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What do you need for yoga?

Question: What do you need for a Yoga exercise !?
The answer: A Kate Ryan. :)

Kate Ryan socked the fans

Kate Ryan the belgian singer shocked the fans with her new haircut. Kate Ryan posted on twitter a photo with the new look, and fans quick replaying asking why she choose that look!
To clarify Kate Ryan choose that look in order to promote the new single Not Alone, the message is addressed  to people who are fighting with wellness, and the new look fits with the theme of the single.
Not alone  will be included on the future album who will be out in 2015.Preview of the single here

Kate Ryan back on track

It was the time for Kate Ryan to release something new, and she did came back with a new track but also she came to the old look from Libertine and Mon coeur resiste encore videos and is more feminine then ever.
I really love the new look but also the song Not alone a song wrote in french and was promoted last week in Poland.
Kate is not turning back to her look but also to her music style, what can i say more success with the track which is anthem for those who are lost .
The video for the song  will be out later this month.

In-Grid and Kate Ryan!?

Kate Ryan's twitter account was filled up with messages from fans about a collaboration with In-Grid. The belgian singer really liked the idea,  and re tweet the news to her followers. 
Contacted by us,  In-Grid didn't answered letting us think that she thinks about....
Kate Ryan  is one of the most famous dance singer in her native country but also in Europe - World Music Award Winner, known after their Mylene Farmer's dance remakes  who hit all the charts.
Right now Kate Ryan is working on her future material, and recently was chosen by  GIRL Cover magazine to be on their cover.

Karma by Kate Ryan

Belgian singer Kate Ryan is back with a new video after a long time since she release with  Avicii  the  song "Run Away", who was a best dance track but sadly was not promoted enough maybe if she was in hands of Rihanna or Kylie Minogue the song surely kept the attention, anyhow Kate is back with a smashing track named Karma a song about love and the feelings that people have when are in love even if that love is and illusion a game of "Karma". 

The Track was made with beligian dj Robert Abigail who worked among the years with big names for dance area like Dj Wout, Peter Luts,Dj Rebel, Brahim, Des'rey and now Kate Ryan. 
The video was shoot in old Factory with a little girl as the principal actor. Let's hope that this single will be promoted  much more not like her previous. 


Dear Miley Cyrus

                                  photo: Kate Ryan official
Dear Miley Cyrus please stop copying Kate Ryan style!
The belgian singer Kate Ryan didn't liked when Miley Cyrus (disney superstar) came this days  with new hair cut, that Kate bring it to public in 2008.

"Sorry Miley, been there, seen that, got the haircut (way back in 2008)" said Kate on her FB.

- Dear Kate please stop watching disney channel because europop is not a genre played there ..

Kate Ryan recent release a single  called Running way, and was made with swedish dj Avicii, and let's hope that Miley will pe not inspired to do a song....

Running Away

"Running Away" is the fresh song from Kate Ryan and Aviici. It's a tune from her recent material "Electroshock" launched this Spring.
"Running away" comes like summer breeze, because Kate change a little bit her style  making  the song more likeable .. the fault of this change is also of Tim Berg's (swedish dj) who thought that "Running Away" has potential, and with a "little magic dust" can be trasnformed into this.... 

Kate this time gave what the market wants and did a great choice!

Dance Updates: Loft, Kate Ryan, Andreea Britton

Kate Ryan posted on official Fb account photos from her future videocalled "The Next Road", and made with Dj Neno  the song is not included on Kate's recent material Electroshock, an album  who's # 6 this week on Belgium Albums Chart.

Lasgo's vocalist Jelle van Dael mentioned a few minutes ago in a twitt that she is in studio with her producer Peter Luts.. is she working on her future single!?

AnnaGrace just said what is the name of her future single/video, it's called "Alive", and will be ready for release  on July 23nd. Thanks KDJ 

Loft Another comeback on eurodance scene comes from Loft rappers - Courtney and Richiard Williams. The team joined for the single "Love will be forever". preview here Thanks KDJ 

Andrea Britton After she counting the summer days with Sunfreakz - Andreea came back with a new track called "Not Before I See You" preview here.

Robots by Kate Ryan

The new single that Kate Ryan shoot a video few weeks ago is called "Robots", and it's from her recent material Electroshock. The single will played for the first time next week on, the news was posted by Kate on her official Fb account. If you want to pre oreder her new material you can do it on amazon.

Kate Ryan

After the quick romanian tour, the belgian singer - Kate Ryan came back in Belgium to release her newest video - "Broken" the story of this single is about "sharing love to wrong person" . "Broken"  was shoot in Belgium, and it's from  Kate newest material "Electroshock".

Dance updates!

Smile Dk will release a new single called "Moshi Moshi" the news was posted on their official twitter account. "Moshi Moshi" it's a word in japanese that means "Hello Hello" the tune will be soon available on digital megastores.

Gala made a new song the news was posted on Diva Incarnata blog, the song  sounds very good , i don't know if Gala will think to release  a video but as a single for sure...

Kate Ryan is preparing a new single called "Broken", the premiere of this single will be this Friday on Milk inc anniversary  called Milk inc 15. The new song will be included on Kate new material "ELECTROSHOCK!" and was made with Narco, for more details check also Kate official webpage. Preview here

Verona like they promise will release this fall a new material an album with 12 track just for czech public and next spring will be fallowed by an english album. The news was posted on their Fb account and this is the official Cd cover.

Kate Ryan a new single

The belgian singer Kate Ryan is preparing her next single, the tune is called "Broken" and will be included on Kate's next album. The new tune will be released soon, right now Kate is busy with the photo shooting. Preview of the new single here .

Pandora's newest video "Why" will be launched in August, the single it's from Pandora's material "Head Up High".

Verona are preparing the new album that will be released this Fall, at the moment Peter Fider & Markéta Jakšlová are in Ibiza for a photo session.

Amber will be back on eurodance scene with a new remix of her success "One more night", the tune will be official released on July 26. Video here.

Maloy gave us an interview you can read it here.

Dixie it's a dj from Australia you can see his work on soundcloud and if you are interested to work don't hesitate to contact him here

News from Facebook

The belgian diva Kate Ryan is back with a new look and a new material you can listen "Madness" via soundcloud , the tune will be included on her album ...

Reset(Norway) is back with a new single called "One Love" the tune can be found via itunes (thanx to Tommy)

Rapture was the huge success of IIO now Nadia Ali is trying to bring this hit in our attention but in her own style ...

E-type release his new video "Back 2 life" i don't know what was the subject of the video cause i try to discover and it's hard .. to many hot girls more here

Alexandra Stan recently gave an interview about "Mr. Saxobeat" success. Alexandra said: I happy about that huge success but i'm down to earth person and i would like to do what i like singing and if people love what i doo soo i will keep doing and not sleeping on Mr. Saxobeat success.." said Alexandra

Melody Castellary is back with a new material "Roses are Not Flowers" the material includes songs wrote by her . Melody was the voice behind of many eurodance projects like Sundee, Lady Violet, Jessica Jay she likes dance but only to be the voice not the face of the projects.. DEAR was the 1st and the last project that appeared.
"Roses are Not Flowers" will be available on all digital megastores.

Jes single "Awaken" was remixed by Thomas Gold. Jes was the voice of Motorcyle project and she release with them the smash hit "As the Rush Comes" among the years she worked with many faimous people like BT, Tiesto, Armin and now is preparing her 3nd album ...

Captain Jack Team released this month a new material called "Back to the Dancefloor", their single Dream a Dream sung by Maloy & Franky Gee is promoted this days on Clubland Tv.

Alcazar is preparing a new single after "crying so many times on discoteque' Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel and Annikafiore Kjaergaard are ready for a new single "Feel for you" it's called.

Eurodance News

SAIFAM project DJ Space'C's new single is entitled "Just The Way You Are" Buy it here

ATB will release his new compilation "ATB the DJ in the mix 6" on December 31st,2010. It includes his new single entitled "Twisted love". more infos here
Infos Karine Sanche

Kate Ryan launched on internet the preview samples of her forthcoming album who will be out in January/February 2011. more infos here.

LayZee( Mr.President) made a remake of his 90's hit "Up 'n' Away 2011" with Dj Othello the single will be out soon on all digital platforms and right now LayZee is on promotion tour in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova. ( Thanks to LayZee himself)

No artist No tracks released  his new video "Say Bye" and a christmas song called "The night before Christmas". More details you can find here.

Sylvia Tosun was nominated on International Dance Music Award (IDMA) at 3 categories: Best Trance Track, Best Pop Dance Track, Best Break-Through Artist(solo) you can vote for her here.

Robyn released a new single called "Indestructible" the video can be seen here.

September Petra Marklund was nominated at QX Awards and her new single "Me and my microphone was chosen by UK press record of the year.

Above & Beyond The dj's behind of Oceanlab project released on Itunes for free their podcast "Trance Around The World #351 with Above & Beyond". Infos here.

Enigma released on his webiste a free track "MMX (THE SOCIAL SONG)", more details here .

Corona Steve Angello made a mash up of Corona's hit "Rhythm of the night", the mash up was played last night on Peter Luts radio show. A preview here.

Eurodance News

Kate Ryan's new single will be out next year on Jan/Feb, Kate Ryan confirmed on her official twitter account.

Sylver Great news for Sil ( Sylver) the video "Love don't come easy" will be release and promoted in UK by Dance Nation TV. The video gather almost 100 000 views on youtube.

September Petra has a secret recently was discovered on amazon the 1st album signed as Petra Marklund, the material was release in 98' and was called "Teen Queen".

Double You's new single will be called "Definitely Sure" a pop track who sounds like Bobby Mcferrin hit "Don't worry be happy". Thanks to Dance News.

Kim Sanders is working on her future material who will be out next year. The genre of the new material will be Jazz.

Lyane Leigh E-Rotic lead singer and Dani D are taking part to a musical show dedicated to Abba. Lyane is playing the role of Agnetha. more here

Eurodance News

Mylène Farmer just release the album "Bleu Noir", the new material has 12 tracks wrote by Mylène, Moby, RedOne and Archvie. The first song released from this material will be like i said in my previous post "Oui mais... non".

Jessy the winner of Eurodance Web Awards in 2003, it's preparing her 2nd material who will be released soon. Let's hope that on the future album will be also included and this masterpiece "All is love", "Getting out" & "Another Me" .

Twenty 4 Seven Stay-C &  Li-Ann they finished the shooting on the new Twenty 4 Seven video "Slave To The Music 2010" pictures from the shooting here. Thanks to Krassik

Kate Ryan it's working hard on her new material with a Swedish team, the new material will be out next year.

Sandy Chambers, Kate Ryan, Terri B!

Sandy Chambers (KMC,Benassi Bros)was invited on Radio zerosei for interview where she talk about her music career. Sandy open a canto school in Brescia Italy for the people who wants to start a music carrer, about her music projects, Sandy will still collborate with Offlimits and she works on her first solo material.
Sandy explains: I work on my solo album as Sandy Chambers and i will continue to do what i love the most doing "Dance music".
Sandy latest single is called "Cloud n9" and can be found here.

Sandy Chambers - interview at Radio Zero Sei [13 10 2010]

Kate Ryan appeared o belgian magazine Flair, the article it's all about girls who looks sexy at 30. Kate Ryan right now is working on her first single who will be ready for release this year. The article from Flair can be read here.

Terri B!(2Evissa, Future Breeze) working hard one new projects like this one with Kurd Maverick called "N.Y.C", released on October 13th.
Terri B! says about this song : "i love this so much....NEW YORK, where my family resides, this is to you!!"
"N.Y.C " can be found here.

Kate Ryan, Scooter , Ace of Base

Kate Ryan is back after a long periode of concerts in Canada and in Germany, now she has a little time to prepare a new material that will ready to release next year in May 2011, the first single like she describe on her twitter account "will be with a boy". The single will be released later this year and will be preceded by her sixth Album in 2011.

Scooter are back in studio after summer vacation, HP and the Co are preparing new tracks for the next album that will be done next year. Scooter are sayin' sorry to UK fans because the Clubbland Tour was cancelled and refunds are available from point of purchase.

Ace Of Base New album was released official on October 5th. And can be pre order here (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Kate Ryan, Ace Of Base, Dj Encore, Ultrabeat, Corona, Peter Luts

Kate Ryan is working with a swedish producer on new material who will be ready next year and will be fill with songs written by her but also and few covers, Kate said in a interview about the last material: "French Connection" is the end of an era". The album "French connection" was awarded in Spain with a Multi-Platinum for selling more than 300.000 digital songs, right now Kate is on tour in Canada.

Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren ( lead singer ) announced on her Facebook account why was left outside from this project :

" I have not been contacted about AOB until some days ago and since I am still a member and important deals aorund the band (who doesn't involve me) are not settled yet, I am confused. Twitter and Facebook has been my voice. My wish was to stay in the band to make music in the future. Someone told me fans think I quit and left the boys alone, but the story is not at all this.
"To say that I didn't agree to a fourth member is wrong. I even gave names if I would have gotten a green light of the things I needed. For instence some control over the issues regarding the band. Once I was told not to meet up with a manager that would work with us 'because I didn't have the full picture of what we had been sold in as'." said Jenny

Jenny was one of original member since 1993 till 2009 when the band announced that is time to take a break.. meanwhile Jenny concentrate over her new music project and the book release...

Dj Encore Engelina former vocalist is working on her new material with "Poster Child" a pop rock band from New York. You can listen the new songs with "Poster Child" here.

Ultrabeat after a long silence Chris Henry, Mike Di Scala and Ian Redman alias Ultrabeat are back with a new single called "The Stalker" a song extracted from their latest material "The Weekend Has Landed". More infos here.

Corona's long awaited new single is entitled "I'm Not An Angel". Videoclip will soon be released, for now you can already discover the making of. Her new album is entitled Y Generation, it's an amazing dance album, and is digitally available on Italian portal Ascoltalamusica. Olga is currently touring in Italy with her new band, BC Band. (thanks to Augusto Vilar) Info by Karine Sanche

Peter Luts Lasgo, AnnaGrace producer announced his next single of Groovewatchers( his new project) it's called "Sunshine" and is 2nd single, the first one was called "Sexy girl". More infos about "Sunshine" here.