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E-type new songs

Martin Erikson aka E-Type is working on 2nd day of Christmas. The artist shared on his official page the news that is preparing new songs for 2018.
Martin didn't say anything about the songs that is working on ... but more details will be posted soon.

Another face of E-type

                                Source: hemma

Martin Erikson aka E-type discovered another that he have home design, and in a swedish magazine shared with the readers this new passion.

On his farm on Adelsö in Lake Mälaren, Martin Erikson decorated a large lovely rustic living room and kitchen combined. Here he hangs with his four cohabitants from dog race.

Tell us about your gear.
- There are things from very mixed times in my life. Before I bought this place, I have had ten stores around Stockholm with things from previous apartments. When I moved here I took the hit all the gadgets. I could hardly believe it was all my stuff, I had completely forgotten what I had.

What characterizes your personality and your interests here?
- I have my beloved rock bears and other music awards front, showing my interest in music. I have a lot archipelago stuff also telling you that I love the islands and boats. Then I have a whole collection with prices shooting because I like to compete in skeet shooting.

Do you like to live on an island?
- I love it! Before I bought the place I rented land in order to have my sheep and Viking boats here. When I lived in a house in Bromma, but the goal and the dream has always been to stay here. When I found the place, it really felt like I found the right place. I'm not so fond of design and clothing and it's very nice not having to think about such things. Here I draw on myself anything but that it matters. 

If want to read the hole interview more here

E-Type back ...

                                 Photo from E-Type page
Many actors and artists included E-type they run way from civilisation to find something different  - the country life. Without rumors of cars and people  from wild big towns  just the nature and you, around . Erik from E-type choose this kind of life to find his inspiration and the slience that he need .. in a recent post Erik Eriksson announced his fans that he find a new house in a country side, where is no current water .. for or them is something unusual for us - romanians who have grandparents in country side is somethin common ... i think Erik choose wrong his destionation to camp maybe this will change his mind and will and will live for fulfil ... Here

"Howdy dear friend! No, I have not been lost in the woods or fallen down into a deep ditch .. yet. I've just moved to a marvelous place where no one has lived for many years so it's been a lot of building and renovating to even live there. For example I have still no water. Each drop must be worn in large plastic containers from town. Many people think that I am crazy but I think it's a wonderful adventure. It requires a great deal of imagination to see how it will look like a beautiful day in the future.
I'm back soon. Promise. Big hugs, cheers and do not forget" said Erik

Also is involved in a campaign for dog adoptions and a new material will be made soon...

E-Type reinvent himself

Scandinavian artist E-Type born Bo Martin Erik 'E-Type' Eriksson came on music market with new songs ... new are for us the outsiders, the songs are swedish covers but Eric turn them in his own style, the tracks can be found on the swedish compilation "Så Mycket Bättre Säsong 2"
And this is a preview

Dance Updates

Fragma came out on  dance market with another remake of "Toca's Miracle", the song was remixed by a new dj called Ashari and will be released soon worldwide via itunes.Fragma

E-Type or Erik Eriksson was invited last week on swedish tv show "Så Mycket Bättre" and he performed live "Sommaren Är Kort" a swedish cover, more details here

Kim Sozzi released a new material called "LP 1", and includes 6 tracks 2 remixes of "All Night Long" and 2 new tracks. A new single is done and ready for release on November 15th called "Crystallized" followed by "EP2" in December.Kim Sozzi

News from Facebook

The belgian diva Kate Ryan is back with a new look and a new material you can listen "Madness" via soundcloud , the tune will be included on her album ...

Reset(Norway) is back with a new single called "One Love" the tune can be found via itunes (thanx to Tommy)

Rapture was the huge success of IIO now Nadia Ali is trying to bring this hit in our attention but in her own style ...

E-type release his new video "Back 2 life" i don't know what was the subject of the video cause i try to discover and it's hard .. to many hot girls more here

Alexandra Stan recently gave an interview about "Mr. Saxobeat" success. Alexandra said: I happy about that huge success but i'm down to earth person and i would like to do what i like singing and if people love what i doo soo i will keep doing and not sleeping on Mr. Saxobeat success.." said Alexandra

Melody Castellary is back with a new material "Roses are Not Flowers" the material includes songs wrote by her . Melody was the voice behind of many eurodance projects like Sundee, Lady Violet, Jessica Jay she likes dance but only to be the voice not the face of the projects.. DEAR was the 1st and the last project that appeared.
"Roses are Not Flowers" will be available on all digital megastores.

Jes single "Awaken" was remixed by Thomas Gold. Jes was the voice of Motorcyle project and she release with them the smash hit "As the Rush Comes" among the years she worked with many faimous people like BT, Tiesto, Armin and now is preparing her 3nd album ...

Captain Jack Team released this month a new material called "Back to the Dancefloor", their single Dream a Dream sung by Maloy & Franky Gee is promoted this days on Clubland Tv.

Alcazar is preparing a new single after "crying so many times on discoteque' Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel and Annikafiore Kjaergaard are ready for a new single "Feel for you" it's called.

Erika will be back

Erika Another comeback this year will be from Erika's part, the italian dance singer and Tristano De Bonis( Magic Box) sister, will be back with a new material . The first appearance was on November 31 at Odissea. Antoher news is that - her single "Save my heart' was included on Eurodance Web Compilation.

Alexandra Prince said in a interview that she is planning to have a 2nd baby soon, but she will keep doing and producing music. Her next single should be a collaboration with Supafly inc.

Sylvia Tosun gave an interview to Fashion news were she spoked about her future projects: "a new material soon with David Vendetta and Alex Sayz".

Nadia Ali new single it's called "Call my name" and it's made with Sultan and Ned Shepard and was included on Queen of Clubs Trilogy: Diamond Edition (Extended Mixes).

E-Type signed a contract to have his songs broadcasted on French and US radios. Does it mean a comeback in these countries ? He was a guest in the TV show 'Rum för en stjärna med Simon & Tomas' last Monday on TV3. This days E-type is filming his new video "Back 2life".(Info KDJ)

T-spoon Shamrock (T-spoon rapper) teamed with John Macraven under the name A.Lua'Sol on the single "Make Me Happy". (Info KDJ)

Dance Updates

Technotronic "Pump up The jam" Technotronic hit single was remixed by Dimitri Vegas and was included on Club Rotation compilation this year.
The new single can be buy it here .

Blank & Jones released a new compilation called "So80s (So Eighties), Vol. 4 " and will be launched this summer more details here.

E-Type Marlene Strand (from reality show Idol) et 23 year old lyricist Elin Svensson aka EllyEve will be E-Type's new chorists on his next tour. Thanks to KDJ

Double You new material will be called "Life" and includes also the singles "If Could Fall" and "Definitely Sure". You can grab it here.

Back to life

All eurodance sites and forums are excited about E-Type's new material. Almost pass 3 years from Erik Eriksson last release "Eurotopia" an album very appreciated by eurodance public but also by swedish music industry.

Why this long break !? Erik explains on his blog :

"My dear producer has been abroad for almost 2 months and worked and had a holiday but now he is home and we will see if he can find a good track of those I've written in the spring .. well .. some songs I am very happy with, but his job is of course to find an E-Type single..." and "Back 2 Life" was the choice..

"Back 2 life" like the title says is a comeback of Erick on his origins and to E-Type sounds, but a how will sound this new single !?
The answer will be revealed next Monday on January 17 when it is the world premiere of this new material...

"I am here and now because of you
You're the reason I do what I do" (E-Type - True Beliver)

E-Type, ATB, Marcia Juell

E-Type Martin is back in studio recording new stuff for the future material Martin explains on his facebook account:
"I know I should only do as I have always done, but if it does not sound fresh, radio won´t pic it up and you, my friend, may never even hear the song .. so I have to follow the rules of the game .. learn everything from scratch and then use the knowledge to the new songs .. somehow .. but I think it's funny, new, scary, but I do not intend to rush .. the new single is finished, when it is finished!" Martin.

ATB released the new single "9pm Till i come 2010". The song is included on ATB In the mix launched on Itunes.

Marcia Juell Is internationally known singer-songwriter voted "One of the best new rising stars" (World Arts Celebrities Journal -Paris), is best known for her 2007 Dance Hit "BEAUTIFUL DAY" (Koch & AATW/Universal) with Matt Darey, which spent 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay Chart peaking at #16, was #1 on XM Radio BPM, & touted as "One of the biggest Spring/Summer dance records of the year."
The new single from Marcia is called "Fly away" an amazing track with brilliant vocals. The single includes many remixes and it's out now on all digital platforms.
You can listen the track here .

Rednex, E-type

Rednex On official Rednex website appear an announce where is talking about the conflict between Rednex management and previous members: Annika ”Mary Joe” Ljungberg, Jens ”Snake” Sylsjö and Anders ”Maverick”.
The management accused them that they used the name Rednex in shows even were not allowed.

E-type aka Martin Eriksson said on his official Facebook account that it's working on new E-type single who will be ready for release next year in Spring.

Luciana( Bodyrox) interview

"The chapter Bodyrox is closed ?

I never say never to anything. I've just completed more songs with Bodyrox so who knows what’s around the corner? ", the hole interview you can read it here.

E-type, Whigfield,Velvet

E-type the new single from Eric (E-type) will be called "Rain". More infos please check the official All Around the world Channel
Thanx for the info to Karine Sanche

The German duo Oral Tunerz and Naan (aka Whigfield) (com’on… we are sure you remember her as she was vocalist also for Benny Benassi, Benassi Bros, Favretto and Pochill!) have produced this brillant track called "Till you drop" .
The release comes out with five versions (the original and the remixes made by Thomas Rich, Favretto&Battini, Monoloop and D-Bag), from the more clubby one to the electro-funk remix made by D-Bag, that it really twists the original version
Can be found here BeatPort
and Juno

Clubland Comes To The Ulster Hall In Belfast On Sat March 14th 2009

Live PA's - Kelly Llorenna, Flip & Fill, N Force

Dj's - Alex K, Ultrabeat & Micky Modelle

MC Junior

Tickets now on sale from

more infos here

Velvet released her video "Chemistry". Check it out!

I found this clip with another blonde ... an live performance in the summer i think of 2007!!
September - Looking for love

Mylene Farmer, Liz Kay , Jes, E-Type, Regi, Kate Ryan, September, Niki French

Mylene Farmer what can i say about this artist has more fans then Madonna !? and that but this news is more likely:), after her last single lunched for holidays "Appelez mon numero" , Mylene thought that is the time for a new release in her characteristic style, the song is called "Si j'avais au moins revu ton visage" and it's single who makes you think at "Saw series"...
The single it's already played on NRJ Hits...

Liz Kay after Una & Atb, Liz Kay made a cover of the song "You're not alone "(Olive). The song was recovered also by Atb in 2002 and Una last year.

Jes The queen of chill-out is on th road you can request on your town with a simple click HERE

E-Type is working in the studio for a new material who will be released at the end of 2009.

Regi will do an concert on 28 February called Regi In the Mix and his friends on Arena Hasselt. More infos here

Kate Ryan On the 6th of February 2009 will be on MIA's (Music Industry Awards). Kate Ryan is nominated in 3 categories: Best Female Solo Artist, Best Song (Ella Elle L'a) and Best Video (Ella Elle L'a). You can vote until the 26th of January on Mia (1. Make your choice 2. Confirm ("bevestig") by registration 3. Validate by email)
Info Kate Ryan Website

September released on 14th November a new material called "September Gold". On that album are all her success with 2 acoustic versions of "Cry for you & Satellites".
More infos here

photo from
Niki French After Indra, Niki French is trying her success in the play "Sleeping Beauty" at The Theatre,Chipping Norton,Oxfordshire.

News: Ian Van Dahl, Dr.Alban, E-type

Ian Van Dhal after Lasgo break and Ian van dhal will take a break. Anna Grace (former Ian Van Dahl vocalist) released her new single on itunes "You Make Me Feel"
Dupa Lasgo, a venit si randul trupei Ian van Dahl,Anna Grace (former Ian Van Dhal vocalist) a lansat noul sau single "You Make Me Feel".

Dr.Alban The new single from Dr.Album & Haddaway is ready and can be listen HERE
Noul single a lui Dr.Alban in colaborare cu Haddaway este gata si poate fi ascultat Aici

E-Type is very busy with concerts last week was in St Petersburg Russia and he enjoy it....
Rumors tell that will be and a new material ... till then listen "Eurotopia"
Eric a fost saptamana trecuta in Rusia pentru un concert.
Gurile rele spun ca va pregati si un nou material pana atunci bucurati-va de "Eurotopia".