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Fawni vs September

Fawni or Stefanie Jamaica Pschill her real name is from Austria who recently lives in Hollywood, CA.
Fawni made her appereance with in 2008 with the single "Serious" released under Sony BMG label, a single who was very succesfull in Europe.

Fawni or September !? Even of resemblace - Fawni cannot be named Princess of Pop because she's not, sorry but is the true the real Princess of european Dance/Pop can be considerated only -Petra Marklund and when i say that i came with proves:
- Petra won a Grammis (In Orbit'),
- Eska Award in 2007,
- Sopot Award in 2008 and many Gold & Platinums cds soo !?

Anyway i'm not trying  to get involved in any of controversy, i'm just trying to tell  that  the fact are the facts, and with one single cannot be proclaimed the princess of pop just because you released one single and you look sexy...  is too much ...

Fawni she worked also in 2011  with Waldo for "Echo" , and her recent single is called "It's all about you"..

If you want to know more this artist visit this site ....


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