-Styles(Dj Edition)" and was released on December 12 under Mental Madness Records more infos here.

Quintino, Brooklyn Bounce, Velvet, Dj Jose

Quintino release a new song called "You Can't Deny" the single was made in collaboration with Mitch Crown and was release in Holland on March, also the single was choosen by Radio 538 their dance smash hit."You Can't Deny" can be found on Radio 538 compilation more infos here

Samsung UN55C7000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black)
Best of Brooklyn Bounce

Brooklyn Bounce Diablo & Dennis Bohn teamed with DJs from Mars to make a remix after U96 hit single "Club Bizarre". The LP includes 8 tracks mixed by Dj From Mars and Denis for more infos here


Velvet The hot blond from Scandinavia, Velvet aka Jenny Petersson, made a cover after romanian dj Edward Maya hitsingle "Stereo Love". The tune was mixed by Pj and dropped out in May and was included on "Girls Night Out" compilation. Infos here.

Dj Jose Release a new song called "Killer emotion" and was included on Dance smash hits compilation more infos here.

Franca Morgano, Starstylers, Brooklyn Bounce, Robert Miles

Franca Morgano(Magic Affair) published a song called Start It Up on the French site Castarprod. You can vote for her here, you don't even need to register...

Starstylers After more than 2 years of silence, Starstylers are back with a new single entitled Your Love, featuring Nils van Zandt

Brooklyn Bounce are touring with a reduced team : only Diablo and DJ Dennis “Bonebraker” Bohn (aka Brooklyn Bounce DJ). They announced a new single for March.

Robert Mile's new album will be entitled Thirteen. It should be out during year 2010. Samples are now available on his Myspace (thanks to Carver)

Infos by Karine Sanche

Bad Boys Blue, Brooklyn Bounce , Lasgo, ESC 2009

Bad Boys Blue on the official website appear a news about a new single from the guys, "Queen of Dreams" will be the next single !???
You can discover the song here .The song is from their last album released in 2008 "Heart & Soul".

Brooklyn Bounce The new single from BB Nation it's called "Louder & Prouder" and it was released in all digital megastores on March 20 2009. The track is made in collaboration with 89ers.
BB nation said on their official website "When the Sample Rippers, Picco and Paul Hutsch aka 89ers, had the idea to work on the classic hit "Loud & Proud" Brooklyn Bounce was more than happy and give their permission!Even more they pushed it up a level and the result is "Louder & Prouder" .

Lasgo Peter Luts( producer) is working at new tracks for the new material Lasgo with Jelle the lead singer. The date release of the material will be at the beginning of the summer.

ESC 2009 The last info is from Eurovision song contest 2009, France put on this "music fight" the one and only Patricia Kaas( the new Edith Piaf ), who came in 2009 with a new album called "Cabaret". We keep our fingers cross for Hadise, Elena Gheorghe & Waldo's People because they have a big rival on ESC 2009 from Russia.

Fusion Radio Suck

Cascada, Plavka, Brooklyn Bounce, Neja , N-Trance

Cascada will release in US and Canada a single called "Perfect Day", the release date will be on 24th February. Natalie was nominated at winter conference awards for the best dance act you can vote for her here
Her impressions about the Perfect day tour 2008 are in this video.

Thank you for the video to CascadaWebsite

Plavka ( Jam & Spoon) will release a new material called "Plavkalicious"on an independent label based in Los Angeles called Wheat Recording .

Brooklyn Bounce the Brooklyn Bounce dj released his 3th compilation called "Bounce vol. 3", you can buy it from here

Neja was invited on Radio Monte Carlo at the end of December, the material can be viewed here

Baracuda with her song "Where is the love" is # 1,
NovaSpace with "Dancing into danger" on #3 place,
Micheal Mind - Baker Street on #6,
Alex C & Yass - "Liebe zu dritt" on #8,

Eurokdj News
Kandystand's new single is entitled Love Invasion. Discover all the mixes as well as the new video on their official website

Kelly Llorenna( N-trance) should be releasing a new solo single in 2009 (no precise release date yet), a cover of the Madonna classic Dress You Up. This track along with many others was sung at the Clubland Live tour at the end of 2008.

Smile-DK Apart from their album track Koko Soko, another Smile-DK track will be included on Konami's game Dance Dance Revolution X. It's a collaboration between Smile-DK and NAOKI titled A Geisha's Dream.
Infos brought by Eurokdj

Bad Boys Blue, Indra , Dj Sammy , Brooklyn Bounce, Mr.President, Jes

Bad Boys Blue the first single of this year from the guys from Bad Boys Blue will be called "Queen Of My Dreams" , the song can be found on their album "Heart & Soul". The single will be released in March 2009.
More info Here

Indra She will be acting in a theater play entitled "Ma femme est folle" (means : my wife is crazy) from January 10th to March 30th at the Théâtre des Nouveautés. She will have the female leading role..
Info Karine Sanche

Dj Sammy New songs from Sammy can be discovered on his official website

Brooklyn Bounce team is working at a new album who will be released in February.

Mr.President on Jens Neumann website i found an news about Mr.President comeback...
Who will be in the band who knows !? will see this year!?
Thanx for this info to Jessica

Jes the new single from queen of chill out will be called "Lost".
The video will have the same idea like her last one "Imagination".

JES Lost In The Sound Live

News: The Sound Lovers , Gala, Brooklyn Bounce.....

The Sound Loversare back with a new single entitled My Body And My Soul, a song covered by Lori Glori ( Intermission) and La Bouche in '94.
U can discover also new songs from SoundLovers HERE

Gala is coming back with MLA A Friend Of Joshua samples Gala's Everyone Has Inside.

Kandystand's song Everybody was remixed by American DJ Alex Twister. The new single Everybody - The Electro Remixes will be out on September 29th (thanks to Klems).

Brooklyn Bounce's Get Ready to Bounce recall '08 is currently doing well in Germany's, Schweiz's and Austria's DJ and dance charts (for instance #5 in German Dance Charts, #21 in 0DC, #35 in World Dance Chart)

Scooter's next single will be Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want), a cover of Status Quo, recorded in collaboration with them... Already a part of te UK version of Jumping All Over The World, it will also be featured on the next album Hands On Scooter (gathering Scooter's songs remixed by other artists)

Milk Inc's album Forever is #1 for the 8th week in Belgian ultratop.

News Brought by Karine Sanche

Enigma the new video from Micheal Cretu "Seven Lives" was released and here it is the new video...