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20 years of hardcore

It's been almost 20 years since Scooter released his first single  "Hyper Hyper" it was something new and unique on that period and responsables of that sound were :  HP Baxxter,  Rick J. Jordan and Michael Simon.
Scooter is not only a german hardcore band but the longest one, even if there were some members changes the band released every year a material and it's a rare thing in EDM that a band  with success to resist so much in top, another one i think is Dj Bobo..
Anyway the german band are celebrating this days the 20 years from their 1st debut and their record label made a double cd entitled   'The Ultimate Aural Orgasm' (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition) more here

Dance Updates

‎PowerFrancers "Pompo nelle case (Pump up in the speakers)" from PowerFrancers also gather 3.200.000 views, the project is supported in Italy by MTV Italia director Luca De Gennaro, M2O radio and by the Italian pop star Luciano Ligabue..

AnnaGrace(Ian van Dahl former vocalist) is in studio working on her future material.

Lasgo Jelle from Lasgo said in a recent interview that it's pregnant and the new Lasgo material will be done next year.

Scooter just released last week the new video "David Doesn't Eat" right now the team are in promotion tour. preview of the new video here.

Dj Bobo just release a new video called "Everybody's Gonna of dance" and will be included on the future material. The first who will buy the EP will get for free unreleased DJ BoBo Song "Heaven". "Everybody's Gonna of dance" will be released on November 11 ( Thanks to Karine Sanche) Preview here

2 Unlimited Nothing 2 loose will be called Ray & Anita's newest single. The ep will be available soon woldwide via itunes! Preview here

Unique 2Finally Jade Davies Unique 2 lead singer released her 1st video called - "Taking Over" the tune can be found on all digital megastores. Preview of the new video .

On Youtube was posted also a new song from her will be the future single !? more here

Offlimits said on their official FB account that Sannie & Annerley are working both on some new tracks. The release date is not yet known.

Experience of music made a remix for dutch project Shrink Reloaded called "Beat of Zen 2k11", the tune will be included on the compilation "HouseNation 2k11" that will be release this December.

Scooter a new album

Cascada launched a new single called "Au Rvoir", the video was recently added to Clubland Tv and can be seen here. The single will be release in France this days and is from recent material "Original me" a name very original but the syle approached is very gaga, maybe for the promotion of this single Nathalie will do another pictorial just in case...

H.P. Baxxter and Co are preparing the new album the forth from their career and will be entitled "The Big Mash Up". The news was shared in a recent interview: "We are recording our new album, that's going to be out in September or October". The new album will be out world this Fall worldwide .(thanks KDJ)

ATB said on his official FB account that the new material "Distant Earth remixed" will be dropped out on September 16, 2011.(thanks KDJ)

Eurodance News

Schiller aka Christopher von Deylen was invited on DW Tv to spoke about his starts in this industry, and also to talk about his music projects,Christopher confirmed that the new material will be out this December and available on all digital megastores. His recent single "Always you" is pumping up in the charts and was made with french singer Anggun. The hole interview can be seen here.

Jocelyn Brown( Todd Terry, Change) is back with a new music project called Allstars Collective and can be see live Tonight(December 10) at Jazz Cafee.

Guru Josh Project released a new single called "This is the night", and was oficially released on September, a smack preview here.

Fun Factory third generation team changed once again. Now, there only remains Douglas and Jenna. Some new songs are currently in preparation... (Thanks to Eva Sipkova & Karine Sanche)

Helena Paparizou released last month another greek single called "Girna Me Sto Htes", a preview of the new song here.(Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Scooter's next album should be released around Spring 2011. On 25th June, Scooter will perform in Hamburg IMTECH Arena, a stadium which offers a capacity of 60.000 persons, for a special concert called "The stadium techno inferno". This will be the biggest Scooter concert so far.(Info by Karine Sanche)

Kate Ryan, Scooter , Ace of Base

Kate Ryan is back after a long periode of concerts in Canada and in Germany, now she has a little time to prepare a new material that will ready to release next year in May 2011, the first single like she describe on her twitter account "will be with a boy". The single will be released later this year and will be preceded by her sixth Album in 2011.

Scooter are back in studio after summer vacation, HP and the Co are preparing new tracks for the next album that will be done next year. Scooter are sayin' sorry to UK fans because the Clubbland Tour was cancelled and refunds are available from point of purchase.

Ace Of Base New album was released official on October 5th. And can be pre order here (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Kim Sanders, Nexx, Scooter

Kim Sanders( Culture Beat, Schiller) announced on her facebook account that she recorded 2 songs. The tracks will be included on Kim's future album who will be launched soon.

Nexx will be on tour with Velvet, Basic Element and more in 2 of the biggest ski resorts in Sweden. If you live in Sweden and you want to come to see them, here you can find all the details ( Thanks to Johanna Nexx)

Scooter The new video "Stuck On Replay" was released. The song will be the anthem of the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship in Germany. The single is included on Scooter new album "Under The Radar Over The Top" released on October 2nd 2009.

Scooter, Kim Leoni

Scooter remixed Rammstein's last single Pussy. (Thanks to WebDJs) Watch it here.

Eurodance Club The next Eurodance Club concert will take place in Stuttgart next 29th October. The lineup will include Layzee (Mr president), Massive Tunes, E-Rotic, Kenny M and more. Tickets will be available from March 20th.

Infos by Karine Sanche

Kim Leoni announced on myspace account that it's working on her debut album. The material will be ready later this year.

Pulsedriver, Scooter, Dee Dee

Pulsedriver covered Love inc hitsingle "Superstar", the tune was released on all digital platforms and on amazon.

Scooter the name of the single was revealed, the track will be called "Stuck On Replay", and will be the anthem of the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship in Germany.
Thanks to Karine Sanche & DJ Hooligan

Dee Dee is back ! After a long break the belgian singer Diana Trippaers made a new song in collaboration with Ray & Snyder, the tune is called "I want you Back" and was released this month on digital platforms more infos about the single you can find here.

Scooter, Ace Of Base, AnnaGrace

Scooter announced on their official facebook that they finished the new single, the tune will be the official hymn of ... !? who knows... the members said that it's a secret. Right now are preparing the world tour and the dates will be published on their official website.

Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren said on her official twitter account that it's preparing some new songs.
Jenny: "Sometimes the mood of making music captures me. Now it's only me and the piano... New songs comes pouring out from my heart."

The new solo material of Jenny's will be ready later this year, in 2009 she also launched a book about her life and was adressed to swedish public.

AnnaGarce (Ian van Dahl)is nominated in the category "Best HiNRG/Euro Track'at Miami Winter Music, you can vote for her here

Ian Carey, Mark Oh, Scooter

Ian Carey his success with "Get Shaky", who is the most downloaded song from iTunes, the project Ian Carey launched a new song this month called "Shot Caller".

Mark Oh would release a new material called "Mark´Oh - The Past the Present the Future" and contains 10 tracks plus 2 vidoes videos: Scatman & United. More infos here

Thanks to Kassik

Scooter released on Kontor channel the new video "The Sound Above My Hair" and today 13th November on Viva live would be the World premiere of the new video.

Dr. Alban, Dj Bobo, C C Catch , Captain Jack, Scooter

Dr Alban is currently working on a single with Cisko Disco (aka Max Farenthide). No info about the title or the release date yet.

DJ Bobo Discover the trailer for DJ Bobo's Fantasy tour making of... and a foretaste of the future album since the background music is made of instrumental versions of the new songs. (Thanks to DJ Bobo France) Watch it here

Rednex A new Rednex single is coming up, it is entitled Devil's On The Loose. The video was recorded in a barn in Sweden.

CC Catch recorded a brand new single entitled I Believe, described as a modern electro house track. She performed it during the show Forbes Club 2009 (Thanks to Dance Music News) Watch it here

Captain Jack One more unreleased Captain Jack track was released digitally on Juno Records : Dam Dam Dam (Is The Rhythm Of Magic) (Thanks to Dance Music News)

Scooter 's new single will be a re-recorded version of The Sound Above My Hair. The video was shot in and around the Wernigerode castle in Germany. Premiere will take place on November 13th. The single itself will be out on November 27th (Thanks to Denis ''DJ Hooligan'' Zhabkin)

Infos by Karine Sanche

Scooter , RIO, Millennium, Age of Love

Scooter's new album comes in three versions : standard (1 CD or digital). The limited edition contains one bonus CD + a DVD featuring all the darker songs Scooter had produced till now like Am Fenster, Marian, She's the sun(thanks to Christian Ohrens).

Their new video was launched and the result is this.... enjoy it!

RIO feat Tony Dyer presented a new track entitled "Serenade". It will be featured on their forthcoming album "Shine On".

Infos by
Karine Sanche

Millennium it's a project made in Spain with Juanjo Martin & Rebeka Brown(vocalist) , and their first single was released on October, so take a look and listen this new cool project

Age of love was the best new trance project from 90's , now in 2009 big names such as Paul Van Dyk, Jam & Spoon, Emmanuel Top and Cosmic Gate brought to light this project and the song. This track was also covered by Scooter in '97.

Scooter, Simone Angel

Scooter are releasing a new single called "Te sento" on the October 2nd, with the new album "Under the radar, over the top".

Thanks to
Karine Sanche

Simone Angel A new cover was made after Simone's 90's success "Let this feeling". The single was produced by ALMIGHTY Records UK, which are specialized in dance covers. More info here

Thanks to
Simone herself

Tomorrowland , Scooter

Tomorrowland This weekend in Belgium big event with Daniel Bovy, Martin Solveig, Yves De Ruyter, DJ SASH!,SNAP!& Thea Austin, Regi & Wout, Pat Krimson(2Fabiola), Natural Born Deejays & many more.
Tickets and infos here

Scooter's new single will be entitled J'adore Hardcore, and it will be released on September 4th 2009. The new album, called Under The Radar Over The Top will follow on october 2nd 2009. In 2010, Scooter will start a new big tour through Germany : the "Under The Radar Over The Top Tour 2010" will start in Cologne on March 11th. Scooter will make their version of song Troy by Die Fantastischen Vier for their 20th year tribute album. And their hit Nessaja was used as main theme on the movie "Brüno" (thanks to Denis "DJ Hooligan" Zhabkine).
More infos here

Scooter, Dash Berlin

Scooter after their great performance from The Dome 50, HP Baxxter told that is working in studio preparing new songs for the future Scooter album. The release is unknown yet..The band are still in tour in UK.

Dash Berlin did a remix for Depeche Mode song "Peace". The track can be listen here.

If you want to know what happen on IDMA watch the trailer.

Shaun Baker & Alex C will be invited tomorrow 1st June on special edition of ZDF-Fernsehgarten. The show will began at 11:03 Cet more infos here

Dj Trexx you can discover his music here

Modern Talking, ATB, Jes, Dj Sammy, Scooter

Thomas Anders On 14th February will celebrate with his fans for more infos about the event & reservation check this site

ATB Andreas is happy because finished his second single .. the name of the single is unknown yet...
Andreas promise that will release and his next album who will be different from the last ones... but an material with fresh sounds ..

Jes the queen of chill out Jes is #1 in Billboard dance chart with the song "Imagination".
The single is from her debut album lunched last year "DISCONNECT". More infos about this artist check his website

Dj Sammy will be on 30 and 31 January "Sundsvall Dance Event" in Sweden more infos here

Scooter will be on tour in Uk & Ireland with Kelly Llorenna(N-Trance) in February playing three special dates ..
12th Feb - RDS Dublin
15th Feb - Royal Theater Castlebar
16th Feb - INEC Killarney
More infos and tickets HERE

MTV Dance On Dance floor Chart are nominated this week E-Type with True believer, September and the romanian Mc Geodasilva.
You can vote for them here

Plavka(Jam & Spoon former vocalist) will play tonight 30 January in Bucharest at Bellagio Club.
More infos here
I will come with more infos about this event later..

Tom Boxer the romanian artist released his single called "Beautiful day" in collaboration with Jay (not Jay Supreme rapper from Culture Beat) it's pure coincidence of names!!

Thanx for this info to Karine Sanche & Cesar Culture Beat FanBase

News: Smile, Scooter, Fabiola, Sabrina, Gunther's album Party Around the World was once again postponed, due to a problem with the CD manufacturer. As an apology for the delay, the Smile team would like to give its fans a small, but satisfying treat, a free download of the album's first track, Doki Doki, on their official website.

Scooter On October 3rd, there will be the release of an extended version of Scooter's last album, renamed Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want. The standard version includes all tracks from the album, plus 7 "Hands On Scooter" bonus tracks (Scooter songs performed by well known artists such as the Bloodhound Gang). There will also be a second CD with the new single, the greatest Scooter tracks of all time, and another bonus track.

2 Fabiola A new 2 Fabiola single is planned for mid-October.

Sabrina will release a new album entitled Erase Rewind Official Mix on October 3rd under Edel Music Italia It will contain 26 songs, half will be remixed songs, the oter half will be unreleased songs (thanks to ARG)

Gunther The teaser of a new Gunther and the Sunshine Girls song called Pussycat, a very nice dance song, can be heard on his official website. The future forthcoming single ?

News brought by Karine Sanche

News: Manian, Scooter, GeoDaSilva

Manian Désenchantée is a song recorded by the singer-songwriter Mylène Farmer (known as Madonna of Europe)The text song was inspired by the 1934 book "On the Heights of Despair" by the Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran.
In 2002 the belgian artist(Kate Ryan) try her succes with Mylene Farmer song like Manian & Aila in 2008

Scooter did a song with rock legends Status Quo the name of the track is "Jump that Rock (Whatever you want)"

Thank for this info to Karine Sanche

GeoDaSilva it's a MC from Timisoara Romania!!
It's very known for the party's in Dico Tineretului from Costinesti every summer u can find him there ...partyin' !
GeoDaSilva worked with Funky dj's & Dj Project (aka Elena)
His first single who need your Attention is a pumpin dance track in Dj aligator style!!

for more infos check

News: Kate Ryan,Milk Inc, Thomas Anders, Scooter.

Kate Ryan will be on ZDF Fernsehgarten on 20th July the show will began at 12 Europe time.
Kate Ryan va fi pe 20 Iulie pe on ZDF Fernsehgarten show cu începere de la orele 13 ora României.

Milk inc the new album Forever reached the 1st place on Belgium album charts and is the first time when an album from Milk inc reached this position.
Ne cunoscuţi la noi dar foarte populari la ei ! Belgia ia răsplătit pe Regi si Linda cu un loc 1 in topul celor mai vândute albume din Belgia .

Thomas Anders has a new single called "Ibiza Baba Baya". According to his site, it's dance ! He should sing it on ZDF Fernsehgarten on August 3rd.
Thomas Anders are un nou single "Ibiza Baba Baya". Conform siteului oficial noul single va fi cântat pe 3 August la ZDF Fernsehgarten .

Scooter like always Viva Germany bring to us on August 1st Viva Spezial a live concert with H.P., Rick and Michael who will play at the Zitadelle Spandau in Berlin, one of the most famous and best preserved Renaissance fortresses in Europe. The perfect backdrop for the hot show of Scooter …

Ca deobicei Viva Germany ne va surprinde pe 1 August cu un concert live marca Scooter, H.P., Rick si Michael vor cânta la Zitadelle Spandau in Berlin, una din cele mai faimoase fortăreţe din Europa si un loc perfect pentru desfăşurarea acestui show.

Infos bring to us by Karine Sanche