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Wild Beast

Lyane Leigh(E-Rotic lead singer) after the quick tour from Finland, Lyane will release "Wild beast". The  official  launch worldwide will be in September, and it's from the coming album -"Russian Roulette".
The tune was made in collaboration with swedish rapper TK Tycoon who has already worked with several big names in the rapscene and did a great job on "Wild Beast". Preview of the new single here

Helena Paparizou is looking for Mr.Perfect

The Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou is looking for "Mr.Perfect", that's the title of the most recent single of Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou released this days from her future material. The single will have also a video that was shoot last month and will be out this days. Till then you can see her on Greek Tv show "Dancing on Ice".preview here

Dhany - Benny Benassi's most loved voice is back with a new collaboration made with dj Mike Crystal. The tune is called "The Hottest Emotion" and was released on November 2nd on Beatport.

S.E.X.Appeal release a new single from her recent material called "Love is the code", preview of the song can be see here (Thanks to Ladislav)

2012 Calendar can be download for free here

Schiller a new single

Schiller After the collaboration with french singer  - Anggun, the german composer Christopher von Deylen is preparing his future single called "Pale blue eyes" written by Lou Reed/Velvet Underground and will be made in collaboration with Andrea Corr. The tune will be soon available worldwide.

Stunt lead singer Molly Smitten-Downes just finished some new songs from her future material, the songs can be listen on soundcloud. Molly was the member of british dance project Stunt till 2010 when she decided that Stunt is not what she dreamed. Preview of the new songs here.

S*E*X Appeal The new single from ex E-Rotic vocalist Lyane Leigh - "Poison called love" the ep will be released on September 2nd and will be included on the forthcoming album "Russian Roulette". Lyane i think she need a pro team to show how talented is...

S*E*X Appeal the story goes on...Life goes up!!

Lyane Leigh aka Liane Hegemann she took part as vocalist to many bands such as Twenty-one, Xanadu, Pop Secret, and the most popular one was E-Rotic were she team up with Xandau collegue David Brandes.
Lyane was the vocalist also the face of this project with Raz-ma-Taz rapper and David the producer, this formula resisted just one year because of their increasing problems in the co-operation between the band and the producers.

Lyane explained in interview about that issues: "He promised me a lot of things during my E-Rotic time, but never was willing to keep his promises. One of these promises was to produce a mixed video (both cartoon and real people). We were never shown in the videos and so we had problems with our concerts, cause no-one really knew us as persons. The biggest problem actually was that he wanted even money from our liveshows, also he was interfering with everything" Lyane Leigh tells.
So Lyane was replaced by Jeanette Christensen and to avoid a scandal Lyane made with Raz-ma-Taz a new dance project S*E*X Appeal, but the most intresteing part was that:  Lyane continued to give voice to E-Rotic project until their single "Mambo No Sex", because her contract ended.

Lyane: "It was not funny at all, but there was nothing I could do about it. As long as my contract lasts, I would have to pay a huge amount if I was telling anybody about it", Lyane said.

This days ex E-Rotic vocalist is working on her new material with S*E*X Appeal project and the next EP will be released in September and it's called "Poison Called Love".

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S*E*X Appeal, Samantha Fox, Pandora

S*E*X Appeal Lyane Leigh E-Rotic lead singer gave an exclusive interview to where she explains how she started the story with showbiz, Lyane owns with her brother 3H Records, Lyane explains "that it's very difficult this days to have the same success like you have in 90's, it's very hard to adapt on market full with people without talent and with nothing to tell thru their music, music is like fashion today you in and tomorrow you're out you must adapt the old with new trends, but  are also  and few artists who made it without a promotion team take a look of Luciana (Bodyrox) or Pandora.
Recently she released on the Amazon a material with her 90's hits called "Peeping Tom Reloaded" and now is working on the new material who will be out next year. The interview can be read here

Greatest Hits
Samantha Fox RedDance covered Sam's hit "Nothing Gonna Stop Me Now" the single was also covered by german singer Daniela Katzenberger and can be found here .

Pandora announced on her facebook account that she will attend a charity event who will be called Sister's International charity for abused women.
Anneli also went "through this" and now is supporting the women who also passing through this tragic stories.
The show will be in Citychurch of Stockholm on December 2nd.

S*E*X Appeal, 2Unlimited

S*E*X Appeal Lyane Leigh former E-Rotic vocalist, said on her Facebook account that is preparing a new material with all S*E*X Appeal hits like "Voulez Vous coucher avec moi, Dirty Talk, Life goes up, Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill" and some songs from E-Rotic too. The material will be called "Reflections" and will be dropped out on all digital platforms on February 26 2010 .

2Unlimited Ray & Anita(2Unlimited) released the new video "In Da Name Of Love" fans from all over the world shared their joy on Spinnin' Records Youtube Channel, about this great comeback on music scene of The King and Queen of dance(names gave by belgium press),who promote eurodance music all over the world.
Rumors said that Ray & Anita are preparing also and an album who will be ready this Spring.
Thanks to Kevin

SEX Appeal, 666, Dj Bobo

SEX Appeal aka Lyane Leigh finally decided to release a new single, the song it's called "Love 2 Love" and it's from here recent material "Sensuality Remixed" lunched in 2008. (Info Karine Sanche )

666 was recently in Finland on tour. Thomas Detert ( producer) it's working at new songs for the future 666 album. The release date is unknown.(Info Thomas Detert & Karine Sanche)

Dj Bobo great news for Bobo!! Dj Bobo will be in the new Disney movie "BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA". The movie premiere will be on 26.03.2009 Switzerland & 30.04.2009 in Germany.
More infos about this movie check Dj Bobo official website

Anna Vissi lunched a contest for dj's who wants to do an remix of her recent single "Stin Pyra". The contest began at March 20 and will last till April 1st. To submit here

Fusion Radio Suck

SEX Appeal un nou album!

S.E.X. Appeal va lansa in luna Martie albumul "Sensuality Remixes" sau mai bine spus relansa deoarece acesta cuprinde remixuri ale pieselor de pe albumul din 2007 dar imbracate cu haine de 2008!
Lyane Leigh numele de scena, dar vocea reala a trupei E-Rotic pana in 2001, a revenit anul trecut dupa o pauza cam lunga, cu singleul "Let me feel your Sex Appeal" Skin 2Skin si precedat de albumul "Sensuality".
Ceea ce nu stiti e ca sub umbrela casei ei de discuri se afla si un roman Micheal Marin , un nou produs al casei de discuri 3H sunt si baieti din WÜSTE WÜSTENSÖHNE, la care Lyane le-a produs albumul si a dat voce catorva piese.
Pe Lyane o puteti urmari intr-un reportaj pe programul WDR pe 28 Februarie cu incepere de la orele 19:00.

Thanx to Andy