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Alex Rush, Kayden, Robin S

Alex Rush is a polish dance project and thier first single is called "Runnin' away".

Kayden it's a beligian dance project formed by Wim Joos, in 2006 Wim participate at Eurovision song contest with the song "In Your Heaven", the project name is Kayden and they released a great version of Savage Garden's hit "To the moon". In Belgium the single was a huge success and now is testing the Europe music market... enjoy it!

Robin S is back with a new single called "At my Best". Robin S teamed up with Corey Gibbons to produce this bomb on the dancefloor.
Robin S says : "This song was my letter to GOD". If you listened very closely to the lyrics, you'll hear her story."

News: Dj Jurgen , Robin S, Amber, Blank & Jones, Dave Darell, Sash

Dj Jurgen in 1998 he made the big score with his number 1 record BETTER OF ALONE with Alice Deejay. This made him a well known dj all over the world.
Now in 2008 is coming with a new single called "Higher Love".

Robin S a new recall was made on Robyn S song Show me love 2008.

Amber just signed off on 4 licenses in Germany with Dancestreet Records for 4 compilations:

Disco Celebration Vol. 4 to be released in January 2009
Vocal House Explosion to be releases in January 2009
Gay Happening Vol. 19 out since this month
Divas of Dance VIDEO DVD compilation to be released in March 2009

From Amber herself

Blank & Jones are nominated at Trance Award
Best Dj : Blank & Jones
Best Producer : Blank & Jones
Best Label : Soundcolours
Best Track : Blank & Jones - Miracle Cure
Best Album: Blank & Jones - The Logic of Pleasure
Best Radio Show : The Logic of Pleasure Mix Session
Best Website:

You can vote for them here

Dave Darell did a cover of Robert Miles Children
Thanx toKarine Sanche & Anders Bogh

Sash vs Stunt new single Raindrops will be out on market in the UK and in Germany on November 14th

Thanx toKarine Sanche & WEB Dj's