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Susana, Bob Sinclair, Tiesto

Susana new single will be called "Frozen" and was presented in Armin van Buuren show A state of trance. The tune it's from Susana new album "Closer" and was made in collboration with Josh Gabriel.

Bob Sinclair new single it's called "Tik Tok" and it's made in collaboration with Sean Paul.

Tiesto has a new single called "C'mon" featuring Diplo. The tune can be found here.

Tiesto, Bob Sinclair

Tiesto After a prolific hot summer the number 1 dutch dj Tijs Michiel Verwest aka Tiesto come back to Netherlands to work on a new track called "Speed Rail", the tune was release on September 10 only on Juno Download.
Tiesto also release a new version of his latest album "Kaledoscope Remixed" a complete material who can be found world wide, more infos here.

Bob Sinclair release a new single called "Rainbow of love" a single extracted from his recent material "Made in Jamaica", infos about this material you can find here

Alexia, Bob Sinclair, Pandora

Alexia is preparing a new material, Friday was invited on "Fatti vostri at Rai2" to perform the new single "Star" who will be on the next album called "Stars". The album will be released later this year. If you are Alexia's fan you can listen her web radio here

Bob Sinclar joined forces with Shaggy and with romanian project Sahara and the result is an amazing summer hit "I wanna".

Pandora's new single is called "You Believed" and it's made in collaboration with Matt Hewie. You can vote for this single here.