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As One - Dhany

Daniela Galli aka Dhany show us once again what music means for her, in the new tune made with Andrea Ferrini. The tune it's called As One and it's about love and  how is important in our life.
The song is very powerful  from my point of view, i love the guitar sound mixed with Dhany's voice,  and i can't wait to see  the video of this single.
As one was release under white rabbit records and can be found on itunes. preview here

Ready for summer!?

Summertime is called the new single from Benassi Bros girl - Dhany. The single was wrote in collaboration with italian dj Roby Montano the one who worked with Melody Castellari and Vivian B, and is not the first collaboration in 2012 they release "I won't surrender".
Summertime the new tune will be released world wide right now they working on promotion video that will release in  a couple of days. 
Dhany is known after the project KMC I feel so fine who was #1 in UK Dance charts and Benassi Bros summer hits Hit my heart and Everysingle day who are often promoted on Europe radios. 
 Preview here

A new single from Dhany

Daniela Galli aka Dhany is preparing a new stuff for the summer. The news was shared by italian dj Simon Weeks. 
The tune is untitled but the release is set for the summer under Disco Planet Records.  

Hello i want to inform you that my new project with Dhany from Bennasi Bros is ready, and the new collaboration will be out late this summer.  Probably under Disco Planet Records.   said Simon Weeks

Recently Dhany's latest single Hangover was awarded by the polish press, and entered in MTV Poland playlist. 


Benassi Bros singer Dhany came with a new collaboration but this time the italian artist from Reggio Emillia choose - not only to gave the voice, but also to appear in the promotion video.
It's was a great decision from italian dance diva, because she loose so much when she didn't appear in the Marc Mysterio video "Everything is all wrong", a great song but an "uninspired" video.

The new project was made with polish dj Krist van D and the song it's called "Hangover".

Dhany says: I'm so happy about this collaboration it's a song about love and was wrote by me, Krist van D and Dawid Bas. Hangover will be out next week on June 10th 2013.

Daniela not only appears in the new project but she shows how beautiful she is ... what's your secret Dhany!?
"Hangover" can be pre order here 

Dhany a new video

Italo dance diva Daniela Galli  said right now on her FB that is shooting her 1st video after the break that she took  to take care her little babies.
Dhany will shoot a video for her newest single "I won't  Surrender" in Docks Caffe Tortona/Italy, and the way how does it looks i think i will love this video forever :)
More infos about the single you can find here

Big Party in Dhany's family

The italo disco diva Dhany celebrate yesterday a BIG event - her birthday. The singer posted a few pictures  from that event were her best friends & family took part, and they like to say "Happy Birthday" to Daniela.
It's not polite to tell her age, but the singer seems to that she's  in  good shape... for her birthday were made 2 cakes...
From artistic point of view Dhany is preparing for release a new song  called "I won't surrender", and was made with Gil Foster and Roby Montano who also worked with other big diva Melody Castellari. I won't surrender will available soon on all digital megastores......preview here

New songs....

After a hot and successfully summer - LayZee(MrPresident) is ready  for a new release. LayZee announced  that a new track was done with Cristobal, and it's called "Tonight" and soon will be released on all digital megastores.

 Mel Jade is preparing a new surprize for her fans - a new song. The australian dance singer Mel Jade shared on youtube the new single that will be called "I pomise", it's a romantic song with a strong message. more here

Italo dance diva - Dhany is working hard. The singer recently release a new collaboration made Gil Foster and it's called "I Won't Surrender" and can be found on all digital megastores. I don't know if is cover because i didn't hear it.

Dhany impressed by her fans ....

In a recent post Dhany explain that was very impressed when she performed Saturday at Klub-Studio in Poland, the fans sung with her all  Beanssi Bros songs, and the singer felt to express her gratitude to the crowd who party last night with her.

"You bring fuel to my vocal folds!" said the singer

 Dhany also is preparing a new tune with Roby Montano and Paolo Diotti, the title and the date release was not mention.

Daniela Galli a blogger !?

                                  Source: FB
The italo-dance Diva will take a break from music to concentrate over the new one - bloggin..
I think i will have a seriuos competition... Anyway the singer mention that on wintertime will share with her fans storys and news about her...
So if you want to keep update with Dhany's news please visit  her newest project.
Daniela recent release is called "Live and take control" and was made with Martin Silence an amazing track about taking control over things in your life...

Power Artist - Daniela Galli

Daniela Galli aka Dhany from Benassi Bros that many of you know under this name.. is coming this days with a new collaboration with Dayro Phonix. This singer once again gives the thrill and good vibe  with this new single called "What if ?" it's a question that italo/dance diva wants to find an answer...
"What if "will be ready for release on all digital megastores ....

This is the official teaser

Make Love Tonight No War

 I will start to make a little review about this italian singer - Daniela Galli is her name and was born in Reggio Emilia Italy.
Daniela describe herself as "an enterprising and sociable girl who likes spending her free time with friends or playing volley-ball" but no more cause is busy with her little babys but, she still have time for some collaboration, and her recent work is called "Love Tonight", a club track mixed with modern sounds, and with a great message "Make love Tonight".
I'm amazed by Daniella because is still doing dance music, and not because her management says so.. just because she loves what she's doing, and every release is considered her "little babys".
"Love tonight" her newest release is made in collboration I Team and released under X-Energy management,  and  soon will be available on all digital megastores ...

Till then listen the promo teaser and "Make Love Tonight No War"

Helena Paparizou is looking for Mr.Perfect

The Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou is looking for "Mr.Perfect", that's the title of the most recent single of Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou released this days from her future material. The single will have also a video that was shoot last month and will be out this days. Till then you can see her on Greek Tv show "Dancing on Ice".preview here

Dhany - Benny Benassi's most loved voice is back with a new collaboration made with dj Mike Crystal. The tune is called "The Hottest Emotion" and was released on November 2nd on Beatport.

S.E.X.Appeal release a new single from her recent material called "Love is the code", preview of the song can be see here (Thanks to Ladislav)

2012 Calendar can be download for free here

Twenty 4 Seven, Dhany, Captain Jack

Twenty 4 Seven Stay-C lead rapper just said on his facebook account that Rudd Van Rijen made a new song for him and Li-Ann, the tune is called "The Reason" and will be dropped out in January 2012 on all digital megastores.

Daniela Galli is busy - her latest collaboration was made with "brilliant" canadian dj and producer Marc Mysterio and it's called "Everything is all Wrong".
Marc Mysterio ft Karl Wolf & Dhany - Everything is all Wrong (Mark Instinct Remix) - Amerada Music by MARK_INSTINCT

The team from Captain Jack si back with two releases the 1st one is called "I was a Fool" a Christmas song and the 2nd "Saturday Night"  a song  mixed with Culture Beat & La Bouche sounds. more here

Kim Sanders (Culture Beat, Captain Hollywood, Schiller) was choosen to be in a jury of german production "The Voice of Germany" the show will be broadcast on Prosieben infos.

The summer is gone but soccer championships are still on, and Cristiano Ronaldo & Marcelo
Santos anthem is this song song called "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" "There... If Catch I You" sung by Michel Telò.
Michel Telò is a brazilian singer "adopted" by Energy Production and labeled by Xenergy the song will be  probably the next Macarena.

Dhany on her road

Daniela Galli aka Dhany really surprised me with the new collboration with Dj Micro, the singer came with a strong and positive energy for the new tune "On your Road", the Ep has 5 tracks remixed by dj Micro, Beat Thrillerz and the master piece that from my point of view is the only remix who has the potential to dominate european charts - Dave Aude remix

I let you to decide!
The new single was launched on July 27 on beatport and soon will be available worldwide, now i can say it: Dhany it's "On your road".

Dhany ready for another summer hit

Daniela Galli aka Dhany better known as one of Benassi Bros girls is back this days with a fresh new tune called "Leave This Club Alone".
Dhany tried different genre and styles, and nothing can be compared with what she did with Benny Benassi ...
In my opinion Dhany is the golden voice of this project and is what Benny needs - a muse.
The tune can be found on Benny Benassi material "Electroman" released on June 6th.

Eurodance updates

Pandora gave an interview to a Swedish magazine were she explain the true values in her life :

1st Surround yourself with people who have good values, who loves you for who you are is not how much "you weigh"
2nd Do not compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique. There are probably many who look up to me you even though you did not dare to believe it
3rd Often it is difficult to take advice from close friends or parents, bring in another "mentor" or "coach" in your life. Someone you look up to and listen to ..." Pandora
The full article can be read here.

Sandy Chambers DVision released this days a new version of Sandy's hit "Illussion" the new version was made in collboration with DAB. Also on Amazon there is a version of Boney M hit "Daddy Cool" with Sandy's voice more infos here.

Dhany italo dance diva recently made a new song called "On Your Road" with Micro the single will be soon released on all digital platforms. Offlimits production launched on Amazon a new version of the "The Rhythm of the night" is called "To the beat" and can be found here.

Edward Maya's hit single Stereo love was covered by Mia Martina, a preview here . (Thanks to Miguel Lam)

Kirsty Hawkshaw released a new single called "Elusive", the tune is pump it up in DMC charts at # 13.

Dhany and "Until the sun"

The italodance diva Daniela Galli aka Dhany from Benassi Bros, started the new year with the “right foot”, Dhany join forces with Stefano Pain & Mattaias to release exactly on the begining of 2011 “Until the sun”, a dance song with electro flavours and Dhany’s voice who has all the ingredients to conquer people ears and not only. So keep the eyes on this diva because would cause a party “Until the Sun” in 2011.
The tune will be available soon on all digital platforms but a sneak preview can be watched here

Dj Antoine, Dhany, Cascada

Cappella's 90's hit Move on baby was covered by Antoine Konrad better known as DJ Antoine,a house/electro DJ and producer who has had a number of successful singles and album releases in Western Europe, in particular Switzerland. The remix can be found on his new album "2010".

Dhany Benassi Bros & Kmc made a new video for her latest single "The love you've got" made in collaboration with Frizzy Sounds, the video will be available world wide.

Cascada After a nomination at MTV Video Music Awards with "Evacuate the dancefloor", Natalie thought that it's the time for a new single called "NN(Night Nurse)", the tune entred this week in German Top 100 Dance Chart and will be included on Cascada forth album.

Dhany, Verona, Robert Abigail

Dhany will take a break from music scene for a while because is trying a diffrent role, being a mom.
Dhany announced on her official facebook account that on September 2nd gave birth to a girl called Beatrice.
Dhany says: "To be a mummy is a full time job and it keeps me happily busy all day , but I promise I'll be back on stage soon... I love you and miss you all :)"
Dhany's latest single was called "Dangerous", a tune dropped out in July on all digital megastores.

Verona Peter & Marketa are working on a new material, but this time for their Czech fans the new material will be released in 2011 Spring. The first single will be called "Ztracená bloudím(Lost.. Gone Astray)"  and can be listen here.

Robert Abigail the belgian dj the one who remixed 2 Brothers on the floor 90's hit "Never Alone", it's back with a new single called "Meneando", launched on July 13th, it seems that release date was not an impediment, because the single enjoy a huge success, right now is kicking the dutch and belgian charts, on ultratop dance chart is # 7 this week.

Koyoto it's a new project please discover them here.

Jes, Sylvia Tosun, Edun, Dhany

Jes join forces with BT, two of the biggest superstars of Electronic Dance Music, resulting this amazing video "Every Other Way". "Every other way" was released on all digital megastores and was included on BT album "These Hopeful Machines". more infos here.

Sylvia Tosun after the amazing success of "I remember" with Deadmau5 and "Push 'n Pull", Sylvia made another music piece called "Above All", a track produced by Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz. The single can be found on all digital megastores.

Edun It's in studio working at new songs with Deejay L.B, the material will be relasesd later this year.

Dhany Alex Gaudino released a new song after his huge success with "Destination Unknown" in 2007 now join forces with Dj Smash and choose another great voice, Dhany from Benassi Bros. The single is called "Moscow never sleeps", but the single does not seem to be available yet.The video can be seen here.