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Ellie by Regi

The half of Milk Inc. - Regi release a new single entitled Ellie. The song like the title is dedicated to his daughter Ellie (5) who also made the artwork for the single, and the vocals were provided by the singer Jake Reese.
The single is already no. 1 on MNM and soon will be release 2nd one also dedicated to Ellie, because otherwise she will be jealous.
Ellie can be found on all digital platforms . Thanks to KDJ 

Regi feat. Moya

The lead member and producer Regi just said that his forthcoming single will be soon released. The song will be called Reckless and was made with british singer Moya.

My new single Reckless is ready, and was made with the talented Moya(UK) said the producer.

The single will be promoted with video and release later this month all digital megastores.


Terri B! is back on track with a new look and a new song called "Keep on Rising" made in collaboration with Micha Moors.
Terri B! aka Terri Bjerre is the most known voice on european dance scene she collaborate with artists such as DONS, Jerry Roppero, AvantGarde, Future Breeze but was best known as the former vocalist of 2Elvissa. "Keep on Rising" her new song, will be out probably later this month... till then you can watch the sneak preview of the new single here.

Ida Corr is back with a new single called "What Comes Around Goes Around", the tune will be included on Ida's future material who will be out later on all digital platforms.

Pandora just announced that a new single is ready for release and ready to turn up the charts,the news was posted on her facebook account. Pandora or Anneli Magnusson is the best artist from eurodance scene, she release many hits among the years like "Tell The World", "Come On And Do It", "Don't You Know", "Trust Me" and "On A Night Like This"...
The tune will be released in Finland on the end of January .. the title is "kept secret" in "Pandora's box".

Regi compilation "Regi in the mix 9" is the best selling compilation in Flanders Ultratop album charts, Regi( Milk Inc, Sylver producer) is busy lately with the new Milk Inc. material who will be ready later this month.

Eurodance News

Regi Sylver and Milk inc producer is ready for another launch ... not a rocket launch but close, "Runaway" is his next  single, after "Take it off" made in collaboration with Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls), "Runaway" is the fifth single from  Registrated 2 and was played Friday in Regi's radio show.

Whigfield  ( NaaN) released a new single called "Go!" made in collaboration with Auxman, the tune will be official released on December 10.

Quintino next single will be called "I Feel Like Dancing".

Daniel Bovie finally decided to release a new single, the tune is called "My Destiny" and was released in October.

Peter Luts was invited by NRJ France to mix in Cauet show, the video can be seen here.

Mylène Farmer is preparing her first appearance in media, Radio FG will have the opportunity to meet this enigmatic artist, and to talk about her future projects, so this Monday 6 December on "Happy Hour" don't miss Mylene on Radio FG.

Eurodance News

Medina  next single will be called "Addiction". The tune is the 3rd song from her international album "Welcome to Medina".

Regi is preparing a new compilation "Regi in the mix vol.9" and will be released on all digital platforms.

Nexx are working on new songs for the future album who will be launched in 2011.

Kristine W released "Walk Away(Remixed & Remastered)" and can be found here.

Cascada released the new video "Night Nurse". You can watch it here.

September decided to release also and the song "Mikrofonkåt" the single had over 500 000 views, so Petra decided to release it as a single.

Twenty 4 Seven, Anita Doth, Regi

Twenty 4 Seven Ruud van Rijen, Twenty 4 Seven producer thought that it's time to bring out this project, it's been almost 3 years past from "Like Flames" the single who announced Twenty 4 Seven comeback but was for a short time, now in 2010 Ruud join forces with Li-Ann (Raffish a girl band collegue with pop sensation Eva Simons, as solo artist release "Friday" a song produced by Regi and Filip Vandueren and Pop the Cherry ), and Miss Cherry.
The song choosen for this comeback it's the new version of their hit "Slave To The Music", a version remixed  by Ruud & Dj Rockz, and will be available soon on all digital megastores, more infos here. ( Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Anita Doth (2Unlimited lead singer) made an interview for the dutch magazine "Beau Monde" were is talking about her disease and how she get through...
Anita : "Now, I live the day" said Anita in that interview.
Anita and Ray will perform live on 4th September at Beach Break from Slam Fm. Infos here.

Regi shoot a new video in California for "Runaway" the new single from his recent album Registrated 2. The  track was made in collaboration with Tyler.

Bad Boys Blue, Captain Jack, Pandora, Regi

Bad Boys Blue release "Comeback and stay 2010" it's a remix of their hit single from 1987. The tune will be launched in Germany in August and is included on Bad Boys Blue - "25" who will be also released in August. more infos here

Captain Jack Bruce Lacy & the vocalist Laura Martin aka Captain Jack are back with a new single called "Deutschland schiess ein Tor"an anthem for this World Cup championship and was released on itunes. You can listen the single here.

Pandora aka Anneli Magnusson launched the new video "You Believed" and can be seen here.

Regi release his new single and video "Hang on" a song made in collaboration with Stan Van Samang . The new album "Registrated 2" has a huge success in Belgian Sales Charts from his debut release, a compilation that includes collaboration with many stars from Ameerah, Katerine, Turbo B, Ray 2Unlimited and many others.

Sabrina, Alexandra Prince, Sandra, Regi, Annagrace, Vengaboys


Sabrina is trying a different job this summer on July 5th, why? because will be the new tv presenter on "Voglia di anni 80".
"Voglia di anni 80" it's the new show from italian television Italia 1.
The new video with Samantha Fox, "Call me" was launched, the song entered on national dance sales charts directly at #6.

Alexandra Prince launched a new single! After the shooting of "So alive" the new video, Alex recorded a new single "Set me free" a track made by Jeroenski & Jorn, 2 dj's from Netherlands. "Set me free" was released on June 14th and can be found here.

Platinum Collection
Sandra release last December a "Platinum Collection", a compilation that includes all her success from 90's till now. The material can be found on Amazon.

Regi Last night Regi played on his radio show MNM Dance, new tracks from his recent material "Registered 2". The album includes collaboration with Turbo B, Ray, Jessy, Katerine and many others, for more infos here

AnnaGrace was protagonist of the new pictorial for EEN magazine. AnnaGrace was dressed like a princess, this was and the theme of  photoshooting. You can see the hole material here.

Vengaboys Kim & co were nominated at TMF Awards for The best dance. The show will be brodcast today live on TMF more infos here . The new single "Rocket to Uranus" will be also release in UK this July.

Regi, Robert Miles, Agnes,Milk inc, Da Blitz

Regi last friday at MNM Dance, played 3 new songs from his new material. The tunes are "Regi & Stan Van Samang - Hang On, Regi & Kaya Jones - Take It Off ,Regi & Dominico ft Sem Thomasson - Stronger" and will be included on "Registrated 2" the double cd who will be out this month.

Robert Miles after a long silence Robert Miles finally decided that it's time to release a new material called "Thirteen". The material will be official released on September 13th 2010.

Dance Love Pop
Agnes(aka Leona Lewis of Europe)launched in UK her new album "Dance Loves Pop". The CD features 15 tracks including the singles "Release Me", "On & On" and "I need you now".

Milk inc Great news next show will be called "Eclipse" like the future album. More info about the event from 24th September here.

Da Blitz Vivian B launched a new single in collaboration with Mr. Roger called "I love My Phone" the tune can be found here .

Cappella, Loona, Regi

Greatest Hits

Cappella ZYX is about to release some new Cappella remixes on June 4th : U Got 2 Know 2010 and U Got 2 Let The Music 2010, both as maxi-vinyl (thanks to Volodymyr) Buy it here

Loona(Carisma Dj Sammy) You can help Loona chosing her next single on her homepage. There are two options, Vamos a la playa (cover of Miranda's hit) and a new track called Rebolation (thanks to Ivan). Listen to it here

Regi Penxten announced on twitt account that he was in his final week of mixing, editing and mastering his Registrated 2 album.

Infos made by Karine Sanche

Imaginaire Pur Reloaded
Ysa Ferrer gave us an exclusive interview more details here

Klubbingmann,Regi,Cascada,DJ Bobo, Alexia

Klubbingmann (Schleh Tommy) just released his new mix compilation Welcome to the Club 18 Buy it here

Penxten Regi is honourary citizen of city of Houston-Zolder (Belgium)

Cascada This week, Natalie from Cascada has been busy shooting a new videoclip in Canada. For which song ? We'll probably know more very soon...

DJ Bobo released a Greatest Hits album in Chile (thanks to DJMarkito). The 5 secret concerts will be 5 showcases held in Germany, Switzerland and Austria at the end of February. You can win tickets by buying the maxi CD or the digital release of the new single Superstar. A 64-pages magazine entitled "Ein Leben zwischen Fantasy und Wirklichkeit" will also be released at the end of the month. More infos on his official website. Buy it here

DJ Mikey O'Hare released some new remixes, among them a remix of Ice MC's Think About The Way, Valentino Brand New Place and Dr DJ Cerla Everybody Pom Pom. Don't miss them ! Listen to it here.

Alexia's new album should be released in April 2010.

Infos by Karine Sanche

Sylvia Tosun, Kim Sozzi, Regi

Sylvia Tosun (Kaskade & Deadmau5) released a new single called "Push n Pull" in collaboration with Noferini & Marini, the tune is launched digitally and can be found here

Kim Sozzi's single "Kiss me back" is # 2 spot this week on the Billboard Dance chart. Also you can help her to request the new song on KTU Radio .

Regi Penxten announced on Twitter that he finished his new compilation Regi In The Mix vol. 8, release date is set for December 8th. A CD+2DVD package of his concert in Hasselt of last February has just been released. His next single should be entitled Loaded gun, featuring Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Deadman. Buy it here
The craziest rumors run about Milk Inc's forthcoming Blackout concert DVD. According to some, there should not be any DVD this year because of the lights. According to others, there could be a DVD, maybe only a limited edition, but of course without the 90s medley and the 2 Unlimited appearance... and even without Sylvi's performance.Info by Karine Sanche