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Jes, Amazon, Layzee, Waldo's People

Jes You can win 2 free tickets on Jes concert only thing you can do is to write a comment to Jes on her blog and if she likes what you wrote you will have the privilege to meet her. For more infos check Jes blog

Amazon News about the online fans of music. In april the german site of Amazon offers the possibility to buy simply mp3 tracks online, the same like american, british and canadian sites. Just check it out.
Info by Music Express

LayZee(Mr.President)finally decided that it's time for a new single, the track is called "Spread the love" and it's made with Zefier, the track reminds me a little bit of CB Milton for more infos check this space .

Waldo's People. The new long waited album Paranoid of Waldo's People (aka Waldo) is released. It includes 10 new tracks and 2 remixes of Emperor's Dawn 2009 and Back Again 2009. You can find here the latest hot single "Lose Control" the track from ESC 2009.Info by Music Express