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Divas who tricked time.

For many eurodance artists it seems that time has stopped and has no effect over them. Many singers remained  the same  young and beautiful like their first launch in  this  industry, and one of them is Plavka (The Shamen and Jam & Spoon lead singer) who shared  on a famous social  pictures with her .
With sunglasses,  and her beautiful smile is till broken hearts, even now, and is not the only lady. Sabrina Salerno, Liza Da Costa, Melody Castellari, Dhany, Terri B! or TSeven are other singers, that  time for them is just a guy who can be tricked! :)

Basic Element, Ice Mc, Jam & Spoon, Plavka

Basic Element "Touch you right now" it's on radio compilation 538 Dance Smash Hits 2009 Vol. 2.The compilation can be found here.

Ice Mc a new song can be discovered on Ice Mc my space the track is called “Don’t do that”. Ice performed Saturday 11 on the I love the 90’s – The Party…
Thanx for the info to Music Express

Jam N Spoon The producer of Jam N Spoon , DJ Jam El Mar, is honored to be on the list of remixers of the new track Hands Of Time by Tested Records. This track will be with the stunning Eva-Diva on vocals.
Info by Music Express

Plavka revealed the tracks from her solo material "Plavkalicious", Plavka was the lead singer of the project Jam & Spoon & The Shamen. Today she plays small gigs in London with her band and more of the songs she sings are influenced in jazz.
This are the songs included on her new material:

Im A Woman
Dont Get Attached
Chasing An Illusion
Be My Sundae
String Of Pearl
Read My Lipstick Lips

For more check her page
Info by Music Express

Cascada, Plavka, Brooklyn Bounce, Neja , N-Trance

Cascada will release in US and Canada a single called "Perfect Day", the release date will be on 24th February. Natalie was nominated at winter conference awards for the best dance act you can vote for her here
Her impressions about the Perfect day tour 2008 are in this video.

Thank you for the video to CascadaWebsite

Plavka ( Jam & Spoon) will release a new material called "Plavkalicious"on an independent label based in Los Angeles called Wheat Recording .

Brooklyn Bounce the Brooklyn Bounce dj released his 3th compilation called "Bounce vol. 3", you can buy it from here

Neja was invited on Radio Monte Carlo at the end of December, the material can be viewed here

Baracuda with her song "Where is the love" is # 1,
NovaSpace with "Dancing into danger" on #3 place,
Micheal Mind - Baker Street on #6,
Alex C & Yass - "Liebe zu dritt" on #8,

Eurokdj News
Kandystand's new single is entitled Love Invasion. Discover all the mixes as well as the new video on their official website

Kelly Llorenna( N-trance) should be releasing a new solo single in 2009 (no precise release date yet), a cover of the Madonna classic Dress You Up. This track along with many others was sung at the Clubland Live tour at the end of 2008.

Smile-DK Apart from their album track Koko Soko, another Smile-DK track will be included on Konami's game Dance Dance Revolution X. It's a collaboration between Smile-DK and NAOKI titled A Geisha's Dream.
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