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R'n'G, Jessy, Ameerah, Medina

Ameerah  The belgian idol Ameerah is back in studio, after her fruitful collaboration with Regi and Madcon, Ameerah announced on her twitter account that a new material is on the way, on this album is working with american producers.
Her debut single "The Sound Of Missing You" had a huge success in US the single entered in top ten U.S. Dance Charts given to this artists her "first top ten single".

Jessy is back in studio preparing her future material the news was posted on her FB account. The material will be out probably later this year.

R'n'G lead singer Jay Delano made a new song with Base Attack, the track is called "Love &music", recently released 2 new tracks on Legends & Diamonds compilation more details here.

Medina just announced her next single will be called "Gutter" and for this single Medina is shooting this days a video. The track is from her debut album "Welcome to Medina" and can be found here.


Ameerah The latest single of Belgian singer / TV presenter (who raise to fame in 2003 as one of the participants in the talent show "Idols") "Freaky like me" feat. Madcon was awarded by german music industry with a golden disc with this  award Ameerah demonstrate that she has potential and not just one hit wonder.
Recently collaborate with dj / producer Regi Pexten on his album Registered 2 so more hot tunes from her part  ready to release.

Ameerah, Peter Luts

After her huge hit "Sound of missing you", the belgian pop idol, Ameerah it's ready for another success but this time with Madcon, the new single is called "Freaky Like Me" and was launched on August 30 and it's # 1 on Norway Charts.

Peter Luts(Lasgo)announced on his twitter account that his new single "I can't Fight This Feeling" it's done and will played next Friday on his Radio Show.