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Lori Glori - The top story of a singer

Lori Glori for eurodance fans does not need any introduction like Alexia, Sandy Chambers, Jenny Bessola, Alexandra Prince, Lori Glori wrote with her voice - music and fill up our ears and  can be named a eurodance diva  because she shared the stage with Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Rush, Barry White , the Spice Girls & many others . In one phrase - Lori has achieved what others only dream about - a music career.
This hole story was put in the new book wrote by swiss writer Damaris Kofmehl called "Lori Glori: Die bewegende Geschichte einer Sängerin" ( The top story of a singer). More details here

Dance News

"Show Me The Way" is the new single from American singer/songwriter/producer, JES. She kept the same line but the collaboration with Allure gave to this single a strong vibe.

Andain is a San Francisco-based duo with a musical approach at electronic music, the band was formed by Josh Gabriel, songwriter/vocalist Mavie Marcos, and guitarist David Penner. In Europe Andain blowed the dance charts with "Beautiful things" and "You Once Told Me", and after a long silence came with a new single called "Promises".

Above & Beyond single it's called ‎"Thing Called Love" and made in collaboration with Richard Bedford the tune can be found on amazon.

Lori Glori (Intermission, Dj Bobo) has a new single called "Jump" made with TUKLAN & FIRETIME, a preview of the new single here.

Samira Besic Maxx lead singer finally decided that it's time to bring out a new material - a dance track, the news was posted on her official facebook account but the name of the song was not confirmed yet.

Schiller, Lori Glori, Terri B!

Schiller finished his new material called "Atemlos" a double cd plus a DVD. For this material Schiller worked with Kim Sanders, Nadia Ali and many others. The album will be officially released on March 12.

Lori Glori(Dj Bobo,Intermission) announced that she have a new single called "Oyeo" a dance track made in collaboration with F-Junior, the single was released at the end of 2009, more infos here

Terri B! is back in studio working at new tracks the first one will be called "La la la" and will be in collaboration with DONS and the second one will be called "Everybody sing", all tracks will be dropped out later this year worldwide.

Thanks to TerriB!