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La vida loca

The swiss singer Evelyn released this summer another great single with dj Mike Candys. The news was posted by the singer on her official Twitter account.

It's a crazy life everyone.. 󾍇 Make sure u got my new song with Mike Candys, "La Vida Loca"! Whoop, whoop 󾔗󾔡󾔠!!!

Brand new day

Mike Candys came with a great video this month called "Brand New Day" a song made with the most charismatic voice -Evelyn. Togheter  bring out this great  Spring dance track - "Brand New Day", and released on all digital megastores. For more infos check this link

Evelyn back with Mike Candys

After her first solo single "Dirty Nights" who was a flap, the swiss singer with blue eyes, says that her future single  will be with Mike Candys. The dj who collaborate with her and launched  hits like: "Together again", "One night in Ibiza", "Around the world" and "2012" .
The name of the future single is not yet revealed but we glad that this project continues to do music as Micheal Candys and Evelyn .

Evelyn in hospital

Mike Candys lead vocalist- Evelyn is going for a surgery. The singer said that  is nothing serious but a routine control and will be back soon.. The singer cut herself on her left finger but the infection didn't pass and she decided to see her doctor.. Accident happen in September after the promotion of her solo single Dirty Nights, a single who's labeled now by Kontor Media Germany..
 Let's hope that will be back soon to charm us with new great songs...

Evelyn & Hot Banditoz

Evelyn FB
Evelyn said bye to swiss dj -Mike Candys after she promoted him "All over the world" with her beautiful voice.
The singer is working on her solo project, and this days is releasing "Dirty Nights" the video..
Also "2012" her latest collaboration with Mike Candys was choosen the Summer hit of the year, the can vote  here.

Hot Banditoz are back after a few changes in the team. The new single will be called "Canta mi cancion" and was choosen to be on Ballermann Hits 2012... I'm curious if they try to sing live at the show !? hmmm good question :)

Inna will be on June 28 in St Etienne/ France at POPOBE PARTY MIX'N LIVE , the singer also mention on her twitter account that is shooting her next video but she didn't say for which

Fly So High

The summer is almost here and many artists are preapring the one hit wonder to blow up the charts. Michael Kul aka Mike Candys is also "one hit hunter", and prepared a song  from his recent material "Smile (Deluxe Edition)", and  reminds me of Edward Maya's work. "Sunshine(Fly so high)" 'cause this is the tune that Micheal Kul will release this days, was made, this time with another vocalist - Sandra Wild, and not with Evelyn who brought to  swiss producer the european success..
What's left to say - nothing... only you can decide if this song will take you "So high like the sunshine in the sky"