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Eurodance News

Terri B! is going back in studio to record some new tracks with Gerald G &Smoking, the date release is unknown yet.

Also Queen house diva Alexandra Prince(Sqeezer,Nana) is preapring new songs with latests djs and producers.

Pandora sung Madonna's song "Frozen" at In Bed With Riku Niemi show the performance can be seen here.

Peter Luts(Lasgo,Ian van Dahl)started the new year with right foot 'cause is ready to release with Groovewatchers the new single "Echolights & Sexy Sexy Cool" on January 24th, preview here.

Also and Peter Luts collegue David Vervoort release a single "Iemand zoals jij" with the project Get Ready! like the title says, is ready to conquer the flemish charts. More here

Dave Mccullen, Basshunter, Nexx

Some Things
Dave Mccullen ex member Lasgo and Ian van Dahl producer cameback this year with a new single called "Upside down", a song made in collaboration with Aston Coles and was released on all digital megastores in May. For more infos here.


Basshunter The name of the new single was revealed, is called "Saturday".
"The story of the single is very simple everyone wants to have fun on Saturday night" explains Basshuter in a recent interview were can be seen here . The video was shoot in L.A and will be brodcast on Dance nation Tv and will be released in Uk in July 27.

Nexx The single "Paralyzed" was mixed by romanian dj Andi and includes 5 mixes for more infos here