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Hannah, Flash News

Hannah has no connection with the Disney series. Hannah she's Estonia's biggest pop star and has release there six albums … Now she lives in London and is preparing new material with the hottest composers and producers.
The single I want to drag your attention has a smash influence to be a hit. The single is called “Keeping Scoore” and like the title I think will score in dance tops not just because of the track but also to remix of Bimbo Jones ,Digital Dog and Riffs & Rays …. If you listen once for sure you will listen again ….. and again because this song is made to “Keeping score”. If you are fan Kim Leoni or Kim Sozzi for sure you will love this new artist .
The single has and a amazing video but I think it’s better to let the music talk..
For more infos check this site
Her music can be found here

Flash news

Mark Oh will release his new single "United" as Vinyl Maxi on 5 June 2009. The song can be found too on the latest edition of Future Trance Vol. 48.

Pulsedriver recorded a new song called Peace , the release date of the single is 26 June 2009. This song will be included in the new album Best Of Pulsedriver released as 2CD on 12 June 2009.

Rocco recorded a new version of his biggest hit of 2002 "Everybody 0.9" . Release date of the single 5 June 2009.

R.I.O. (DJ Yanou and the rapper Tony T.) recorded a new song called "After The Love". Two promo mixes are known from the vinyl Chriss Ortega Remix and Elektro Remix.

Kelly Llorena the female vocal of N-Trance recorded a new song called "Lift Me Up for the new"

Flash news by Krassikk