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Fallow you ...

Wynter Gordon is helping the newcomers... For Wynter life was hard in this industry even if she had behind a good background - it's coming from a musician family- but this doesn't mean , now when she achieved the international success, nobody can do a collaboration with her.. contrary ... the american dance diva said yes to german new comer Deniz Koyu, who needed  a strong voice to promote the new song "Fallow you"...
 We do know the price asked by Wynter for this song,  but i was happy to know that Wynter Gordon is a down to earth person, and NO is not in her vocabulary ...
The dance diva recently released on digital megastores Human condition part. 1 Daleo.
Fallow you the new song of Wynter Gordon with Deniz is out under Kontor Germany Label and can be found on amazon. Preview  here

From Dirty Talk to 80's Sounds

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It's been a while since Wynter didn't came with new stuff.. but the break was very productive for the Queens girl because this year came with a new material called "Delo".
"Still Getting Younger" is one of the songs  who promote that material, it's a masterpiece who takes you away to 80's  ...
But i think the video will say all the story...

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