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Pandora, Mark Oh, Sash!, Olive

Pandora came back on music scene with the guys from Bloom 06 the track it's called "Kitchy Kitchy", and can by discovered here

Mark' Oh's next single will be once again a cover of a 90s hit : Scatman John'sScatman. It will be out on 30th October

Roby Pinna's single "See Your Face" is on rotation on the musical channels MTV Italy, QOOB, VIVA and MUSIC BOX.

Sash! released on September 4th Mysterious Times 2009 (The UK Remixes EP). The remix packages includes 8 mixes and can be downloaded on Amazon (thanks to Dance Music News).

Infos by
Karine Sanche

Olive hit single "You're not alone" was covered by Tinchy Stryder the British grime vocalist.
Also the track was covered in 2002 by the german dj ATB in 2008 by UNA and in 2009 by Liz Kay.