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Pandora is celebrating

                                          Source: Facebook
The swedish singer Pandora just announced on Facebook that is celebrating 2 years, 2 years of love! Pandora recently got engaged with her boyfriend Mikko Peltonen, the man who meet him in a gray period, and was what she need it . like she said in a recent interview.
Yesterday they celebrate an 2 years anniversary since they met...What is left to say .... many years from now and more cool songs ...about love !

Engelina in studio

The lead singer of Danish project Dj Encore Engelina Larsen confirmed that it's in studio, but is not recording songs for her but for the new danish artist Barbara Moleko. Dj Encore fans wrote to her if she's thinking to comeback on dance scene... but Engelina didn't answered at this question...

Pandora she also wrote on her profile that she's working on her new material. Photos from studio with the recordings session was posted on her Facebook and recently she posted a video with a message Think before you judge .. It's the title of the new song !? We don't know... yet

Alexandra Prince #Sqeezer #Nana #Laava is back with a new song, the singer recently upated her profile saying that a new video is ready to be launched.

A new step for a new life!

Anneli Magnusson aka Pandora shared with her fans a message were is explaining some experiences from 2014. Decisions that she took just to live a life that she want.
The message is targeting  people who's also enduring hard situations, and she wants  to comfort them with a good word.
Pandora is an artist who really relates with her fans,  and support them, really !!support them, and it's not fake like american artists who are doing just  for image or because of their management.

1 st of Jan 2014 I took a life decision to make important changes in my private life as well as my career to create the life I want to live. I walk into 2015 with terrifying excitement following the gentle voice in my heart saying - go for it  Pandora

Pandora is an eurodance artists who sold millions of albums all over the world and the only swedish singer who had success in Asia were few international ones had access, a market bigg as American and european market.
Right now the singer is working on her future material that will be out later this year under the recent label that she signed - Sony.

Pandora open the box

In Pandora's box has a new gift - happiness. Recently the eurodance singer posted on her FB page that she feels very happy about the things from her life and she is very thankful. Everything comes on his time... and with a price and Pandora knows is because frequently this message were mention in her songs.
The singer got engaged  this week and she shared the big news with her fans ..
Happy and newly engaged with someone I Iove very, very much ....So great to share it with all of you

Happy day for Pandora

Pandora is one of the pioneers of eurodance genre, her success can be compared with Ace of Base. Today Anneli Magnusson Pandora got a great news from swedish court, she won the custody of her boys and was overwhelm but the result and she shared the great news with her fans ...

The Fall came also on Pandora's garden

Pandora it's enough to say that she's one of eurodance pioneers !? I think not, but Anneli Magnusson show us again another face of a superstar a one more human in compare with Kpop idols i think Pandora is leaving in Heaven because she has the opportunity live the life to the fullest .. And recent shared with her FB friends the joy that this period of season gives the opportunity to work in her garden

 A garden keeps your mind from troubles, give you physical strength and fresh air. You'll receive true pleasure to enjoy of it, for free  Anneli said the singer

Pandora is sending love..

It's no secret for Annelli Pandora, that is very close to her fans, but also rare thing to see an artist to talk with them, and  all her fans....
In a recent message posted on a very popular social network, the top swedish singer shared a message with a photo:

Regards and love to my friends out there....

And it's not the only message shared by her, recently the latest single I feel Alive was made as a tribute to people who kept her alive in this industry for almost 20 years...

Pandora is a model !? I think  so, and many girls with boobys but without brain must take lessons from this kind of artists who achieved success through hard, and not sleeping  or marring a famous producer or other sponsor ...

Pandora change her music style

The swedish singer Anneli Pandora shared with her fans the big change. The singer was impressed by  the members who perform with her a few songs.

Tried out a new band in Norrköping, Sweden today. Awesome guys said the singer

It's not the first time when Pandora is playing live with a band, a few weeks ago she performed live with a band, and every time when she has the opportunity in her shows she will do gladly.

Pandora in chaos

The swedish singer Anneli Pandora is in chaos, or that it seems for the picture posted on a famous social network.
So i decided to contact her to find more about this matter.

Tavi : Hello, Pandora  i saw the photo posted by you, are you really in chaos, or is creative one ?

Pandora: OMG if you only knew, how my Life looks like at the moment....
And yes new single is in the making. Promotion starts for I feel alive tomorrow, and Friday radio interviews and Womans Magazines plus preparing the big show at Helsiknki Kaapelli 8/2. 
Besides that I have 7 big shows for VOLVO's gala dinner in Feb starting next week.
So yes my life at this moment is a chaos :)

Anneli Pandora also close a deal with Sony Music and I feel alive is on the promotion.
 For those of you who didn't heard .....
Special thanks to +Anneli Pandora Magnusson .

Pandora angry on music industry

The Swedish artist posted a message on a famous social network saying that likes and clicks now can be buy it by the labels just to be on top,on top 40 or to get more views, and that cannot reveal the true hard work behind of an artist who's doing this mystery for a long time.

What kind of world is this, when the "likes and clicks" is more important than the song and the person/band behind it, singing it, writing it, living it? 
I will probably upset some people by saying this and I can not prove it in court but having being recommended buying a bunch of clicks or likes for a reasonable amount of money I know it's possible. This is NOT the way I want to work with my music cause what is it really worth building castles in the air?  said Pandora

Recently the singer celebrate 20 years since is doing music with a new single called I feel Alive inspired by  real life and her fans.


Pandora - A life of eurodance star

                                           Photo: Pia Lindhe Rudolf

Many of us are thinking that being a start is like living  a god live eating ambrosia everyday, bad lucks and hard times are not something ordinary for them.
But sometimes when young artists achieving the music success  they become "Idols" it's a big word to define them because the signification is: a false God  or "something visible but without substance" i think the last one  is the right one :)
Life sometimes, can wake you up on your feet to realize who you are, and what you are!?
In this dance area  few are artists with the feet on the ground and Anneli Pandora is one of them.
No it's not my intention to wrote positively about her,  but it is what it is. and what i see, she answers to all her fans even she has more important things to do but the most important they treat them like her friends.
In this "world " it's something  rare and bizarre that artists to talk with ordinary and few are artists like her example :  Daniela Galli, LayZee,Stay-C, Simone Denny, Melody Castellari, Samira, Ak Swift, Jes, Luciana, Andrea Britton, Mel Jade.
Anyway let's continue our article about swedish eurodance singer  Pandora who last week invited in her home a  team of reporters to share a few things form her life.
Asked about her future plans the singer said that it's working on her single who will be called "I feel alive" and another music project that was made with Riku Niemi Orchestra the inspiration was her godson but also her unborn child.
"I feel alive" it's my new song . "Du är vårt barn" it's also a song that I wrote for my unborn son and my Godson 2004, and made with Riku Niemi Orchestra from Finland . None of them released yet. 
said the artist
More you can listen here


Another face of Pandora

                                          Source: Pandora official

Pandora is one of the most popular eurodance singer selling millions of cds all over Europe and not only archiving the success of Ace of Base and awarded with platinum and gold discs, Pandora is without doubt a person who knows  her place in this industry.
In a recent post Pandora shared with her fans another face of Pandora - the women, the mom , wife who can do also ordinary things like painting on chairs and closet. 
People who are working in mass media  will thing  that this it's a promotion spot  for a product or a material for a magazine, yes you're right  it's a shooting for portal plaza .
Now we get it from were is coming  the inspiration of her next single


You woke my heart.

Dance diva Pandora came with a new video entitled You Woke My Heart. It seems that for this artist the time has  stopped  and she looks more younger then ever.
Recently was awarded by an swedish magazine with a price for her activity on dance scene,and now the singer is more determent and motivated to release new songs You Woke My Heart is one of them.

Back to work

Back to work said two Divas of dance scene... one is Terri B! who's preapring 2 new songs one was made HIIO and called "Something about you" and the other one is called "Hurricane", a song that gives me chills in a good way.. Both songs can be found soon here.

The second artist who said that she feels very inspired is Pandora, who said that it's writing new lyrics and she has the perfect vibe to create  new one.
Pandora didn't tell what genre will be her creations, but she revealed one tip:   what motivates her to wrote songs: Family and the children from "Came a life center" were the singer is a volunteer member.
So, we can't wait to see what kind of songs will bring this "Queen of Aland" :)

And eurodance divas can perform live

In a recent gig Pandora performed live her own version of "Love hurts", the singer wanted to show to press that is not a  eurodance singer but also a good live performer...

I did an acoustic part of my original hit show to keep the passion of performing live alive...
When I perfom acoustic it take my show to another level and I show the one I was before I hit the world charts with electronic music. said Pandora

Pandora is one of the best eurodance salling artists among the years she won many golden and platinium discs, exceeding the Ace of Base's achievements ... but she also is one of the first artists who perfromed for the first time Kylie Minogue hit single On the night like this and was included on Japan album "No Regrets", and the press forgets that thing “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar's" because Pandora is one who deserves much more ...


Record Session

Pandora just shared with her fans the news that she is doing a new track, but she never told what will be called.
Already her fans said that will be a christmas song and let's hope that this news won't be a lie :).

Pandora aka Anneli Magnusson started her music carrer from early ages when her parents discover the talent
"My mother has told me that it was my father who discovered my musical talent. I was still a baby at the time - I was already singing melodies then, long before I could speak."

And were right because Pandora is one of marks in eurodance history relasing hit after hits exceeding the Ace of Base's achievements.

So ... soon will discover when Pandora would open the box with her new masterpiece, till then you can enjoy "Drottningen av Åland" Queen of aland who is the theme of a famous Tv show in Sweden.


                                            Photo from Loona official

Loona The singer i think she tested on her own skin the fire who hit Canary Islands and Malle were the singer has a house.
"The fire is very close to me about 100 yards of my house in Malle OMG!" said Loona

Pandora release a new version of "Queen of Åland" a song made in collaboration with X3M and will be use, i think by the swedish channel tv5, as a theme for Farjan show. video here

Agnes will release on September 5th the new material called "Veritas", the new style approched by the singer in the new material will be more different then his last one - "Dance Love Pop" from 2009.

News updates

NEXX are back but without their lead singer - Johanna Eriksson who is busy whit her newest project Cloud 9, but Rob and Sebastian are still working togheter and they found a new vocalist - Celeste is her name.
The new single under this formula is called "Put Your Hands" and was made in collaboration with their friend Marius Nedelcu, the tune was already released in Russia and Poland. preview here

Dj Aligator was invited last year on Superdoscoteka 90s where he performed one of his newest singles called "Starting Over", the tune will be included on his future material that will be released this year.

Twenty 4 Seven are shooting this days their newest single- "The Reason". The new video will be posted on their official utube channel.

Pandora After Alexia who has her own online radio also Pandora took her example and made a radio. You can listen here.

ATC The Disco Boys made a remix after ATC hit "Around the world", the single is promoted by Armin van Buuren label - Armada.

LayZee(ex Mr-President) said that 2012 will be a fruitfull one for his project : "This year we will be starting work on many different features including artists from around the world." said LayZee

The Roy made a new song called "The Age Of Wisdom" you can listen here.

United Passion are ready for the new material. "Made with Passion" is their new album and will be released on February 17th.

Discover this new project White Noise Machine and their new single "Dirty Love" who is a nice dance who has the hole support from Marcia Juell. You can listen here

You are a dj  ?and you're unknown !? Eurodance Blog wants to gave you a "homework". Choose one of Samira Besic classic eurodance tracks and do a mash-up ...if we like it, the winner will be promoted on our sites... Good luck!!


JES is back on track with a new tune entitled "Can't stop", the tune was official released on November 7th and can be found on JES

September Petra Marklund just released last week the new video "Party my head" .The video was shoot on July 18th by Patric Ullaeus the one who made and the latest video.

Pandora was nominated at OE Music Video Awards with "Why" the song extracted from her recent material "Head Up High". Soon Pandora will release another track here it is a preview
Pandora - Head Up High by andersnyman

Neja's single "Walking on a dream" was choosen by Coconuda their tv spot, the tune will be included on "Sushi club reloaded" . Neja says "the ones who appreciated the first volume of "sushi club 133", cannot miss the "reloaded" version, enriched by the warm and sophisticated sound of the FBI band... "
The new material will be done before Christmas.

Eva Simons released her 3rd single an amazing track made with Apster and it's called "I Need More" preview of the new single can be seen here.

Lili Rocha it's brazilian native singer and "Gold In Your Soul" it's her recent single launched on August 2011 and for this single she collaborated with Steven Wolf.
"Gold In Your Soul" is enpowering song that advocates self worth and challenges listeners to find the confindence within. More details here

Pandora, Kim Leoni

Pandora announced on her official FB that is working on new tracks, last week recorded a hit medley and Pandora said "I'm super pleased with the result". The medley will be included on her future material.

Kim Leoni Almost past 1 year from her last single Emergency and now the dutch singer is preapring a new single is not a collaboration with Lady Gaga, but it's a nice dance track in Kim Leoni style, called Around & Around. More infos about Kim Leoni in this interview