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Sonic Dream Collective with a new single...

After the comeback of Abba , another project from Sweden rejoined to bring new music. I am talking about Sonic Dream Collective formed by Linn Wågberg, Anders Wågberg and Jon Hällgren, who decided to comeback this year in the  90s event in Sweden but also to create new stuff in the old style after 19 years of silence.

The news was confirmed by Linn Wågberg lead singer :

We just started working on the song. I'm going to start working on the lyrics next week so it doesn't have a titel yet. But it definitely sounds like SDC;)

Sonic Dream Collective made their debut in '94 with the single Take me back,  but the popularity came after their singles : Don't go breaking my heart , Oh baby All,  I wonder why, Love, and the press  compare them  in that period with Ace of Base.

More infos about Sonic Dream you can find here 

Eurodance news

September released her new video "Resuscitate Me" who was directed by by Patric Ullaeus. Watch here

Linn Maria Sonic Dream Collective lead singer released her new album "Mamma Bland Annat" (A Mom among other). Linn's describe it as: "A mixture of gratitude, happiness, devotion with a streak of melancholy and reflects myself" more infos about the material here .

Klubbingman launched a new compilation called "Welcome to the club". Thanks to Karine Sanche

Aqua In an interview for Danish Television, Nystrom Lene told that Aqua just finished recording a brand new album and that they had plans to release it next spring. The year, Lene is again the face for the new collection of the Danish jewellery Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.( Info by Karine Sanche)

Sonic Dream Collective

Anders Wågberg is working on Linn's material, who will be done next year. Anders & Linn were the members of swedish euroreggae project Sonic Dream Collective when in '98 Anders and Jon Hällgren left the group for their solo project.
When Linn & Anders were asked if they thought on comback their answer was this : "Hmmm.. i dont know, maybe! It would be fun though.."
So in 2011 we must stay good and keep the eye on them ...

Sonic Dream Collective, Novaspace, Verona, Ace of Base, Robyn

Sonic Dream Collective Anders Wågberg Sonic Dream Collective member and on of Betty N'Boop producer, came back on music scene after a long silence with a new project and a new song, called Patronic and Natten Änglar "8(Night Angels 8)". The song can be listen here.

Novaspace aka Jenny Marsala and Felix J. Gauder, the famous eurodance producer of E-Rotic, Masterboy and Fancy, release the 4th single and the video "Close your eyes". The video was shoot on Ibiza last month.

Verona the Czech duo made by Markéta Jakšlová vocalist and Peter Fider producer, released a new song called "Up to the stars". Verona is famous band from Czech Republic known for their hits like "You got to move on", "Stay with me" and "Do you really wanna know". Recently the project  had an promotion tour in China. More infos here 

Ace of Base aka Ulf, Jonas and the new vocalists Clara and Julia made a song called "Mr Replay" the date of release is unknown yet. You can listen a preview here

Robyn gave an interview to Dummy site were is explains the turn that she take from classic pop to dance, the interview can be read here.

Future Breeze release in February a remix of their hit from '97 "Why don't you dance with me". You can listen the song here