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Anita Doth it's freee....

2Unlimited lead singer Anita Doth took a holiday break in Dubai with Ray  after she heard the good news from her doctor - that she's official cancer free!

Ooooooooooohweeeeeee Officially still cancer free!!
Thanks for caring everybody!! Anita Doth

After the clinic appointment the singer posted an emotional message addressed her fans  

Dear FB Fam. This morning a had a full blown panic attack. But then you showed me what UNIVERSAL LOVE is. I experienced LOVE in all it's beautiful colors. Your messages helped calm me down and face what i had to do with confidence. And you reminded me why i have the LOVE ENERGY tattoo. I need to thank EACH and EVERY one of you for this beautiful gift. I know now more then ever that i have friends in all the corners of the world. You are all angels and i treasure you xx 

Power and Love Energy to all the people suffering from illness/pain/misery  said the singer

So the holiday in Dubai was what she need it to run away from daily routine.

2 Unlimited lead rapper loves healthy life

                                           Photo : Ray  instagram

The lead rapper of dutch dance project 2Unlimited is loving the healthy style.
The times when Ray Slijngaard (41) and MTV Party zone team party in the most exclusives  clubs in UK are gone now, Ray choose to be a good boy. Now is more interested in what he eats, sports and his little who's take up mostly his free time.
 Loved by womens but also by mans, Ray keeps fit working daily in the gym and eating healthy food, and this things were shared last week on instagram network.
Ray's diet is  mostly vegetables  like green beans, grilled chicken breasts rice but his favorites dishes are off curse  asian.
Ray is also busy working on his book but also with 2Unlimited project working on new material, some rumors on 2Unlimited fansite explained that the next single will be the most awaited song "Still Unlimited".

UPDATE: 2 Unlimited has a new member - Noah Slijngaard, Ray son born this weekend.

  "Welcome to the world today our son Noah Raymond is Born what a Beauty feel so Blessed **" said the rapper

Dj Project, Ysa Ferrer, 2Unlimited

Dj Project Fresh news from Gino Manzotti & Dj Maxx alias Dj Project, the new single will be called Regrete(Regrets). This single will be included on Dj Project future album and is the 2nd song with the new vocalist Giulia (Ex Candy)who is also a very famous dj at One Fm Romania. A preview of the song can be listen here.

Ysa Ferrer After "Last zoom" came "French kiss" the new single from Ysa Ferrer, the song was released on June 8th. More infos here

2Unlimited Ray & Anita are ready to pump up the charts again with the new single called "Still unlimited". The tune was played for the first time on a live event in Holland, the date of release is unknown yet. Anita said that it's working with Ray at new songs for their new material. (Thanks to Tom)

Dj Aligator, Infernal, 2Unlimited

Kiss My B-ass

Dj Aligator aka Ali Movasat is ready for a new release, after his huge success with his debut album "Payback Time" in 2001, Ali wants revange, with a new super song in collaboration with Jinks, called "Gi' Det Til Dig". The tune will be included on Ali's future album who will be launched later this year. "Gi' Det Til Dig" was dropped out on 24th May 2010 on iTunes. More infos here

Electric Cabaret

Infernal Lina Rafn & Paw Lagermann finnished their first single from Infernal's next album, the song is called "Love is All" and was officially released on May 10. The single will be fallowed and by an video.

Get Ready

2 Unlimited Ray & Anita did it again, because the single "Get ready for this" was used in the new box office movie "Tooth Fairy"

Kim Sozzi, In-Grid, 2Unlimited

Kim Sozzi new single "Secret love" is officially #1 this week on the Billboard Dance Airplay Chart. Secret love is the 6th single released from Kim's debut album "Just one day" .

In-Grid aka Emiliana Alberini launched her second single called "Les Fous (Stick to you)", the tune is from her new album "Passion". For this song Emiliana made a great video. more infos here

2Unlimited Ray & Anita are #1 this week on Netherlands Itunes dance chart and #18 on Ultra top dance chart with their single "In da name of love" .

Kim Sozzi, Magic Affair, 2Unlimited

Kim Sozzi released last night on all digital platforms the new single "Secret Love". The material includes remixes of:
1. Stellar Project Radio Edit
2. Josh Harris Radio Edit with Intro
3. Josh Harris Radio Edit
4. Josh Harris Bedtime Mix
5. Wendel Kos Radio Mix
6 Stellar Project Extended
7. Josh Harris Mixshow Edit
8. Wendel Kos First Sunlight Remix
9. Wendel Kos First Sunlight DubMix

More infos here

Magic Affair Finnally the secret of new album was revealed by Franca Morgano.
Franca said that the new material is done and includes new tracks write by her and now depends only the labels when will be released the new Magic Affair album. Thanks to Franca Morgano

2Unlimited The single of Romy and Marion aka Two (former 2 Unlimited members) is postponed to March. It will be presented during a special charity gala in Zeelandnet studio, Kamperland (Netherlands). More here Info by Karine Sanche

S*E*X Appeal, 2Unlimited

S*E*X Appeal Lyane Leigh former E-Rotic vocalist, said on her Facebook account that is preparing a new material with all S*E*X Appeal hits like "Voulez Vous coucher avec moi, Dirty Talk, Life goes up, Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill" and some songs from E-Rotic too. The material will be called "Reflections" and will be dropped out on all digital platforms on February 26 2010 .

2Unlimited Ray & Anita(2Unlimited) released the new video "In Da Name Of Love" fans from all over the world shared their joy on Spinnin' Records Youtube Channel, about this great comeback on music scene of The King and Queen of dance(names gave by belgium press),who promote eurodance music all over the world.
Rumors said that Ray & Anita are preparing also and an album who will be ready this Spring.
Thanks to Kevin

Paris Avenue, Dj Megara, 2Unlimited

Paris Avenue it's a project form Belgium made by Danny Corten & Mark Carpentier, the first single as Paris Avenue project came out in 2004 and was called "I want you" featuring Robin One,in 2005 they released another song "In my mind", the song sung by Tania Evans(Culture Beat) & Kosmonova in '98, with a lot of success on Belgium clubs.
And this year came back with another cover from MADDKATT called "My life is muzik" the vocals are made by Robin One. The tune will be dropped out on February 8 2010. The single can be found here.

Megara vs DJ Lee behind of this project are 2 german producers, composer and DJs Nils Karsten & Michael-Lee Bock .
They made remixes for Cascada, Dee Dee, Ian van Dahl, Fragma, Brooklyn Bounce and many others. Now they realeased a new single called "I want you", more infos about the track you can find here .

(Thanks to 2Unlimitedfanbase)

2Unlimited Marion & Romy are back under the name 2Unlimited.
2Unlimited executive producer Jean-Paul De Coster said on official 2Unlimited fan base that Romy & Marion are back togheter as 2Unlimited already are preparing new tracks that will be launched later this year. More infos here

2Unlimited,666, Dr Alban, Andreea Britton

2Unlimited A special website has just been created for the promotion of Ray and Anita (2 Unlimited)'s new single In Da Name Of Love. (Thanks to Dance Music News)

666 plan to release a mash-up between Supadupafly and Tag Team's hit Whoomp (There It Is)

Cascada There are rumors about a forthcoming single of Cascada entitled Pyromania that has been remixed by Cahill.

Dr Alban and Haddaway will be on stage of the first 90s concert in France ! We Are The 90s will take place in Paris on February 13th. (Thanks to Klems)

Infos by Karine Sanche

Andrea Britton (Sunfreakz) team up with dutch Ron Verboom aka Earthscape and made this amazing track called "Believe In Me", the tune was released this month and can be found here

Kim Sozzi, 2Unlimited

Kim Sozzi after "Kiss me back" the song who blow up the american charts and was the most played song on "Z100 New York". Kim prepared a new song called "Secret Love", the tune is from debut album "Just One Day". Soon Kim will do and a video for this track who will be released officialy with the song at the end of this month.

2Unlimited Ray & Anita is preparing the first video from their comeback,on RTL4 Anita & Ray said that are working at the new video "In da name of love", the song who was choosen by Radio 538 their smash dance hit. Also Anita in that interview told that is suffering of breast cancer. more here

2Unlimited, Bad Boys Blue, Sandy Chambers, Kate Ryan

2Unlimited Ray & Anita (former 2 Unlimited) announced a world tour. No date or place was mentioned yet... (thanks to the 2 Unlimited official French fansite).

Romy and Marion (former 2 Unlimited) confirmed that they are planning not only a single (for January) but also an album (thanks to the 2 Unlimited official French fansite).

Bad Boys Blue End of October, BMG plans to release a new Bad Boys Blue compilation, tribute to the 2 former members Trevor Oliver Taylor and Andrew Thomas who recently died. It will be entitled Unforgettable (thanks to Chris Gipsmen).

Klaas Meets Haddaway What Is Love 2K9 peaked as #12 on the danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Eiffel 65 A Decade In Blue (Da Ba Dee) 2009 is #9 this week on the danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Infos by
Karine Sanche

Sandy Chambers(Benassi Bros,Double You)gave voice for the italian drink Santal, the spot it's already played on italian channels also and on romanians channels too.

Kate Ryan new single will be called "Evidemment" and will be released soon. The tune it's from newest album called "French Connection" launched this month.

Armin van Buuren, 2Unlimited , Culture Beat

Armin van Buuren Saturday, July 4th, Armin van Buuren was given the honour to open the TMF Awards! Set to be quite the spectacle, he's in it for something very special. For this special occasion, it won't just be him and his decks, but he'll have Dutch singers Esmee Denters and VanVelzen alongside him.
Together, they'll kick off the TMF Awards, the 4th of July, at 17.00, right next to the Rotterdam Erasmusbridge, in style. Other artist playing there, are The Black Eyed Peas, Chuckie, Quintino, Hardwell, and several other DJ's and singers. Armin is nominated for a TMF Dance Award, for which you are able to vote until Tuesday, the 30th of June, here: . Info from Official Website

2 Unlimited Remy van Rijnmond is a tv presenter in Holland on the local tv station.
Marion van Ivaarden is doing jazz music with her band Stunning also is preparing a new dance track , the name and the release is unknown yet, more infos you can find here

Culture Beat On internet is a fake remix of "Your love". The producer said: "that this remix is not official, Culture Beat has nothing to do with it".
Right now Jacky is working in studio on new Culture Beat songs who will be included on the future album, soon will be lunched and a new single...
Thanks for this info to Culture Beat Fanbase

2Unlimited , TSeven, Aqua

2Unlimited I think i gonna start with the most important news of the day, Byte Records will sue Debora and James,( Débora Remagen and James Giscombe we're the faces choosen by ZYX for the clip "No Limits Recall" from 2003) in 2008 Debora and James have continued to performing in Europe under 2Unlimited name, even if they hadn't the authorization to use that name.Byte Records decided to sue them ...
Thanx for the info to Karine Sanche

T Seven For all her fans i have an announce, Judith Hildebrandt aka T Seven is back in studio working at her new material... T said that will be an material with a lot of surprises ... a few tracks can be listen on her profile from Myspace , also T have her own show at NRJ Bremen about news from music scene, you can listen her every Saturday from 13 till 18 CET on NRJ Bremen.

Aqua will release a new single "Back To The 80's" on May 25th. The single is taken from a new album comming out later this summer. The new album will have 3 new tracks and all their old hits in new updated
Info by Karine Sanche

The true story of 2Unlimited, Aqua, Love inc, Jessy

2Unlimited Since last summer when Anita Doth was saying to the belgium press she was thinking to sing again with Raymond under the band name 2 Unlimited for at least one time many fans believed a possible comeback was near and asked thousand times the same questions :
Is it true ? Will the executive producer Jean Paul De Coster who owns all the copyrights on the band name 2 Unlimited will accept ? Will we see a live concert of Raymond & Anita in 2009 ?
No no no.There is still a big problem with the band name 2 Unlimited and we all hope the ex-members & the producers will find a solution in a near future for all their fans worldwide.
YES Raymond & Anita will perform together on april 11, 2009 for the I LOVE THE '90 party !
Bad news ? ToCo International stopped all 2 Unlimited projects since the last record (the dvd / best of Greatest Remix Hits) they have tried was a commercial failure.
2008 was a decisive year.A lot of fans discovered the dancers James & Deborah (No Limit 2.3) were still presented worldwide as 2 Unlimited & Jean Paul De Coster closed Byte Records website too.
Thank you for this info to 2unlimited website

Aqua are back to rockin the show in 2009. Yes you see it right you don’t need to clean your monitor from your pc .
Claus Norreen said on Aqua conference : “Since we starded in 1994 we were togheter all time and therefore friction moved occur. Luckly we stopped, before it became really bad . Time heals all sorrows and now we’re ready for a new round, what we have it just quite funny . Aqua are grown up and will be relaxed for the upcoming shows this year .” Claus.

Love inc Simonne Denny (Love inc vocalist) finished some new tracks you can discover them right here

Jessy Some exclusive photos from video shoot Can't get enough from last Friday i found and i will posted here. Enjoy it!!

Fusion Radio Suck

2Unlimited , September , Armin van Buuren, Whigfield, Kristine W, Ferry Corsten

2Unlimited after a long silence Anita & Ray are back together .. yeah you heard are back only for this event from Belgium I love the 90's.
If you want to see them more infos are here
On the event will be also Ice Mc & Gala..
Thanx for this info to Cesar & Karine Sanche

September aka Petra Marklund was invited yesterday on BBC Switch at The 5:19 Show.
You can see the appearance here

Armin Van Buuren
The success of Armin van Buuren’s third artist album ‘Imagine’ rose to record breaking heights, as his sounds reached out to millions of fans all around the world. The album made a great start. Right after entering the Dutch album chart with a number one position, therewith being the first ever dance artist to have achieved so in Dutch music history, first single ‘Going Wrong’, Armin’s team up with Roger Shah and singer Chris Jones, topped the global charts. Second single and collaboration with Sharon den Adel ‘In & Out of Love’ gained another top 10 position on the Dutch charts and it’s needless to say that the next single, ‘Unforgivable’ will probably rock the crowds just as hard.

But a new album is there. One on which the beloved ‘Imagine’ tracks have all received a new approach. Armin personally asked some of the best and upcoming producers to sprinkle their sound onto the already stunning tracks.

Hungarian talents Myon & Shane 54 turned ‘Never Say Never’ into a deep, warm vocal track, while John O’Callaghan peak timed ‘Hold On To Me’. First State added a playful, emotional flavour to ‘Unforgivable’ and Martin Roth smashed around with ‘Face 2 Face’ and gave it all in his trancy, banging remix. Other remixes were done by Paul Miller, The Blizzard, Thomas Bronzwaer, Sied van Riel, Ohmna and Cosmic Gate. Some of the biggest names have remixed beyond imagination.
Another special thing about this remix-album are the cover and pictures in the booklet. They’re made by number one fashion photographer Carli Hermès, with ‘only’ a LG Renoir mobile phone camera. Carli accompanied Armin for 24 hours in Jakarta and made pictures during his gig, while making his radioshow ‘A State of Trance’ and on the way to the hotel. The results are a great example of enhanced technology and thereby forms a perfect link to this remix album. ‘Imagine – The Remixes’ dares you to take a listen, to see it all from a different point of view and listen to ‘Imagine’ in a totally different angle: remixed.

More infos Here

01 - Armin Van Buuren - Face To Face (Martin Roth Remix)
02 - Armin van Buuren feat.
Jaren - Unforgivable (First State Smooth Mix)
03 - Armin van Buuren feat.
Sharon den Adel - In And Out Of Love (The Blizzard Remix)
04 - Armin van Buuren feat.
Jacqueline Govaert - Never Say Never (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
05 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Cathy Burton - Rain (W&W Remix)
06 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Jennifer Rene - Fine Without You (Sied van Riel Remix)
07 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Vera Ostrova - What If (Ohmna Remix)
08 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Audrey Gallagher - Hold On To Me (John O'Callaghan Remix)
09 - Armin Van Buuren - Imagine (Paul Miller Remix)
10 - Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat. Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Alex M.O.R.P.H.
b2b Woody van Eyden Remix)

01 - Armin van Buuren feat.
Jacqueline Govaert - Never Say Never (Omnia Remix)
02 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Vera Ostrova - What If (Arnej Remix)
03 - Armin Van Buuren - Intricacy (Thomas Bronzwaer Remix)
04 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Cathy Burton - Rain (Cosmic Gate Remix)
05 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Jaren - Unforgivable (Stoneface & Terminal Dub Mix)
06 - Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat.
Chris Jones - Going Wrong (Sean Tyas Remix)
07 - Armin Van Buuren feat.
Sharon Den Adel - In And Out Of Love (Richard Durand Remix)

Info from Armin official myspace

Whigfield is back with a new recall of the song "Saturday Night" in collaboration with KLM Music.KLM Music did ten new fresh versions of “Saturday Night”. So... do you still remember the steps? ‘Cos it’s time to dance again to “Saturday Night” KLM Music Remixes. Di-di-na-na-na!
Single can be found here

Kristine W the new single from Kristine W "Love is the look" can be found and download for free here

Ferry Corsten released on 6th February the new single "Made Of Love" with the amazing vocals of Betsie Larkin.

News: Velvet, 2unlimited, D.H.T, NANA

Velvet Jenny Peterson the hot blonde from Velvet release her single called "Take my body close" a pop dance song who will be included on her new album who will be released this month.
2Unlimited i think you know that the old team Anita & Ray are working together, but is not a news anymore just this two clips from 2 Unlimited No limits & Let the beat control your body are the most wacthed videos on youtube

D.H.T Edmée & Da Rick are finally back with some great news! They are ready to present you DHT featuring Edmée's brand new single "Heaven is a place on earth" (release date mid October). Different dance mixes and again a beautiful ballad version will soon be available on Beatport and Itunes.
Be sure to check out, DHT featuring Edmée's official YouTube channel where some promo video's have been put up for "Heaven is a place on earth". And of course the official website for some more info on the new single and upcoming tour information.

NANA I think you remember him from his hits, Lonely,Darkman, He's coming or In my dreams, the great news is on September 5, 2008 NANA "The Darkman" released his new album -"12Y.O."
Nana said about this aalbum:
'There were some things I had to take care of. I educated myself, traveled a lot and did live shows in foreign countries since my early career was mainly limited to Germany.'
The "Darkman" surely didn't waste any time. Besides working behind the scenes of the music industry the Ghanaian toured all over Europe and performed live for his numerous fans.
The experiences from this period now serve as the basis for his new piece of work "12Y.O.". The double album is a mixture of brand new tracks, "well stored" recordings that were able to "ripen" over months as well as remixes of the Darkman's biggest hits. A potpourri of experiences and thoughts, fears and desires, faith, love and dreams blend together with personal thoughts about current events. Seasoned with a few floor fillers, this creation provides everything NANA's fans expect.
"12Y.O." (12 years old), usually marks the time of ripeness of a good spirit but in this case it refers to NANA's maturing time. The result is an album attributed with the same traits of the above mentioned spirit: maturity and a strong character.

"12Y.O." can be found at all big online download-outlets on the 5th of September, 2008. A limited special edition on CD is going to be available exclusively on and Darkman Records.

For more information please visit and

Track List:

Disc 1
01. My Get Away
02. Let It Rain '08 feat. Braheem
03. Booty Track
04. Lonely '08
05. Let'z Get It On feat. Young Dee
06. He's Comin '08 feat. Braheem
07. Gold Digger
08. Remember The Time '08
09. No Sun
10. Darkman '08
11. Lonely '08 feat. Korekt (Romanian Version)

Disc 2 (Believe Album)
01. L. O. V. E. feat. Nina Maleika
02. If You Were Here
03. Frequent Traveller
04. Feels So Good
05. Take A Walk (With Me)
06. Cruel World
07. Butterfly
08. Thin Line
09. Where Ya Belong
10. Ride With Me (Floatin Disasta Remix)
11. L. O. V. E. (Jason Jay Remix)
Bonus Track:
12. Any 1 Out There feat. O.O.D.

More infos about the album check Nana's Space

News:Basic Element,Trixi Delgado,Starstylers, 2unlimited,Fun Factory, LayZee,September

Basic Element the guys from Basic element put on their myspace a new song called "Feeling". The song will be on thier new material who will be lunched next year.

Basic Element au pus pe profilul My Space noua piesa care va face parte de pe viitorul album.Piesa se numeste "Feelings".

U can listen the track HERE

Trixi Delgado(former Masterboy vocalist)did vocals on a track by Store n Forward, no info wether it will be released or not as single.

Trixi a dat voce unei piese a celor de la Store n Forward dar nu sunt inforamtii daca aceasta piesa va fi lansata.

Starstylers are back with a new single entitled "Won't You", a collaboration with NG.

Noul single Starstylers se va numi "Won't You" si o colaborare cu NG.

2Unlimited Anita and Ray, former 2 Unlimited members, are currently negociating for a possible 2 Unlimited reunion, for live gigs. Among other demands, they would like to be authorized to use legally under the band name. Both will also release their solo album at the same time, in September.

Anita & Ray negociaza pentru o posibila reuniune a grupului 2Unlimited.
Amandoi vor lansa in toamna noile albume solo.

Fun Factory Dennis replaced Joel in the new Fun Factory performers team. The forthcoming Fun Factory album title (previously known as In The Heat Of The Night) has been changed, it will be called Storm In My Brain.

Se pare ca vor fi noi schimbari in noua trupa Fun Factory , Dennis l-a inlocuit pe Joel, noul album se va numi "Storm In My Brain".

News brought by Karine Sanche

LayZee will be this week at RLT Ibiza Promo Party this week. The party will be on the german tv Pro7 Taff.

September the song "Cry for you(new edit)it's used by the german Tv Rtl 2 for a movie promo.