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Did you know this story!?

Pandora "On A Night Like This" was originally written for and recorded by Pandora, but it was never a single.

The year after it's release on Pandora's album "No Regrets" (a Japan only release), Greek superstar Anna Vissi released her version of the song, remixed into a funky disco track.

With two versions of the song already recorded, neither of which had become a hit single, Kylie covered it.

Haiducii are the band who released "Dragostea din Tei" in Europe and are on movie soundtrack "European Gigolo".

Ace of Base here it is a video shoot in Romania last year..

Ace of Base message to the fans - Romania

Shaun Baker, Haiducii, Kate Ryan,Arash

Shaun Baker after his succes with "The Power" , V.I.P. & Hey, Hi, Hello, Shaun made a ballad for Maloy ( Captain Jack vocalist '99), called "Could You, Would You, Should You" a slow song for X-mas.
The track is from the Shaun Baker album "One" .

Paula Mitrache( Haiducii) was choosen counselor for Bari (Italy). Paula is "guilty" for O-zone success in Europe because was the first who promote the song there;-).

Kate Ryan was nominated at "World Music Awards" the show will be brodcast tomorrow 9.11.2008 on Monaco .
Arash his new single is called "Pure love", You can see some photo scenes on his official website.