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Salvation will be called the next single from belgian singer Jessy. The singer posted the news on her official FB account. Salvation is made with DJ Frank producer of dance project Natural Born Grooves. He also known after the collaboration with many eurodance singers such as: Thea Austin from Snap or Terri B!.
The new single can be found on itunes and soon a  video will be out to promote this single.

Jessy is coming with a new video

                                           [Photo from the shooting]
The belgian singer Jessy and winner of EurodanceWeb Awards in 2004, came with a great news. ..A new single is ready to release, and right now is shooting the promotion video of the single.
The shootings of the new single are made in a hottest land of Africa to be more precisely in Sahara, and she complained about the weather but is more excited about the result!

Hi guys i'm ready for my next video, is really hot in Sahara so stay tune.. Jessy

 Jessy didn't tell when the video will be release and the title of the song. More infos soon

Update The new single will be called Stars.

Jessy on ESC

Eurovision battle started for dance artists. After Helena Paparizou, Dr. Alban feat. Jessica , Alcazar who are fighting to reprezent Sweden, Maloy for Germany and Alexandra Stan probably for Romania. Another dance singer joins the eurovision preselection to fight to obtain the highest votes from belgian public to represent them this year  in Danemark.

The news was confirmed today  by the singer on radio Qmusic Belgium: Yes i'm going to Eurovison preselection.

Jessy didn't tell which song will play, but we know who are belgian competitors: Nelson and 2Fabiola .

Nothing at all

Jessy came with a song inspired from 80's lovely and very interesting, and a chic look also, if you are a fan of this belgian artist you'll love it for sure, but if you are not you'll like it too. "Nothing at all" it's called and was played for the first time this week on
Give a chance to european music, and take it easy with american music cause is "Nothing at all" compare with top 40 shits ok!?:)

Impossible by Jessy

The belgian singer Jessy came with a very chic new look for the promotion of her new single "Impossible" .
The song is very promissing and will be played a lot ...
The new single "Impossible" will be released soon on all digital megastore from July.


Ace of base made a new song called "Hold Me", will be the future single?
Ace of Base are now Ulf, Jonas and 2 new vocalists Clara and Julia who replaced Malin & Jenny.
The new material will be probably released later this year.

Peter Luts announced on his official twitter account that he is in studio with AnnaGrace working on her new material that will be ready this September. Let's hope that this material will bring some new sounds very diffrent from what Peter Lust used to produce..

Susana Armin's favorite vocalist is preparing a new single made in collboration with Anej. The tune is called "Dark Side of the Moon" and was presented on Armin's show ASOT 500. Preview here.

Andrea Britton comes back on dance scene with a new song called "Kontrol", a song made with Warner Power. The news was posted on her official twitter account and will be released later this year.

Jessy's next single was revealed it's called "Angel" and it's made with the rapper Kaly Scott. The tune will be released soon on all digital megastores.

Discover this new artist Ricky and his newest single 'Waiting 4 You,' the video was shot in Cabo San Lucas earlier this year and features the creator of 'The Dirty.' Preview here

Dance News

Leticia Spormann is back this summer with a new dance latino song called "Alma Latina" released on June 10 and wrote by Leticia. Leticia was the lead singer of Bubblegum Dance project Passion Fruit she contribuite in 2000 on the album "Spanglish Love Affairs". She received a gold single with Passion Fruit, and was nominated for Echo. "Alma Latina" can be found on all digital platforms including Itunes.

Jessy just said on her official twitter account that is working on new songs, the new material will be released later this year.

Hadise the belgian r'n'b singer is back with a new hit called "Superman", the new song was presented last month on Balkan Music Awards 2011 and will be dropped out as EP soon on all digital platforms.

ATB canceled his concert from Topfest Festival in Slovakia because of major health problems. We hope is nothing serious and he will be back again. ATB recent single is called "Gold" and can be found here .

David Brandes scandal i don't wanna talk about that but for someone is a way for promotion ...and i have to say that you choose the PR wrong.

Nathalie Aarts(The SoundLovers) teamed with Kim Lukas and producer Graziano Pegoraro (T42, Ava & Stone, Mato Grosso) for a single entitled "Breathe Again", and can be buy it from here.(Info Karine Sanche)

News updates

Susana just announced in a small interview that is working on the new material. The new album will be out probably later this year.

Basshunter On Sandra Gee blog i discovered that Basshunter will make a new song for swedish reality show big brother the single will be out in the couple of days...

Stay-C from Twenty 4Seven made with Jeronimo a nice summer song called " I am no Superman". The video can be watch here

Jessy the Eurodance Web winner in 2003, made a cover with Dj Rebel after Alexia & Ice Mc hit single "Think About The Way" .

Absolom made a new song called "The 90's" and was presented last weekend on "I love the 90's" a preview here

Toy Box Another comeback is planned this year from Toy & Box part, Aneela lead singer told in a message to Bubblegum Dancer that they were"currently recording new material and getting ready for the launch…". thanks to kdj

Ysa Ferrer The new video from Ysa Ferrer "Je Vois" was launched you can see it here

Simone Denny (Love inc lead singer) released a new version of "Broken Bones", the tune was made in collaboration with Chris Sen and can be found on all digital megastores, a preview here

Melody Castellari( DEAR, Lady Violet, Jessica Jay) said on her official facebook account that is preaparing new tracks, for which project we don't know!? From 2008 till now Melody was the voice of euroreggea project Jessica Jay but in parallel is working on her rock project MELODY SQUAD.

Sylvia Tosun After a long break Sylvia Tosun came with a new single "World Keeps Turning", a tune made with french dj - David Vendetta. more info here

Medina is in the studio working on her future material that will be out later this year, tthe news was posted on her official facebook account.

R'n'G, Jessy, Ameerah, Medina

Ameerah  The belgian idol Ameerah is back in studio, after her fruitful collaboration with Regi and Madcon, Ameerah announced on her twitter account that a new material is on the way, on this album is working with american producers.
Her debut single "The Sound Of Missing You" had a huge success in US the single entered in top ten U.S. Dance Charts given to this artists her "first top ten single".

Jessy is back in studio preparing her future material the news was posted on her FB account. The material will be out probably later this year.

R'n'G lead singer Jay Delano made a new song with Base Attack, the track is called "Love &music", recently released 2 new tracks on Legends & Diamonds compilation more details here.

Medina just announced her next single will be called "Gutter" and for this single Medina is shooting this days a video. The track is from her debut album "Welcome to Medina" and can be found here.

Eurodance News

Mylène Farmer just release the album "Bleu Noir", the new material has 12 tracks wrote by Mylène, Moby, RedOne and Archvie. The first song released from this material will be like i said in my previous post "Oui mais... non".

Jessy the winner of Eurodance Web Awards in 2003, it's preparing her 2nd material who will be released soon. Let's hope that on the future album will be also included and this masterpiece "All is love", "Getting out" & "Another Me" .

Twenty 4 Seven Stay-C &  Li-Ann they finished the shooting on the new Twenty 4 Seven video "Slave To The Music 2010" pictures from the shooting here. Thanks to Krassik

Kate Ryan it's working hard on her new material with a Swedish team, the new material will be out next year.

Spagna,Gambafreaks, Jessy

Spagna released on all digital platforms "Call Me 2010 Remake", the single includes 6 remixes done by Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest, Favretto, D-Bag, Oral Tunerz, 7th Heaven and Paul Rayner, more infos about the single you can find here.

Gambafreaks it's a new project from Off Limits records, the material includes a collection of hit tracks, all remixed by well known Italian djs."Hits Remix Ep 2010" entered in the junodownload single chart and is available worldwide on digital stores like iTunes and beatport. More infos here.

Jessy release a new single called "Missing", the tune was released on itunes on February 19th. Soon for this single Jessy will shoot and a video. For more infos check this page

Jes, Ultra Beat, Sash

Jes is very busy in this period because is preparing the new album and a new single who was released this month in collaboration with BT, called “Every Other Way” . This tune can be found on all digital megastores worldwide.

Utrabeat released a new single called 'Don't Wanna Let Go' the song has and a great video. The tune will be dropped out this month.

Sash! A new single from Sash!, after a long silence Sash finally decided to work at new material and the new single was born, the tune is called "All Is Love" and is made with Belgium singer Jessy ( winner of Eurodance Web Awards in 2003). The song will be launched at the end of January.

The true story of 2Unlimited, Aqua, Love inc, Jessy

2Unlimited Since last summer when Anita Doth was saying to the belgium press she was thinking to sing again with Raymond under the band name 2 Unlimited for at least one time many fans believed a possible comeback was near and asked thousand times the same questions :
Is it true ? Will the executive producer Jean Paul De Coster who owns all the copyrights on the band name 2 Unlimited will accept ? Will we see a live concert of Raymond & Anita in 2009 ?
No no no.There is still a big problem with the band name 2 Unlimited and we all hope the ex-members & the producers will find a solution in a near future for all their fans worldwide.
YES Raymond & Anita will perform together on april 11, 2009 for the I LOVE THE '90 party !
Bad news ? ToCo International stopped all 2 Unlimited projects since the last record (the dvd / best of Greatest Remix Hits) they have tried was a commercial failure.
2008 was a decisive year.A lot of fans discovered the dancers James & Deborah (No Limit 2.3) were still presented worldwide as 2 Unlimited & Jean Paul De Coster closed Byte Records website too.
Thank you for this info to 2unlimited website

Aqua are back to rockin the show in 2009. Yes you see it right you don’t need to clean your monitor from your pc .
Claus Norreen said on Aqua conference : “Since we starded in 1994 we were togheter all time and therefore friction moved occur. Luckly we stopped, before it became really bad . Time heals all sorrows and now we’re ready for a new round, what we have it just quite funny . Aqua are grown up and will be relaxed for the upcoming shows this year .” Claus.

Love inc Simonne Denny (Love inc vocalist) finished some new tracks you can discover them right here

Jessy Some exclusive photos from video shoot Can't get enough from last Friday i found and i will posted here. Enjoy it!!

Fusion Radio Suck

Alcazar, Alexandra Prince, Dj Jean , September, Jessy, 4 Strings

Alcazar the swedish disco pop band lunched on March 11 2009 the new album "Disco Defenders" on the album release was invited friends like Anna Nordel (former E-type vocalist), Marie (A Teens) and fans.
The album has 26 tracks and can be found HERE
Thanx for this info to Anorah

Alexandra Prince
(Sqeezer, Laava, Blumchen,Booya Family) a new great song from the Diva of House can be listen here.
The track is called "Memories" and it's made in collaboration with Alex Sayz. The single can be found soon on BeatPort.

Dj Jean The Hardwell mix of DJ Jean's 'Play That Beat' it's #1 Dance-Tunes chart and the Radio 538 download chart. 'Play That Beat' is the first release of the new 'Play That Music' label (a division of White Villa and Rodeo Media). More remixes will be available soon!
Thanx fot the info to Dj Jean

September HARD2BEAT are giving you the chance to meet the awesome September at Dance Nation Live! We’ll also throw in free tickets to the event for you and a friend! Winner to be notified by March 27th 2009. Infos Here

Jessy the belgian singer who won in 2003 the contest Eurodance Web with the song "Regardez-moi", came out in 2009 with a new single "I Can't Get Enough". The new video will be shoot Friday on March 20.

4 Strings new tracks can be listen on their official myspace

The news was copy from Eurodance Blog

Fusion Radio Suck