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The voice of "Rhythm of the night" is coming back

                                          source: Facebook
The original voice of Corona's hit The Rhythm of the night - Jenny B. is coming with a new material.  Eurodance legend, and one of the most famous - Jenny Bersola, who borrowed her voice to projects such as: PlayaHitty, Corona, Nevada, JK, Red Velvet, Benny B shared on FB, a message that is in studio recording new songs.

I am in studio - New Record Session. Jenny B

According to eurokdj "Under the name of Jenny B, she released many singles as a solo singer and even won the San Remo award in 2000. The italian journalists on that time wrote : "the portrait of the politically correct fairy tale of the Italian daughter of a multi-racial society".
Jenny's last dance track release was in 2012 where she release Found Love with AFA Connection.

Jenny B is coming to dance

Jenny B is coming to dance. Jenny Bersola is one of the best voice from eurodance area. Rhythm of the the night, The summer is magic,You make me feel good, You and I, Waiting for you, Rhythm is magic are few songs that Jenny release and had a huge impact.
2014 it seems it will be a comeback of italo dance diva with Rudeejay. The dj said that is possible to collaborate with Jenny this year.
 I'm very proud of our collaboration from 2011! And i will make sure that the future will bring more songs with her explained Rudeejay

Jenny B interview

Ciao Jenny, come stai?
Hi Tavi, I’m great. Thank you!

Jenny how did you start to work in this industry?

It happened when I was a young girl, around 15 – 16. At that time, I created my first group: we had a lot of fun playing music.

Why choosing the scene name Jenny B?
Well Tavi, it’s my name. I like it and I really think it represents me.

You worked with big names in Italy like Adriano Celentano & Zucchero. How was working with them?
I had a great experience and a great time working with these “big names”, also because I was on big stages, in front of thousand and thousand of fans :) A part from this, I worked with them in comlpete harmony and calm. When I toured with Zucchero, I was the youngest girl; I think I got my diploma just some days before the tour began and I believe I was the most coddled girl among all the staff.

In 2005 you put your voice on Benassi Bros track “Waitin' For You”. The result in an exceptional mix of beauty and powerfulness. What can you tell about that track?

I have to say that I really love “Waitin’ for you”, especially the verse orstanza. It’s one of my favourite tracks so far and I’m really happy that people like it too.

Is it the only track you did in collaboration with Benassi Bros?
Yes, it is.

Do you have in mind to release any other dance tracks with this project?
Don’t know if I will ever record any other tracks for this project, but I really hope to sing some new dance stuff!

Jenny do you often have contacts with other dance divas, such as Sandy Chambers, Alexia or Meoldy Castallari? With whom do you want to make a duet?
I know Sandy and Alexia, but I never thought about the idea of doing a duet with one of them. I will think about it, Tavi!

How did you feel when you won in the Young category at SanRemo 2000?

Sanremo was absolutely one of the best experiences I have ever had. When you are on the Sanremo stage, you’ve got everyones attention. I think it’s an experience to take with the right philosophy: I’ve seen many colleagues crying because their life was rotating around Sanremo Festival. And when they saw that they weren’t reaching their goal, they had failed. For me, it was fun, great and a big surprise. It was my first time composing and singing an Italian song (I wrote the lyrics of “Semplice sai”) and I won the young category + the critical prize of the Festival, so I was really satisfied. It was a magical moment and -par excellence– the magical moments are not releated with real life at all.

In 2000 you released your first album “Come un sogno”. Why did you choose to release an album in Italian and not in English?
Well, as you said, I won the Sanremo Festival, the most important Italian song contest. That’s why I had to record an Italian album.

What can you tell about that album? “Come un sogno” was recorded in record time. I remember that in that period I had the chance to listen to “Io sono il vento”, an Italian song presented at Sanremo Festival in 1959 by Arturo Testa. I love the melody, so I decided to insert it in my album.

How long did it take to record your first album "Come un sogno"?
As I said before, we recorded it in record time.

Can you define music?
Music is a way of expressing and speaking, it’s a way that you can use to “send a message” to the people, to share feelings. As all of us have different feelings, I need to express myself with different genres (like jazz, pop, dance and so on). Music is a language.

What do you think of this current ‘90s revival?
I think that – as often happen – there are some returning fads. For example, when I was in the Funky Company group, there was the Acid Jazz return. Now, the ‘80s and the 90’s are coming back. It’s quite normal that people are pulling out some stuff (music and fashion related) from the ‘90s: it’s a kind of memory that we can use to see how we were and how we felt. In the ‘80s and ‘90s I wasn’t so good: I was 15, in my teens. Now that the ‘80s and ‘90s are back, I feel music and style with affection, with a smile.

For you, singing dance music was only a job to pay the loans, or did you enjoy it a little?
Sometimes it was a job, but often it was pleasant, as I sang tracks that I liked. I was satisfied when I listened to the songs on radios or in discos.

How is Jenny in private life?
Private :)

What do you think about real-TV like X Factor, American Idol and Popstars? Would you consider becoming a X-Factor teacher or a member of some Popstars or X-factor jury?

Tavi, I’ve a big fault: I’m not tactful. So, if I’m in front of a “singer” who doesn’t sing well, I’m not so polite with him/her. Also, I really think teaching is a big responsibility. As a teacher, I absolutely want – from my students – a complete dedication and constancy that a TV show can not give to you. With this kind of TV program, people are led to think that everyone can do everything, something like “Ehy, yesterday you were a cashier? From tomorrow you can be a superstar!”. I don’t want to say that we can not change and become something different. I just want to say that this kind of TV programs bring illusions; the message that people feel is that with a good appearance, everyone can do everything. The big problem is that this kind of concept has become a real way of life. People have lost the desire to reach goals and this brings a void. We’re loosing the real meaning of things.

How comes that your official website hasn't been updated for a while?
You’d better visit my myspace!

What are you doing tomorrow?
I’m going to see some friends from Cuba who are performimg in Rome.

What is her favorite city in the world and why?
As I don’t have a favourite musical genre, I don’t have a favourite city too. I’m lucky, because I can live in different places and I like all of them.

How does you train and preserve your superb voice? Do you have any tricks? Things to avoid?
I cannot reveal this kind of secret at the first interview… maybe, in a second one :)

Among all the singles you took part, did you ever contribute to a videoclip shooting?

You worked for X-energy and Time records, which of this label was the nicest and why?
I had great experiences with both the labels, as they are professional and they work very well.

You are involved in charity projects?
Yes, but I don’t like to give money to the association, as sometimes it happens that the money gets lost. As I have enough time, I prefer do it personally.

Do you have a message for our readers or for your fans?
Be happy!

Grazie mille Jenny.

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