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Eurodance updates

Pandora gave an interview to a Swedish magazine were she explain the true values in her life :

1st Surround yourself with people who have good values, who loves you for who you are is not how much "you weigh"
2nd Do not compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique. There are probably many who look up to me you even though you did not dare to believe it
3rd Often it is difficult to take advice from close friends or parents, bring in another "mentor" or "coach" in your life. Someone you look up to and listen to ..." Pandora
The full article can be read here.

Sandy Chambers DVision released this days a new version of Sandy's hit "Illussion" the new version was made in collboration with DAB. Also on Amazon there is a version of Boney M hit "Daddy Cool" with Sandy's voice more infos here.

Dhany italo dance diva recently made a new song called "On Your Road" with Micro the single will be soon released on all digital platforms. Offlimits production launched on Amazon a new version of the "The Rhythm of the night" is called "To the beat" and can be found here.

Edward Maya's hit single Stereo love was covered by Mia Martina, a preview here . (Thanks to Miguel Lam)

Kirsty Hawkshaw released a new single called "Elusive", the tune is pump it up in DMC charts at # 13.

Eurodance News

N-Trance After of departure of Kelly Llorenna who take the road of solo career, Kevin O'Toole and Dale Longworth aka N-Trance choose another vocalist,Lynsey Jane Barrow is the new voice of eurodance project from Oldham, Greater Manchester(UK), the new single "Is this Love" is pumping out in the world charts.

Meta Message

Kirsty Hawkshaw released on digital megastores 2 songs one it's a The Felt Dolls song but wrote by Kirtsy and it's called "Halloween" and 2nd one it's called "Skin" released on 25th October on "Beauty 2 : Music that touch the soul".

Ace of Base recorded a new tune while were on promotion tour in New York, the track it's called "All Night Long" and will be included on the future material and was played on Sirius Radio. Right now they are on promotion tour for "The Golden Ratio Album".

Terri B! she "put the hands" on the new song from Dj D.O.N.S & Shahin. The brand new pack will be available shortly and it's for clubs. Till then you can enjoy the new single "Keep on Knocking".

Nadia Ali it's filming a new video for "That Day", a song made in collaboration with Dresden and Johnston and will be included on "Queen of Clubs: Onyx Edition CD".

Gala, Kate Project, Kirsty Hawkshaw

Gala open the new website, there you can find all the infos about her and also a preview of the "new material", called "Tough Love Remixes" more infos on the site.

Kate Project The project created by Mauro Farina and G. Crivellente is back this year with 2 new covers "California Gurls & Alejandro". The songs can be found on the compilation "Summer Buzz 2010" more details here.

Kirsty Hawkshaw would take a break from music scene because she has more important things , been a mom, Kristy announce on her Twitter account that's exciting and she can wait when the big moment would happen. Her latest piece of work was with Ulrich Schnauss and was called "Two Trees".

Claudia Cazacu, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Double You

Claudia Cazacu the romanian Dj, has been selected by ID&T as one of 20 short listed acts to appear at the massive 2010 Trance Energy event. You can vote for her till November 28th here

Kirsty Hawkshaw launched 2 materials the first one an Independant ambient compilation entitled Ice Elation and the second one called "Out Full album" for more infos about this material check this page.

Double You recorded a new song entitled If I Could Fall. It exists in 2 versions, no release date is available yet (Thanks to Dance Music News & Karine Sanche)

Tiesto, Kirsty Hawkshaw

Tiesto will release another single from his new material Kaleidoscope, the track is called "I am strong" and is made with Priscilla Ahn, the tune will be release soon.

Kirsty Hawkshaw known for her collaboration with Tiesto, Kristy finally will release a new single called "Skin', available on Digital Download,the release includes fantastic mixes from Arnold Toutain (Healing Angel), Matt Lange (Altered Tensions, Face to Face), and the incredible R3volve and also including a bonus track from a collaboration with Falling you. More infos here

The next interview will be with big Dance Diva ... (you danced on her songs let's start with Dancing with an angel with Double you, Corona - Baby Baby, Kmc - Get better, she worked with Alexia on her The Party album, and now join the offlimits family , of italian top producers said about her " that everything she sing turns to gold!"), Sandy Chambers will answer to our questions in an
exclusive interview.

Special thanks to
Sandy Chambers & Off Limits Production.

News: Dr.Alban, DJ Sammy, Kirsty Hawkshaw , Anna Vissi

Dr.Alban recorded a new song entitled 'Music In Me" in April with Sasi The Don, the Indian king of dancehall music. The song appeared on the Dutch version of the album "Back To Basics" .
Dr.Alban a inregistrat o piesa in Aprilie "Music in me" impreuna cu Sasi The Don regele dancehall. Piesa a aparut pe a albumulul "Back To Basics"

DJ Sammy the new single from dj will be "Everybody hurts" R.E.M cover's

In sfarsit Dj Sammy a lansat noul single "Everybody hurts" un cover a celor de la R.E.M

Kirsty Hawkshaw(former Opus III vocalist) : did the single "Invisible" in collaboration with Tenishia .
Noul single Kirsty Hawkshaw se numeste "Invisible".

Thanx for the infos to Karine Sanche

Anna Vissi launched her new single called "Diri Dakta" .The single can be listen here
Anna Vissi a pregatit o supriza pentru fani, noua ei piesa "Diri Dakta" .