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Dan Balan a new release

Invited last on on romanian tv show - Happy hour - Dan Balan  explained the real reason why he broke up with O-Zone, and why this break from european market .

The real reason why i broke up with the guys, it's delicate subject that i don't want to reveal but  the real reason was not the money was the manger and the guys who took the mark O-zone.. 

Why the break from european market because i wanted to work on my name to make it a brand not one who releasing hits, and Russia  was perfect for my project...  said Dan Balan

Asked if Dan Balan is coming with a new song the artist answered:

Yes i just finished my new video for my new song "Lendo Calendo" who was made in collaboration with Tany Brando and Brasco, and it's a nice summer song. said ex Ozone

Lendo Calendo it's all ready promoted in Romania by Mediapro music.

News updates

Zoë Badwi released "Accidents Happen' a new tune, recently her last single - Freefalin' is now promoted on Dance Nation Tv & Clubland TV.
"Accidents happen" the video was filmed in a Sydney street and had some incidents too, you can read the hole story here.

Dan Balan (ex Ozone)next single will be called "Freedom".

Simone Denny Love inc lead singer made a new song with Barry Harris a great club track called "Whoosh! Boom!".

Luciana (Bodyrox) will launch in May the new video "I'm still hot"

Kim Sozzi next single will be called "Little Bird" and will be released on May 24 under Ultra Records label.

Bad Jokes released a new single called "World keep tumblin' down", the tune is included on “...just a matter of time” the album. (thanks to Alessandra Ballarini)

Dan Balan drunk!!

Yes .. drunk on a show from Moldova ...Cheers Dan!!!

Dan Balan, Down Low, Ak Swift

Dan Balan ( ex O-Zone) is preparing to release in Europe a new hot single, after a hot summer and Chica's Bombs (A song used by german Tv RTL as ident more) Dan just release in Romania the new single "Justify Sex" and soon will be released all over europe

Ak Swift( Magic Affair)'s new song "Do what I wanna do" was included on the compilation SEPTASS - Hoodlookgood Light Edition and can be download on itunes. Ak also features in the new material from PSYCOMATIC. more infos on AK facebook account

Down Low Mike Dalien lead singer of eurorap act Down Low is back this year with a new single called "The Thing Called Love". The single will be released soon all over Europe on digital megastores.

Basshunter, Dan Balan

Basshunter made a cover of Nick Kamen's success "I promised my self" also this tune was covered in 2004 by A*Teens & John Davies.
The track is included on Basshunter new material called "Bass Generation"... "I promised my self that i will wait for you" ;-)

Dan Balan former member OZone & Crazy Loop came back on Europe music scene with a new single called "Chica Bomb", the video was launched in Romania this month and soon will be launched in Europe too..