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Dance News

XSession the belgian dance project is back with a new single, Gene Thomas and Gina Brondeel aka XSession launched on April 4th the tune "Come Together". The song can be found on Come Together - Single - X-session.

Sqeezer On official FB account Jim Reeves spread the news that his 90's project will be back this summer with a new material, but didn't mentioned the name of the new song.

Katerine said one her official twitter account that is working on her future material that will be released later this year.

Colonia is back witah a new single Marionette preview of the new song here.

Karma's new single is "Recept za krizu" (The recipe for a crisis) preview here.

Layzee launched his newest single "Summertime" made in collaboration with Kendrick, the tune sounds a little bit LMFAO's hit "Party Rock Anthem" preview here

Alcazar are back with a new single called "Feel 4 you", preview here

Alexia gave birth to a beautiful girl called Margherita.
About our poll was send to Alexia manager and we hope that will recive a positive replay, thanks for your support.

Mr.President, Pandora, Colonia

Mr.President former rapper LayZee is preparing a new single, after the collaboration with Dj Othello for "Up 'n Away" remake, Delroy Rennalls aka LayZee made new song called "I want to ..(the Club)", the tune is different for what this artist used to release.
"I want to ..(the Club)"  it's a nice track for clubs and will be release probably on digital megastores in May. A preview of the song here .

Pandora Great news from Pandora, the swedish television YLE TV is preparing a Pandora documentary, the shoots will be taken in Sweden. Pandora is a swedish eurodance artist who sold along the years millions of albums, her success was compared with Ace of Base. Pandora future projects a new album and a new single probably this spring.

Colonia the Croatian dance project is releasing a new single called "Jutro Moje Nema Boje" (Morning without color), the single was official released on amazon in October.