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Another artist on the break

House Diva - Alexandra Prince shared with her fans a great news: she's pregnant!
 The singer looks amazing in a role of pregnant mom and this can be seen  in the picture posted on FB. 

Alexandra we wish you all the best an easy pregnancy! And we hope to come back soon with more dance tunes.

Alexandra Prince

Fights back to showbiz, who promotes naked girls in videos instead of talent.
The 35 old brazilian singer (known after her collaboration with Nana, Dj@work, Sqeezer, Laava ) said that many music producers promotes in their videos "Girls dancing halfnaked in a Club around a bunch drunk guys treating them like a piece of meat", having no connection with music and talent.

Recently Alexandra made a song called "So Alive" with german dj Syke'n Sugarstarr, a tune who was released this summer on August 11, and for that song made "unconventional" promo music clip.
Alexandra explains : "This is house music for everyone and for kids especially".
The new video can be seen here .


Nana The Darkman is back! Nana is working with the old Boya Family crew at his new material, according to Alexandra Prince Nana is working with Toni Cottura and the material will be a great one, till now are ready 13th tracks.
The first single "Stand up!" is in the mixing process but the release date is unknown yet.
But you can win an album if you play this game

September It's true! The new single for Europe, would be "Because i love you". You can vote for this track to enter in Pro Fm radio's playlist here.

Hit The Road Lasgo & Kate Ryan will be invited tomorrow 1st July on the belgian show "Hit the road". The show will be broadcast on VTM at 20 CET.

Bad Boys Blue Great news! The new single Queen of Dreams is # 7 in German Dance Chart.

News: Velvet, 2unlimited, D.H.T, NANA

Velvet Jenny Peterson the hot blonde from Velvet release her single called "Take my body close" a pop dance song who will be included on her new album who will be released this month.
2Unlimited i think you know that the old team Anita & Ray are working together, but is not a news anymore just this two clips from 2 Unlimited No limits & Let the beat control your body are the most wacthed videos on youtube

D.H.T Edmée & Da Rick are finally back with some great news! They are ready to present you DHT featuring Edmée's brand new single "Heaven is a place on earth" (release date mid October). Different dance mixes and again a beautiful ballad version will soon be available on Beatport and Itunes.
Be sure to check out, DHT featuring Edmée's official YouTube channel where some promo video's have been put up for "Heaven is a place on earth". And of course the official website for some more info on the new single and upcoming tour information.

NANA I think you remember him from his hits, Lonely,Darkman, He's coming or In my dreams, the great news is on September 5, 2008 NANA "The Darkman" released his new album -"12Y.O."
Nana said about this aalbum:
'There were some things I had to take care of. I educated myself, traveled a lot and did live shows in foreign countries since my early career was mainly limited to Germany.'
The "Darkman" surely didn't waste any time. Besides working behind the scenes of the music industry the Ghanaian toured all over Europe and performed live for his numerous fans.
The experiences from this period now serve as the basis for his new piece of work "12Y.O.". The double album is a mixture of brand new tracks, "well stored" recordings that were able to "ripen" over months as well as remixes of the Darkman's biggest hits. A potpourri of experiences and thoughts, fears and desires, faith, love and dreams blend together with personal thoughts about current events. Seasoned with a few floor fillers, this creation provides everything NANA's fans expect.
"12Y.O." (12 years old), usually marks the time of ripeness of a good spirit but in this case it refers to NANA's maturing time. The result is an album attributed with the same traits of the above mentioned spirit: maturity and a strong character.

"12Y.O." can be found at all big online download-outlets on the 5th of September, 2008. A limited special edition on CD is going to be available exclusively on and Darkman Records.

For more information please visit and

Track List:

Disc 1
01. My Get Away
02. Let It Rain '08 feat. Braheem
03. Booty Track
04. Lonely '08
05. Let'z Get It On feat. Young Dee
06. He's Comin '08 feat. Braheem
07. Gold Digger
08. Remember The Time '08
09. No Sun
10. Darkman '08
11. Lonely '08 feat. Korekt (Romanian Version)

Disc 2 (Believe Album)
01. L. O. V. E. feat. Nina Maleika
02. If You Were Here
03. Frequent Traveller
04. Feels So Good
05. Take A Walk (With Me)
06. Cruel World
07. Butterfly
08. Thin Line
09. Where Ya Belong
10. Ride With Me (Floatin Disasta Remix)
11. L. O. V. E. (Jason Jay Remix)
Bonus Track:
12. Any 1 Out There feat. O.O.D.

More infos about the album check Nana's Space