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Peter Luts or Lasgo!?

The producer of belgian projects Pearl,Lasgo, Ian Van Dhal, AnnaGrace, - Peter Luts is back with a new song, that from my point sounds  more like a Lasgo track then Peter Luts project,the only difference is just that was made under that project and the vocalist is Eyelar the singer  who participated on Holland Tv Show -The voice.
 Turn Up The Love it's a must be on your list the only thing i don't like the project that Peter decided to release it, maybe someday this song will be recreated with Evi Goffin on vocals and time will decide when!

Peter Luts and Sil

Peter Luts new single is called "Everyday" and will be release this March. Peter Luts is the producer of begian dance projects Pearl, Lasgo, Ian van Dahl, Groovewatchers and AnnaGrace. "Everyday" his new single will be available on all digital megastores.

Sil is very busy lately between Sylver and David Latour project. For the last project Sil shoot a video that will be available on Belgium only, the song is called "Without You",regarding Sylver Sil & Co will release this Friday the new single"City Of Angels".Thanks for the infos to KDJ

Daddy K is back

After many years of silence belgian dj Alain Deproost came on dance scen with a new song,  a cover after Boney M's classic, renamed "Daddy Kool". The tune was released on November 14th and will be included on his compilation "DJ Daddy K in the mix" (thanks to Karine Sanche). preview here

Sash new single will be called "Life Is A Beach". preview

Sin with Sebastian A new comback from Sin with Sebastian the one who sung "Shut up and sleep with me", now came with a new video "That's all? (I'm not satisfied)" released on November 30. preview here (Thanks to Mike)

Peter Luts is very busy lately doing Lasgo & AnnaGrace tracks and now got some time to make his own single called "Everyday" the shoots for this video were made in Miami and will be soon released. (thanks to Karine Sanche).

RIO next single will be called "Animal" and was made in collaboration with U-Jean. The tune will be included on the album "Turn This Club Around". (thanks to Karine Sanche)

Eurodance News

Terri B! is going back in studio to record some new tracks with Gerald G &Smoking, the date release is unknown yet.

Also Queen house diva Alexandra Prince(Sqeezer,Nana) is preapring new songs with latests djs and producers.

Pandora sung Madonna's song "Frozen" at In Bed With Riku Niemi show the performance can be seen here.

Peter Luts(Lasgo,Ian van Dahl)started the new year with right foot 'cause is ready to release with Groovewatchers the new single "Echolights & Sexy Sexy Cool" on January 24th, preview here.

Also and Peter Luts collegue David Vervoort release a single "Iemand zoals jij" with the project Get Ready! like the title says, is ready to conquer the flemish charts. More here

Dance Updates

Dj Alligator made a remix to Svenstrup & Vendelboe single "I Nat" (The night) a preview of the song can be listen here.

Peter Luts just put "his touch" on Yoav new song "We All Are Dancing" preview here.

740 Boyz Do remember "Shimmy shake" was a smash hit in the 90's made by 740 Boys, now the guys are back with new single called "Triguena" but they change their style. Infos here.

Eurodance News

Peter Luts is nominated for "Best Dance DJ" by the French magazine OnlyforDJ's. You can vote for him here.

DJ Bobo and Roger Federer took part to the Charity tennis match "Match for Africa", broadcast last December 21st on SF2 and a few channels all over the world. Here they are, trying to record a Statement in Swiss german for the Event infos here

Infos KDJ

Edward Maya is making the new video "Desert Rain" pics from shooting here

If you are curious to know how was the atmoshere on We love the 90s Christmas Edition you can find all the infos that you need here

Eurodance News

Regi Sylver and Milk inc producer is ready for another launch ... not a rocket launch but close, "Runaway" is his next  single, after "Take it off" made in collaboration with Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls), "Runaway" is the fifth single from  Registrated 2 and was played Friday in Regi's radio show.

Whigfield  ( NaaN) released a new single called "Go!" made in collaboration with Auxman, the tune will be official released on December 10.

Quintino next single will be called "I Feel Like Dancing".

Daniel Bovie finally decided to release a new single, the tune is called "My Destiny" and was released in October.

Peter Luts was invited by NRJ France to mix in Cauet show, the video can be seen here.

Mylène Farmer is preparing her first appearance in media, Radio FG will have the opportunity to meet this enigmatic artist, and to talk about her future projects, so this Monday 6 December on "Happy Hour" don't miss Mylene on Radio FG.

Ameerah, Peter Luts

After her huge hit "Sound of missing you", the belgian pop idol, Ameerah it's ready for another success but this time with Madcon, the new single is called "Freaky Like Me" and was launched on August 30 and it's # 1 on Norway Charts.

Peter Luts(Lasgo)announced on his twitter account that his new single "I can't Fight This Feeling" it's done and will played next Friday on his Radio Show.

Kate Ryan, Ace Of Base, Dj Encore, Ultrabeat, Corona, Peter Luts

Kate Ryan is working with a swedish producer on new material who will be ready next year and will be fill with songs written by her but also and few covers, Kate said in a interview about the last material: "French Connection" is the end of an era". The album "French connection" was awarded in Spain with a Multi-Platinum for selling more than 300.000 digital songs, right now Kate is on tour in Canada.

Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren ( lead singer ) announced on her Facebook account why was left outside from this project :

" I have not been contacted about AOB until some days ago and since I am still a member and important deals aorund the band (who doesn't involve me) are not settled yet, I am confused. Twitter and Facebook has been my voice. My wish was to stay in the band to make music in the future. Someone told me fans think I quit and left the boys alone, but the story is not at all this.
"To say that I didn't agree to a fourth member is wrong. I even gave names if I would have gotten a green light of the things I needed. For instence some control over the issues regarding the band. Once I was told not to meet up with a manager that would work with us 'because I didn't have the full picture of what we had been sold in as'." said Jenny

Jenny was one of original member since 1993 till 2009 when the band announced that is time to take a break.. meanwhile Jenny concentrate over her new music project and the book release...

Dj Encore Engelina former vocalist is working on her new material with "Poster Child" a pop rock band from New York. You can listen the new songs with "Poster Child" here.

Ultrabeat after a long silence Chris Henry, Mike Di Scala and Ian Redman alias Ultrabeat are back with a new single called "The Stalker" a song extracted from their latest material "The Weekend Has Landed". More infos here.

Corona's long awaited new single is entitled "I'm Not An Angel". Videoclip will soon be released, for now you can already discover the making of. Her new album is entitled Y Generation, it's an amazing dance album, and is digitally available on Italian portal Ascoltalamusica. Olga is currently touring in Italy with her new band, BC Band. (thanks to Augusto Vilar) Info by Karine Sanche

Peter Luts Lasgo, AnnaGrace producer announced his next single of Groovewatchers( his new project) it's called "Sunshine" and is 2nd single, the first one was called "Sexy girl". More infos about "Sunshine" here.

Dj Sammy, Karma, Aqua, Dj Bobo, Waldo's People, Ace Of Base, Peter Luts

Dj Sammy made new song for his future material, the date of release is unknown yet. The new song is called "Animal" and was made with writer/producer Jean-Baptiste (known for being songwriter for the Black-Eyes Peas). More infos about the single you can find on Sammy official website.

Karma the successful dance act from Umag, Croatia, release a new song called "Party Do Zore (Party Till Dawn)"The single can be listen here.

Aqua Soren former member of Eurodance-pop group Aqua, release the single "Legendebørn", the song is from his solo material called "Alt gar op i 6"

Dj Bobo release on youtube a homemade video called "Roll Up" , a nice summer song from Dj Bobo recent album "Fantasy".

Waldo's People Marko Reijonen & Karoliina Kallio alias Waldo's people release a new video called "I wanna be a rockstar", you can see the video here. His latest single "Back again" is # 10 on Itunes dance charts.
"I wanna be a rockstar" was released in Finland on May and soon will be launched in US by RCA Records Label.

Ace of Base Jenny Berggren it's working at her solo album, the material is expecting on September 15th.

Peter Luts in recent interview said the new Lasgo album will be ready for release this fall on September. Now Peter is busy with Tv show Looking for a Pearl, a show who was created to find a new vocalist for his new dance project.

RMA 2009, Peter Luts, Kate Ryan, Blumchen, Alexandra Prince

RMA Last night 6th June was awarded Romanian artists, at the premiere were invited artists from outside including Swedish band Nexx.
The winners from last night are:

Best Album: SMILEY – In Lipsa Mea
Best Dance: INNA – Hot
Best Female:ANDREEA BANICA (ex.Blondy)
Best Group: Dj Project
Best Hip-Hop: PUYA - Undeva-n Balkani
Best Live: Madinga
Best Male: Alex
Best New Act: Inna
Best Pop: Laurentiu Duta (Ex. 3SE)
Best Rock: BLAXY GIRLS - If you feel my love
Best Song: AKCENT - Stay with me
Best Video: ANDREEA BANICA – Le Ri Ra
Best Show: Inna
Most Wanted Award: Iris
Border Breaker: Inna
Highest Climber: Play & Win
Radio 21 Award: Play & Win
For more visit this website

Peter Luts project Groovewatchers - Sexy Girl was choosen by Radio 538 their Smash Dance hit.

Kate Ryan It's true the new single from Kate would be called "Babacar" a cover after french artist France Gall's hit from '88. The single will be lunched internationally on the 15th of June!

Blumchen aka Jasmin Wagner has posed for german magazine Maxi, in the interview Jasmin said that she waits her fans at her new theater play ....also in the same interview said that has enough money to do what she like without compromise her self .. even if is not successful like in the 90's.

Thanx for the info CrazySexyMarvellous

Photo from Alex Prince Facebook

Alexandra Prince(Laava, Blumchen, Sqeezer, dj@Work) released official her new single "I am here for...". The launch was preceded by a mega party in a select club from Germany... More pics from that event here

Peter Luts, Cj Stone, Luciana, Alexandra Prince, Alexia

Peter Luts the producer Peter Luts recover the song from Kalwi & Remi - "Imagination". The "new" song is made in collaboration with Silvy ( Sylver) & Kate Ryan and was lunched on Regi radio show MNM Dance from 6.03.2009.
The official release of the song is unknown yet.

Cj Stone the recall song "Shining star" from Cj Stone entered the Top 10 in the Genre Trance and on 74 in the Progressivcharts!!!
The release of the track was on March 2 2009 and can be download from HERE

Luciana(BodyRox vocalist) did some new tracks you can discover her and to listen the songs right here

Alexandra Prince( Blumchen, Dj @ Work, Sqeezer, Nana) the Queen diva of House did a new track in collaboration with Dj Sign, the song can be found & listen here

Alexia will be an interview with her on Video Italia on March 8, 18:00 CET, in that interview will be talking about the Sanremo experience.

Info Karine Sanche

Photo from Forever Concert

Regi On the channel Een, on March 13th, there will be a show called "Kom op tegen kanker-de show". Among the musical guests, Regi feat Nicole & Hugo with a song entitled Goeiemorgen, morgen. Nicole & Hugo are a couple of Belgian flemish singers born in 1946-47, who competed several time to represent Belgium at ESC.

Info by Karine Sanche

The news was copy from Eurodance Blog

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