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Velvet - Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire is entitled the new single that Jenny Marielle Pettersson aka Velvet will release this year. Like i mentioned in my previous news from FB last year, Jenny already shoot the video from this single in America in old movie theater.
The singer said that the atmosphere from that place fits very well with the single, a single that was wrote by Pitchline the one who singed many songs - Velvet.

 Friendly Fire is the name of the song, written by Pitchline, who also wrote Take My body Close, Come Into the Night, My Destiny etc. 
The video is recorded in Detroit at Michigan theater. A beautiful old movie theater from 1916. This song is very special to me, and i really I Love it:) said Velvet

Velvet for most of you who don't know, is the one who launched the huge dance hit Rock down to.. Electric Avenue, in 2005 cover after Eddy Grant, and Chemistry in 2007.
This year is back, and she promise a big comeback with this tune.
For more infos check this page

Enemy by Velvet

Music Factory aka Sweden doesn't stops to amaze me, and she launched a new masterpiece from Jenny Petterson part aka Velvet. The new single from Velvet is entitled Enemy and it's about the beautiful things in life that we don't give attention and we are our own enemies because we find ways to destroy ourselves and not to enjoy the life ...
Enemy was launched this month on  independent label Ninetone Records, and can be found on itunes and on spotify. It's a strong europop with a strong message and this little absence from music scene of Jenny makes it Enemy stronger and a comeback song.

Jenny Petterson at X Factor !?


The hot blond from Velvet project - Jenny Petterson posted on her FB recent photos from X-Factor audition in Malmö. Seems that the singer put the jury clothes for the new season of swedish tv show X-Factor.
I think now it's a new trend between artists to be in the jury like Dieter Bohlen, Ida Corr or Lene Nystrøm...
So this season on, Jenny,  i think will be there laughing or crying at XFactor contestants ..:)

Luvstruck in did

The hot blond Jenny Marielle Pettersson aka Velvet is on " music strike". The singer appeared in recent photo posted on her page, very happy that she has a lot of time to spend with her "2boys".
                                Source: Velvet page

Velvet last single was released last year in November and was called "Luvstruck" but was not a Struck for european radios....

Velvet -LuvStuck

Velvet released last week her newest single in Sweden "Luvstuck".The tune will be available soon worldwide. Velvet - Love Struck (Pitchline radio edit) by Cosmos Music Group

Alexandra Prince is ready to set you free....

Alexandra Prince the german/brazilian dance diva is ready to attack the dancefloor with a new hit, the tune is made in collaboration with Jeroenski a famous dutch dj & Jorn, and it's called "Set me Free". The single is allready launched world wide and can be found here.

T-Seven alias Judith Hildebrandt recently gave an interview to a local german magazine where she talked about Mr.President time and how decided to be a dj at Radio Energy. The hole article can be seen here.

Pandora is like a box very hard to open to know what's new with her :), recently she gave an interview to russian television where she explained how hard is to be on top and to keep the feet on the ground. Pandora is an tour to promote her new single with russian  singer Stacy, the interview can be view here.

Terri B! just said on her official FB that is working on new tracks, Terri was one of  voices behind of dance projects 2 Eivissa, AvantGarde, Future Breeze and this days is working on her material that will be released soon.

2 Unlimited Ray said on his official FB that this days is shooting the new Ray & Anita video, and a fan will be invited to appear on their video.

Velvet will be invited on August 4th on WORLDS BIGGEST SCHLAGER AFTER PARTY, there Jenny will perform her new single "Love Struck".

Niki Haris is still alive and doing music, last week Snap! vocalist appear on american event more details here.

Velvet had a ‘Lovestrukk’

With the help of my blogger friend scandipop i just found out that the swedish hot blond - Jenny Pettersson aka Velvet is back with a new single called "Lovestrukk", a nice dance tune that will be available this days in UK and after that will be launched also in Europe.
The tune in my opinion is really good but the BIG question is .. Jenny has an army of people to fight with mass media bureaucracy!?
Only fault of Jenny is that was born in Europe and not in US and she has a lot of talent and the most important - "a voice".
But will see if this single will succeed to fight with this little obstacle.
Preview of the new single can be listen here

Eurodance News

Sylver team are in the studio working on their future material till now they finished 7 tracks, the message was posted on John Miles twitter account.

Carolina Marquez After a long absence from music scene, Marquez came out with a new single called "Wicked Wow" the tune will be released on all digital platforms in the couple of weeks.

Pandora open the box and said the name of the future single, will be called "You Woke My Heart", and it's a collaboration between Pandora and JS16. The single will available soon on all digital platforms.

Velvet it's in the studio working on her future material, soon i will come with more details when i have ...

Mylène Farmer second single will be called "Blue noir", the same title like the album released last year in November. more details here

Jenny Berggren participate at ESC preselection this week with a new song called "Let Your Heart Be Mine", probably will be her future single. A preview here

Aqua's new single will be released soon the message was posted on their official account right now are working on the remixes..
"Looking into remixes for the new single ... And sorry you all have to wait a bit more before we can play it for you all ..."

Medina, Alex C, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Cascada, RIO, Velvet, Solid Base,Dj Aligator

Medina Valbak released the english version of her album "Welcome to Medina", the material includes 13 tracks 4 of the tracks were wrote by Terri B! and the others by Lisa Greene & Adam Hersland Powers (who wrote also some tracks for Infernal). "Welcome to Medina" was launched in Germany, Austria, & Switzerland on 23 July 2010. You can get it from here.

Alex C produced the new album "Tried and true" from Clay Aiken (American Idol), the album was released in June.
Alex also is working on his album with Yass because 2 new songs "Teufelstanz" and "River flows on you" were posted on his myspace account. You can listen here.

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor You can see them live because D-rock & Des' ree will join Anita & Ray (2Unlimited) on the world tour in 2011 ( Thanks to Karine Sanche).

Cascada went in studio to work with her team on the new material, the album will be release later this year. Natalie won this year on Viva Comet the award for Best Female Artist.( Thanks to Karine Sanche).

RIO aka Dyer Tony former rapper of eurodance act Beat System recently recorded the video clip for RIO's new single "Hot Girl" in Mallorca. The story : Tony works as a pizza boy, is bored and falls asleep... in his dream he becomes a superstar cruising through the island enjoying the sun and attracting a lot of beautiful girls.(Info Karine Sanche).

Velvet release a new single called "Victorious" a nice summer song in collaboration with Linda Bengtzing winner of Fame Factory in Sweden. "Victorious" was originally wrote for Melodifestivalen 2010 preselection but was rejected, even that, the song has a huge success in Sweden being  the most played song on radios all over the country. The single "Victorious" was official released on April and can be found here.

Solid Base's single "Sha La Long" was covered last month by SAIFAM eurodance project Varaderos. They also recentely covered E-rotic's "Chico Chaco".(Info Karine Sanche).

Dj Aligator made a remix on Safri Duo's newest single "Helele". The song was the official anthem for the world cup 2010 in South Africa. You can listen the remix here

BG the Prince of Rap will perform on Eurodance Party in Frankfurt (Germany) on August 7th. If you want to see them and to listen „Colour Of My Dreams“ , "The Beat is Hot" , "Can We Get Enough", "The Power Of The Rhythm" and more don't miss this event,  infos  here.

Quintino, Brooklyn Bounce, Velvet, Dj Jose

Quintino release a new song called "You Can't Deny" the single was made in collaboration with Mitch Crown and was release in Holland on March, also the single was choosen by Radio 538 their dance smash hit."You Can't Deny" can be found on Radio 538 compilation more infos here

Samsung UN55C7000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black)
Best of Brooklyn Bounce

Brooklyn Bounce Diablo & Dennis Bohn teamed with DJs from Mars to make a remix after U96 hit single "Club Bizarre". The LP includes 8 tracks mixed by Dj From Mars and Denis for more infos here


Velvet The hot blond from Scandinavia, Velvet aka Jenny Petersson, made a cover after romanian dj Edward Maya hitsingle "Stereo Love". The tune was mixed by Pj and dropped out in May and was included on "Girls Night Out" compilation. Infos here.

Dj Jose Release a new song called "Killer emotion" and was included on Dance smash hits compilation more infos here.

Velvet, Fun Factory, Evi Goffin

Velvet aka Jenny Petersson is preparing a new single called "My Destiny" it's all ready released in Sweden and soon will launched in Europe too. The tune is from the new album "The Queen" released this year in March.

Fun FactoryThird Generation recorded a new single entitled Shut Up. It was actually written by Torsten Abrolat... and Toni Cottura ! They sang it at We Love The 90s concert last November. (Thanks to Eva Sipkova)(info by Karine Sanche

Find out why Evi Goffin left from Lasgo and what are her future plans in this interview
Special thanks to Evi Goffin.

Velvet, Snap!

Velvet aka Jenny Marielle Petersson will release a new single called "Take my body close". The single is included on her newest album called "The Queen". For this tune Jenny made and a video who already is played on Swedish music channels.

Snap will release a new remix, after they close the deal with the UK record company Hard 2 beat, the producers thought to release "Rhythm is a dancer ( U can Feel it)".
Also Dj Sash entered in Hard 2 beat family, Sash said that will release new singles and a new material, more you can find here

Velvet, AnnaGrace, Ocean Drive

Velvet put her voice on the BWO's song "Right here right now", the single will be released in UK on 31th August.
You can read an interview with Alexander(BWO) here

AnnaGrace (Ian van Dahl) in recent interview said that is preparing a new album with Peter Luts and will released her second single in UK "Let the feelings go".
Right now AnnaGrace is touring in UK with Booty Luv, Lasgo September & Basshunter, you can read the hole interview here

Ocean Drive released his second single called "WITHOUT YOU (Perdue sans toi)", the song was released in France in June.

E-type, Whigfield,Velvet

E-type the new single from Eric (E-type) will be called "Rain". More infos please check the official All Around the world Channel
Thanx for the info to Karine Sanche

The German duo Oral Tunerz and Naan (aka Whigfield) (com’on… we are sure you remember her as she was vocalist also for Benny Benassi, Benassi Bros, Favretto and Pochill!) have produced this brillant track called "Till you drop" .
The release comes out with five versions (the original and the remixes made by Thomas Rich, Favretto&Battini, Monoloop and D-Bag), from the more clubby one to the electro-funk remix made by D-Bag, that it really twists the original version
Can be found here BeatPort
and Juno

Clubland Comes To The Ulster Hall In Belfast On Sat March 14th 2009

Live PA's - Kelly Llorenna, Flip & Fill, N Force

Dj's - Alex K, Ultrabeat & Micky Modelle

MC Junior

Tickets now on sale from

more infos here

Velvet released her video "Chemistry". Check it out!

I found this clip with another blonde ... an live performance in the summer i think of 2007!!
September - Looking for love

Armin van Buuren, Velvet, Gala, Micheal Mind, E-Rotic, Simone Angel

Armin van Burren after his last success with his last single "In and Out of Love".
Armin put his energy and inspiration for a new song called "Unforgivable". The song was made in collaboration with Jaren.
More infos about the new single can be found here

Velvet released for her swedish fans her next single called "Come Into The Night". Also possible tracks are "My Rhythm", "Radio Star", "Sound Of Music", all this tracks are included on her next album "The Queen".

Gala a greek artist made a cover after's Gala song "Faraway" released in 2006, the artist name is Tamta and the song is called "Ftais".

Micheal Mind born 1973, Jens Kindervater it's a german dj and producer, his "products" are The Real Booty Babes, 2 Vibez, 4 Clubbers, Da Franco, Da Loop Brothers, and now trying his success with this song called "Baker street".In the video you can see and Miss Germany.
More infos here

E-Rotic Jeanette Christensen (Face of E-Rotic in 1996-2001) can be seen every Sunday at 18:00 CET on Swiss SFinfo channel a show called Fenster.

Simone The Partyzone girl talks on her blog about his days on MTV .
The story can be discovered here :)

Luciana, Velvet, Alcazar, Ysa Ferrer

Luciana you can discover an interview with her on my space.
Luciana release her new single with Bodyrox "Brave new world" and can be found on itunes.
I love her style of singing and made electro dance music more commercial. What can I say it’s one of my favorite artist discover yourself her new single..

Velvet will release the video for the single "Chemistry" the shoot of the video was done in London in December 2008.

Alcazar are working on studio for the new tracks for their new album who will be released in March/April, and will be released and for international markets also.
The new single for Sweden will be “Stay The Night” after they have performed it in Melodifestivalen.

From Official Website

Dj Cosmo release a new song called "I love Chicago"

Befour recovered the hit single from 2Unlimited "No limit".

Ysa Ferrer born 4 June 1972 in Oran, Algeria) is a French actress and singer. Ysa moved to France with her parents before her second birthday. She grew up in Chambéry in Savoie.When Ysa moved to Paris she gained a part in the film L.627, produced by Bertrand Tavernier. Whilst not a great film, it allowed Ysa to gain the role of Nadia in school drama "Seconde B", shown in France 2 1992 - 1994, however she did not renew her contract for another series.
Info wikipedia.
Her last single will be released on 19 January 2009 called “Sens Interdit”.
Thanx for the info to Karine Sanche & Gaël

Sylver "Rise Again" this week on Jimlist 40 is on #11 and Milk inc with "Race" # 7

News: Velvet, 2unlimited, D.H.T, NANA

Velvet Jenny Peterson the hot blonde from Velvet release her single called "Take my body close" a pop dance song who will be included on her new album who will be released this month.
2Unlimited i think you know that the old team Anita & Ray are working together, but is not a news anymore just this two clips from 2 Unlimited No limits & Let the beat control your body are the most wacthed videos on youtube

D.H.T Edmée & Da Rick are finally back with some great news! They are ready to present you DHT featuring Edmée's brand new single "Heaven is a place on earth" (release date mid October). Different dance mixes and again a beautiful ballad version will soon be available on Beatport and Itunes.
Be sure to check out, DHT featuring Edmée's official YouTube channel where some promo video's have been put up for "Heaven is a place on earth". And of course the official website for some more info on the new single and upcoming tour information.

NANA I think you remember him from his hits, Lonely,Darkman, He's coming or In my dreams, the great news is on September 5, 2008 NANA "The Darkman" released his new album -"12Y.O."
Nana said about this aalbum:
'There were some things I had to take care of. I educated myself, traveled a lot and did live shows in foreign countries since my early career was mainly limited to Germany.'
The "Darkman" surely didn't waste any time. Besides working behind the scenes of the music industry the Ghanaian toured all over Europe and performed live for his numerous fans.
The experiences from this period now serve as the basis for his new piece of work "12Y.O.". The double album is a mixture of brand new tracks, "well stored" recordings that were able to "ripen" over months as well as remixes of the Darkman's biggest hits. A potpourri of experiences and thoughts, fears and desires, faith, love and dreams blend together with personal thoughts about current events. Seasoned with a few floor fillers, this creation provides everything NANA's fans expect.
"12Y.O." (12 years old), usually marks the time of ripeness of a good spirit but in this case it refers to NANA's maturing time. The result is an album attributed with the same traits of the above mentioned spirit: maturity and a strong character.

"12Y.O." can be found at all big online download-outlets on the 5th of September, 2008. A limited special edition on CD is going to be available exclusively on and Darkman Records.

For more information please visit and

Track List:

Disc 1
01. My Get Away
02. Let It Rain '08 feat. Braheem
03. Booty Track
04. Lonely '08
05. Let'z Get It On feat. Young Dee
06. He's Comin '08 feat. Braheem
07. Gold Digger
08. Remember The Time '08
09. No Sun
10. Darkman '08
11. Lonely '08 feat. Korekt (Romanian Version)

Disc 2 (Believe Album)
01. L. O. V. E. feat. Nina Maleika
02. If You Were Here
03. Frequent Traveller
04. Feels So Good
05. Take A Walk (With Me)
06. Cruel World
07. Butterfly
08. Thin Line
09. Where Ya Belong
10. Ride With Me (Floatin Disasta Remix)
11. L. O. V. E. (Jason Jay Remix)
Bonus Track:
12. Any 1 Out There feat. O.O.D.

More infos about the album check Nana's Space

News: 2fabiola, Sylver, Velvet

2 Fabiola released on April 1st (digital only) the track "We Love The 90s" they had composed for the Hasselt concert, and even shot a videoclip for it
2 fabiola au lansat pe 1 Aprile un single "We Love The 90s" la care ia facut si un clip..

Their new single Blow Me Away was released on June 23rd.
Pe 23 Iunie au lansat noul lor single "Blow Me Away"

Thanx to Karine Sanche

Sylver Several sources (Showbizzsite, tv-familie, MSN) published today the news that Silvy and Khalid have decided to end their marriage after two years. The couple got married on 29 april 2006 in Heist-op-den-Berg, where they built a brand new lovenest. This is already spotted on the salesmarket for a price off over 500.000 euro's. In november 2007 they welcomed their first child into fheir home, Noor.
Cateva tabloide din Belgia au anunatat ca Silvy si Khali vor pune punct relatiei lor , dupa doi ani de casnicie.. Cuplul si-au pus pirostriile pe 20 Aprilie 2006 in Heist-op-den-Berg unde s-au si stabilit, valoare locuintei pe piata imobiliara se ridica la aproximativ 500.000 euro.
In Noiembrie 2007 au spus bun venit noului venit in familie, Noor!!

Velvet did a new orchestration at the song "Fix me"
Velvet a lansat o noua versiune a piesei "Fix Me" la care ia facut si un clip