Dj Project, Ysa Ferrer, 2Unlimited

Dj Project Fresh news from Gino Manzotti & Dj Maxx alias Dj Project, the new single will be called Regrete(Regrets). This single will be included on Dj Project future album and is the 2nd song with the new vocalist Giulia (Ex Candy)who is also a very famous dj at One Fm Romania. A preview of the song can be listen here.

Ysa Ferrer After "Last zoom" came "French kiss" the new single from Ysa Ferrer, the song was released on June 8th. More infos here

2Unlimited Ray & Anita are ready to pump up the charts again with the new single called "Still unlimited". The tune was played for the first time on a live event in Holland, the date of release is unknown yet. Anita said that it's working with Ray at new songs for their new material. (Thanks to Tom)

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