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Inna launches new videos

It seems that the popcorn queen - INNA, is quite busy lately. Recently she launched on her official youtube account 3 videos all from album "Yo".

We start with "Te vas"   that Billboard mentioned  as : "  Inna's true authentic style, fusing house music with global rhythms. Lyrically, she sings about a love that is irreplaceable and even if the other person walks away, they’ll return someday. "'Te Vas' is a passionate love story told by the woman who was left behind," she says, emphasizing that even though she loves all her songs, this one is her favorite. "Each of these songs talks about a different experience, character, situation, something that I feel I have lived in another life."

The 2nd is Fuego artist discribing as  :" the most stylish, feminine and romantic. She’s constantly fighting for love and expresses her feelings “con fuego”(with fire). She chooses carefully her daily outfits. Good tequila is her fav. Just in case you see her in your journey 🤗 ouhhh ... I forgot... she looks younger than she is #Fuego #YO

And the 3th one Gitana dedicated to Zoe.
"She’s the youngest and craziest character in my stories. She loves Gucci and she enjoys dancing like a lunatic ... I’m in love with her ability of living her life with no rules."


Ra is not only the name of the Sun god, also the new single of INNA who is coming this days with a new video.
According to images posted by the singer, the video will be one with lot of girls from models agency without a story... just a promotion of beautiful girls but also of new single from popcorn Diva.
Ra can be found on all digital megastores, and on INNA's 6st material YO,and written in Spanish, entirely by her.

No Help - Inna

After a hot summer, popcorn queen - INNA came with an amazing tune entitled - No Help.
With a new look and a great video shoot in deserts from Maroc and in Los Angles, INNA wants to share a message that  even if your life is hard you don't need  "No Help". Life is like desert you need to achieve your destination without help.
"No help" is from next material material  "Yo", that will be release this Fall.

This Fall starts with "No help!" and continues with more music from my part, because I will release my album "Yo", and I am very excited of the result. I have worked a lot and I have put all my soul and all the energy in these songs, which I composed entirely. said INNA to DCnews.

No Help can be found soon on amazon and google play together with INNA's app.


Me gusta or I like it!?

INNA came  with a another hit entitled "Me gusta".  The single is extracted from "Nirvana" and the video was shoot in Barcelona and in Bucharest.
INNA blow the charts in 2010 with "Hot" and "Club Rockers" and her videos 900 millions views.
Let's hope that she will brake also the wall of West European Radios with this new track
"Me gusta" can be found Here

Inna is looking for a new collaboration

The queen of popcorn music INNA wants more... In a recent video posted on youtube the singer made a cover after a british group AlunaGeorge. It seems that INNA is Aluna and George fan and  she would love to work with them, from what i saw. Who knows maybe her wish will come true !
Inna she worked among the years with various artists some are unknown names and other big ones like Yandel, Baldvin, or Pitbull. Recently released a new video with Marian Hill entitled Diggy Down.

Alexandra Stan and Inna together for a good cause

Recently you saw the new hastag #iSupportRomanianArtists (A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the hash character#)used by romanian singers Alexandra Stan and Inna. Both singer were involved in a new campaign to promote romanian music. It seems that Inna and Alexandra are using often this hastag to let the people that romanian music is the new kpop ! Recently Alexandra pose for romanian cover of Elle magazine and a famous cosmetic company wanted that Alexandra to be their image.

Inna on the cover of Cosmopolitan

Her debut in dance music came after the track Hot and it seems that success is just an ordinary update to this era. Inna, because of her i'm talking about she has enormous numbers of fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram competing with international starts  such as Pharell Williams, Laura Pausini, Rita Ora, Armin van Bureen, ATB,Janet Jackson, Kelly Rowland or Mariah Carey, transforming her the new european dance sensation.
The singer the recently was invited by Cosmopolitan to be on their cover,we all know that on that magazine not all stars have a place there only best and Inna is  ...

We hope that american mother of the magazine will publish also that pictures because she has what it takes for American market and she is ready for Vogue or Marie Claire..

Hey Inna don't stop till a Grammy you bring back!

If you are curios what the number of likes says about an musician you can read here 

Inna a priest !?

It's a famous singer and adulated by millions of people, she collaborate with Pitbull, J Balvin , but did you know... that Inna's child dream  was to be a  priest!?
Invited on famous Teo Show with her family, Inna's grandmother reveal  some childhood secrets . 
The girl from Neptun /Romania spend her childhood, like every romanian child, the summers in the country side with grandparents and her cousins playing games and jokes. And Inna and her cousin at that period was  fighting  who's gonna drive the  grandparents wagon but also was in loved be songs sung in the church  and  she wanted badly to be a priest, but the youth had different plans for hot brunette, because she become the singer, and her cousin fulfill her dream  becoming a priest.
Asked by the tv host if the success changed her !?
Inna explained: No, because i'm the same girl with the fit on the ground, my parents and my grandmother keeps  me awake to reality..If the time who just past from my first debut  in 2008 didn't change me.. why now!?
Yes, is nice to be adulated by millions of people but this doesn't make different i'm human also     answered the singer

I love so much the  nature and when i came home i love to spent my time in nature and to visit my grandmother.. said Inna

Right now Inna is promoting a new single entitled Devil's Paradise and can be found on all digital platforms. 
You can also vote for at RMA

Good Time was released today

Good time the new single from INNA was released today world wide. This single is the second song released under Atlantic Records which INNA signed this year, after Coca cola feat. J Balvin.
Good time is the most awaited single from her, especially because was made with international artist Pitbull.
The producers of the track are the same people who worked on  “Talk Dirty” (Jason Derulo feat. 2Chainz) and “Wiggle Wiggle” (Jason Derulo feat. Snoop Dogg) - Wallpaper & Axident, and was wrote by Thomas Troelsen (the same guy who sign “Marabou” from Antonia  and “More than Friends” – Inna feat. Daddy Yankee), J. Hart and Pitbull.
The lyric video of this new single from INNA was shoot in Bucharest by Bogdan Daragiu, and the choreography was made by famous choreographer Cristian Miron that INNA is collaborating.
For Romanian market INNA recently release with romanian rapper Puya the single Striga - Scream a song about youth family problems. Video here .

About the release of Good Time Inna's Pr manager Anamaria Hancu explained: 

We don't know the exact release date of the video but will be announced soon ...

Special thanks to PR manager Anamaria Hancu.

Inna ready for another video

After her collaboration with J Balvin and Puya, the romanian singer announced her fans that a new video is on the way.
The new video is for Pitbull summer video "Good time", and it’s the second time that the two artists collaborated. Last time INNA joined for ‘All the Things‘, included in the re-issue of the Pitbull’s latest album ‘Global Warming: Meltdown‘.

Inna in Sochi

Inna posted the tour dates on her official website, and tonight is invited on Olympic town Sochi to perform.
Is not the first romanian singer who music can be heard on Sochi, Alexandra's Stan hit Mr. Saxobeat is played often there.

About the tonight show Inna expressed her news with the fans:
I'm starting my shows exactly on February 8th. I'm so happy I miss the concerts I miss my fans

The singer didn't forget the romanian team who are participating this year on winter games.

After Russia Inna will be on 15th February in UK  and on 24th May on Primavera Gala in Madrid Spain.
About the new songs, last month on a famous radio station was played Inna song "Everybody" made by Dj Bobo. Asked if is the new song, Inna didn't answer .....

Inna victim of bolivian mafia

The international success of Inna was exploited by the "smart boys" from Bolivia who earn tens of thousands of dollars from  ghost concerts tickets sale. Although the fake concert is promoted for over a month online they even sold  tickets on-line with discount. Inna has warned her fans the other day that the show from University Square in La Paz - Bolivia, is  not in her agenda.

Club Rockers, I'm sorry to announce you that the show from Bolivia on 31st of January is not confirmed by my team, so I won't be there to sing for you! The whole promotion of the event was made, even though the organizers of the show knew I didn't confirm my participation.
I'm sorry for those of you who have already bought tickets.
Hope to see you soon!

Inna recently sign a record deal with Warner Music and a new song will be released soon with DeStorm preview here.

Inna with Pitbull

Inna announced that her next single will be made with international rapper Pitbull.
Pitbull  and Inna met on a festival in Asia, where they played on the same stage, and the American was conquered by the talent and beauty of romanian singer.  Inna wrote the chorus and Pitbull the verses,  
All The Things You Do  it's called the track that will be release in a couple of weeks with the video, and included on Pitbulls album.
But this is not the only collaboration of  Inna she also worked with King of eurodance Dj Bobo and soon will prepare another track with french dj - David Guetta.
Preview here


Inna : I love to make people happy

Invited last night on romanian talk show, Inna said that she will never forget from where she's come, and for her being an artist  means being modest.

"For me music means life and i love to make people happy. I like to see happy people around me because i'm not a sad person i'm always a happy person" said the singer  

Recently Inna signed a big contract with Warner Music and for Romania prepared a summer song called "Spre Mare (On The Sea)", a song produced by The Framers.


Boom Boom

No it's not a cover after Vengaboys it seems that it's Inna new single made with dj Brain Cross, she dropped  away play & win sounds, and tried something different.
"Boom Boom" will be included on Inna's new album called "Party never ends", who soon will be available.


Inna it's Private

The romanian singer - Inna just  said that it's working on her new material, right now the hot brunette is in Danemark recording new staff with danish project Private.
The tittle of the new track was not mention but shortly will be published on her utube channel.
Inna sold over 100,000 albums and over 600,000 singles in the United Kingdom alone. By the end of 2011 it was reported that Inna's fortune is estimated at round €8 million from which Inna accomplished €800,000 in 2011 solely, becoming the richest artist in Romania and in Eastern Europe...
"J'Adore" it's her latest release and will be included on the  third untitled studio album......


Inna is coming this days with a new single called "J'adore" a tune made for french fans the song will be included on her newest single...

Studio Time!!

Her music became a phenomenon all over the world - Inna it's the most appreciated singer outside  without doub, the awards and concerts confirms that ... The Romanian Ambasador as i would like to call her is on Tour in America transmiting  thourgh her music the image and this message " Romania has something to say also in this industry and will like to be part also"  
Inna also confirmed that she's working hard on her 3nd album  but she didn't say when will be release.....

Another eurodance diva who announced that she is in studio it's Alexandra Prince. The Queen of House as she want to be called, Alex said in a recent post on Twitter that a new song it's on  date to release right now the singer are preaparing de vocals and remixes, but she didn't tell the tittle of the new song....

Oare Maybe....

She have one last question ...Maybe (Oare)!?...  That's the new single from Inna, a very romantic song that Inna kept away from press until now when she posted on her Utube channel the live performance with  the Marker project on Bucharest roof .
"Oare" Maybe it's called the new single who will be fallowed soon by an english version.