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The E-Rotic is back!

The German eurodance project who blow up the 90s with songs that made allusion to sex, is back!  David Brandes and Lyane Leigh project E-Rotic are making for real a comeback in 2018 with a song that for eurodance lovers and E-Rotic fans for sure will appreciate. The tune is entitled Mr.Mister and has the old sound that E-rotic used to promote and with a little influence from Culture Beat.   The single is made on IceZone Music and will be out on February 2nd. 
The team release also new songs in 2016 but without success, the fans wanted the old sound and now they are back.

Lyanne Leigh answers

After the incident with Anita Doth and Lyanne Leigh i looked to see and Lyanne version and i did.. I do not take parts of anyone involved but i think is normal that people to know the true and i like to tell the true..

Eurodanceblog: Hi Lyane, I want to ask you something, about the incident with Anita, she said that she try to get in touch with you and she never get the chance because you delete her comments?

Lyanne Leigh: I wrote a personal email to Anita a few days later. I wrote that we should stop this and just try to treat each other with respect next time we meet. Unfortunately she did not answer my mail. And I did not delete her comments, I just deleted her as a friend which anybody should understand ;-)

Eurodancblog: The promoter has a part of guilt in this hole story don't you think? 

Lyanne Leigh:  I am really sorry this all had to come so far and yes maybe the promoter should have known. 

Lay Your Love On Me by Lyane Leigh

No it's not a cover after Abba but the new single that Lyane gave her voice if i can see that.

Lyane started her career in early 80's with Twenty-one, Xanadu, Pop Secret, Alle Für Alle their she met David Brandes who was at that periode of time the lead singer of Xanadu.

But Lyane was  known as the voice of eurodance project E-Rotic were David was the producer with John O'Flynn and Felix J. Gauder .. a project who was born in '94.
In the end of 1995 Lyane and David separated because of their increasing problems in the co-operation between the band and the producers.

 "He promised me a lot of things during my E-Rotic time, but never was willing to keep his promises. One of these promises was to produce a mixed video (both cartoon and real people). We were never shown in the videos and so we had problems with our concerts, cause no-one really knew us as persons. The biggest problem actually was that he wanted even money from our liveshows, also he was interfering with everything" Lyane Leigh tells. Lyane was replaced by Jeanette Christensen. To avoid a long standing lawsuit about the label 'E-Rotic' Lyane established S.E.X. Appeal. Anyway, she had to keep on singing for E-Rotic until their single Mambo No Sex. "It was not funny at all, but there was nothing I could do about it. As long as my contract lasts, I would have to pay a huge amount if I was telling anybody about it", Lyane says. * infos KDJ

Now she came back as the real voice on this project - Coma Baby, that from my point of view doesn't have the same powerfulness... like the 90's acts that Lyane did.
Lay your love on me it's her  new single who was released on June 15th, and promoted by a video made by Etarakrecords.