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Terri B!, Naan,

Terri B! I think you know her very well from 2 Evissa, Future Breeze or Avant Garde, you remember that track from 2001 "Get Down" !? it was an club anthem with wonderful vocals of Terri B!, now Terri made another great track called “Good Good Lovin”. The tune will be dropped out this month and it's made in collaboration with Brown Sneakers and can be listen here .

Naan or better known as Whigfield contribute on D-Bag song “Up to the boy” the song will be released this month on all digital megastores under Offlimits Label.

Kate Ryan & Jelle van Dael (Lasgo) were invited Friday November 6th on Peter Live show from Belgian television een, both sung their singles and they talk about 80’s fever.


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