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The end of Dj Project!?

This days romanian press is full with news about sex scandal that involves no one else then Gino Manzotti lead member of Dj Project. According to ProTv Gino had connections with romanian interlopes,  and payed them to have sex with high school girls.

Their colleagues Dj Maxx and Adela found the news from newspaper and didn't know about this accusation but they call Gino to clarify the news and asked him to police if is not true.

In recent interview gave to Pro Tv Gino Manzotti said  I didn't know what my friend is doing I knew that was fooling around with girls but not to sale them to lawyers, persecutors or djs.

Also Gino said that was involved in this scandal because of his friend who's very well known interlope in Timisoara. Untill the justice clarify this situation, the futute of this project remains uncertain, right now when the bad has a new single to be launched.

Dj Project a new single

The masters of romanian dance - Dj Project are back. Dj Max, Gino ManZotti and Adela came this month like they promise with a new amazing dance track entitled Suflet Vandut Sold soul.
Romanian fans are excited about the news because it's been  awhile since the band didn't release something new...
Till then you can enjoy the new teaser of their future single

Dj Project ready for Ministry of Sound

It was a little quite around the romanian group Dj Project till now when Gino Manzotti and Maxx announced that are ready to "conquer" Ministry Of Sound.
Recently in a interview Gino said that Dj Project is preparing a new video with french singer Anlora for the song "A Paris"

Gino  explain: It was an old song that i have it but i wasn't ready to release it until now when a friend of mine introduce us to Anlora.

Asked if Adela left the project Gino explain : Adela is ok she didn't left we are preparing new stuff for Romanian market.

Dj Project  are a dance project from Timisoara Romania and their hit international market with Lumea ta, Your world promoted  especially in France by #PulsRadio

The new video A Paris will be ready in couple of days.

Dj Project the end!?

It started in 2000 when 2 Dj's from Timisoara had a dream to make a special dance project very different from what it was at that time in Romania. And they did,  the 1st success came with the single "Te Chem"(Calling You) cover after Furia II - 'I want you". 
2002 came with another fresh sound and a new voice - Claudia Pavel was called the singer and  "Spune-mi Tot Ce Vrei"( Tell me what you want) the single released, was something different in did, but the big success came in 2003 when Elena Baltagan join the team, and "Lumea ta"(Your world) was launched becoming the biggest dance single of the year in Romania.
Their success took a big turn becoming one of the best romanian dance selling projects.
Dj Project music was so popular that passed beyond romanian borders ... but like other "fairytales" the happiness of this project last till 2009 when they release the last album with Elena entitled "In The Club", and Elena announced her departure from this project . 
This, from my point of view was their first mistake they did. I know Elena wanted solo career but the manager  was able to offer that but he didn't, Elena solo career could be done at the same with Dj Project, like Sil (Sylver) did, but Elena was release from her contract with Dj Project a big mistake that now  become   a big problem end, who is so near for this project...sorry but is what is see it now! It's a mistake that was done could never be repair is like the rope who was cut.(always the node will remain).
Reminds me this another story  from a project also from Timisoara who ended bad - Genius   
What i'm saying  is my personal opinion and from what i read and saw at Tv the end for this project is near 'cause all the "new" vocalists who took Elena place wanted just one thing: "the fame or re-launch of their career..
Open the eyes now and search for Genius story, and from what i remember was the same manager... i don't  want blame anyone is just a signal to be reached  there at  those who are responsible... take measures if they really want to save this project...

Ellie White said NO

From official page

In a recent interview gave to Pro Fm Romania Elena said that refused Gino Manzzotti offer to comeback on Dj Project, the project that launched Elena as an artist.
Elena said : "The time with Dj Project is closed now i'm working on my own career".

Elena aka Ellie White was the former vocalist of Dj Project till 2009 when she decided to start a solo career, Gino's offer comes after Giulia announcement that she is pregnant and will take a break from January next year.

Gino: "I contact Elena's manager Doru(who is also her lover) to send me his offer but i didn't get"

Right now Elena is working on her future single that will be released in a couple of weeks and is called "Despre noi" (About us).

Gino : In Romania not Elena and Giulia are the only vocalists, would also like to work Ela Rose or Celia... but our priority will remain - Giulia, and we hope that we still keep her" said Gino Dj Project lead member.

But Gino didn't know that far away in UK a famous Dj would love to work with them but... like Doru did and Maxx & Gino forgot.... to contact the famous Dj. :)

The hole interview here

Milk inc back with a new track

The belgian dance project Milk Inc. presented last night in Regi's show the premiere of their new single " I'll Be There(La Vache)"...the new version is amazing , and this time is something in the air a new hit from this band...

Dj Project launched their new material "Dj Project The best of ..."you can pre order here

Alexandra Prince is ready to rock!

Alexandra Prince the real voice of many eurodance acts like Sqeezer, Hotbonditoz, Laava, Dj@Work, Neo Cortex, is back on with a new project called DURSTLÖSCHER, for this act choose to team up with Melbeatz and their first single is called "Der N.D.E. Sound" and can be listen here.

Benny Benassi took a break with Benassi Bros (project made with his cousin Alle) cause he made a new single for Chris Brown called "Beautiful People", and can be found on all digital megastores.

Pandora just release her new material called "Head Up High", the album inlcudes 14 tracks and can be found here .

Pearl the new single will be called 'Like A Video Game", the song was played last week on Peter Luts radio show MNM Dance.

Dj Project The new single from Dj Project aka Elena will be called "Mi-e dor de noi( I miss us)" and will be released soon with the new album.

Kate Ryan just released the new single "Lovelife" the tune was inspired after Liquido's hit the new version made by belgian dance diva is pure amazing "One life on love" and can be found on all digital megastores...more details here.

Eurodance News

Cascada Natalie just show up with a "new video call" for her fans, saying that will be ready to sing next year and to attend to all the gigs ... right now her schedule is visiting her doctor and home. Also Natalie confirmed that the new album will be done and ready to release at the beginning of 2011. Till then you can enjoy "NN".

Robyn was  nominated on Grammy Music Awards  with "Dancing On My Own".

Loona's next single will be a collaboration with Movetown entitled "El Cucaracho". It should be released in the beginning of 2011.(Info Karine Sanche)

Dj Project Gino Manzoti just release with the new dance sensation Ella Rose the video "No U, No Love", you can watch it here

Kim Sozzi new single "Rated-R" will be official released on December 6th.

Eurodance News

Alexandra Prince is preparing a new song, right now is in the studio working with the latest deejay's  for her new master piece who will be available soon. Recently Alex worked with Madonna's boyfriend on the single "Dangerous" who's pumping up in the charts from Greece and not only.

Da Blitz The lead vocalist Viviana Presutti just release a new single called "Be as one", a song made with italian deejay Alex Raimondi and was released on November 25. More infos about this single here

Edward Maya who ruled world charts with the singles "Stereo Love" & "This is my life" finished his 3nd single "Desert Rain", the tune will be released soon on all digital megastores. Video here

Dj Project's lead singer Elena aka Ellie White is filming her first video "Nu te mai vreau (I don't need you)". The video will be ready this month.

Paffendorf new single is called "Will i ever" was not made in his old style like this project made his entrance in 90's ,  recently the dj team made a remix for the new dance project Stfu Vs. Boogshe called "Shut The Fuck Up 2010" more infos about this single here.

Euro dance News

Dj Project Elli White(ex Dj Project) new single will be called "Nu te mai vreau(I don't need you)", the tune was made by Inna's producers Play Win, and was already released in Romania. A preview can be listen here .

Fragma Damae announced that her new single will be called "The chains are gone", the tune will be available soon on all digital platforms.

Terri B!(DONS, Future Breeze, 2Evissa) just said the name of the songs that will be released next year as music pack, this are : "Deeper Love"& "Big fun" the tracks are remixed by DONS, Roger Sanchez & Shahin and will be available on all digital platforms, a preview here.
 Terri's last master piece it's called "I Still Believe" and was made in collaboration with Damian William. The tune was released on beatport on October 28.

Bad Boys Blue Made a new song called "Russia In My Eyes 2011 (MS Project RMX Edit)" and is featured on the russian edition of thier album "25".

Neja made a cover after Nirvana's hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and can be listen here

Ela Rose a new single

Ela Rose aka Manuela Cherejy born on January 4 in a little town from Romania, and the one who was known in Europe after the huge success with "I can feel", a single that  compete in european dance charts with artists like David Guetta, Lasgo, Gaga, and now Ela is ready to fallow Inna's steps , but this time is choosing another dj then David Deejay, Gino Manzotti (Dj Project) is the new dj who worked with Ela to bring out this single from her career.
The tune is named "No U No love" and was already release in Romania and soon will be released in Europe under PM Music Label..

Dj Project, Ysa Ferrer, 2Unlimited

Dj Project Fresh news from Gino Manzotti & Dj Maxx alias Dj Project, the new single will be called Regrete(Regrets). This single will be included on Dj Project future album and is the 2nd song with the new vocalist Giulia (Ex Candy)who is also a very famous dj at One Fm Romania. A preview of the song can be listen here.

Ysa Ferrer After "Last zoom" came "French kiss" the new single from Ysa Ferrer, the song was released on June 8th. More infos here

2Unlimited Ray & Anita are ready to pump up the charts again with the new single called "Still unlimited". The tune was played for the first time on a live event in Holland, the date of release is unknown yet. Anita said that it's working with Ray at new songs for their new material. (Thanks to Tom)

Luciana, Sylvia Tosun, Dj Project, Whigfield

Luciana is back with Bodyrox team the new tune is called “Shut your Mouth” and was released this month, and can be found here .

Sylvia Tosun blow up the Billboard Club charts, the new single "Push ‘n Pull" is # 1 this week.

Dj Project after the last single released last year with Elena, I’m talking about Miracle of Love, the team made a new remix of “Nu”( No) song , the track is from 2005 album “Soapte”( Whispers) . The remix, made with the new voice Giulia, will be included on the future Dj Project album who will be released later this year .

Whighield gave an exclusive interview to Italian online magazine The article can be read here

Dance News

Dj Project
It seems that the new vocalist of Dj Project will be Giulia (Candy), Giulia worked with Vali Barbulescu and Marius(Akcent), now it seems that will be the new voice of Dj Project.

Giulia says on Balkanika website : "I am delighted to be part of DJ Project. I was also a fan of this band since it's launch. Nice to work with two of the most professional people in romanian music industry who contribute to one of the most notorious and beloved musical dance project".

The last single with Elena was "Over and over again" launched this month.

single "No time 2waste" entered the official Dutch GfK Mega charts at # 95 and still climbing .

gave another interivew to danish press, you can read the article here

Mousse T
The new single "All nite long" entred on the british Cool Cuts Charts at No. 19.

Susana, Jes, Dj Project

Susana born in April 8th 1984, in the EDM Mecca, Amsterdam.
She start her career given voice for diffrent dance projects but i think you may know her very well from Armin single "Shivers" released in 2005.
In her opinion " every music genre can have great things to offer. To me music is all about emotions and that's why I'm open to almost everything. To me a good song is one that makes me feel high, loved, angry, fabulous, lovesick, lovedrunk, on top of the world, nostalgic, determined, ready to go out and dance or just simply happy." Susana

Her latest collaboration is with Rex Mundi, the tune is called "Nothing at all" and it's produced by Armandamusic. More infos about this artist here

Jes(Motorcyle)launched a new package of remixes for the song "My love". More infos you can find at this adress

Dj Project after the departure of Elena (vocalist),the boys were ready to launch a new single called "Over and over again", the tune was released this month and it's made in collaboration with Deepside Deejays.

Silvy , Helena Paparizou, Dj Project

Photo from P Magazine
Silvy former vocalist Sylver and Linda (Milk Inc) posed this month for the cover of Belgian magazine "P-Magazine". There the belgian readers can read the interviews with the girls. More here

Helena Paparizou was nominated and this year at MTV Greek Music Awards for the Best Greek Act. You can vote for her here

(Thanks for the infos to Karine Sanche)

Dj Project appeared last night on Tv show "Rai da' buni" where presented the new Dj Project "vocalist", her name is Claudia Cream ( ex Candy) a very faimous romanian pop singer, and was the first Dj Project female vocalist, with her the guys released the first hit single "Spune-mi tot ce vrei".
Claudia Cream said that will stay with the guys until they will find a new vocalist, and for this purpose a romanian radio will launch on 14th September a competition to help the guys to find the new Dj Project vocalist.

Melody Castellari Melody is one of today's and 90's dance voices, you can read an exclusive interview with her taken by Tavi Meran, HERE.

Dj Project, Mousse T

Dj Project Whitout Elena!
Yesterday on tv show, Elena(former vocalist) told the real reason why she left his colleagues after 6 years working with them.
Elena : "I want to work for my solo project, DJ Project was the launching pad for me".
Gino Manzotti said that Dj Project will continue to exist but with a new female vocalist.

Mousse T release his new video "All Nite Long (D.I.S.C.O.)" and the single will be official released on 18th September.

The classix 80 & 90's Pure Party Music. Another 90's show will be on September 26 in Belgium with Technotronic, Phats and Small & Lasgo. More infos here (Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Dj Project, Liza Da Costa, Bad Boys Blue

Dj Project Finally the romanian dance project Dj Project released their new album "In Da Club" in all megastores.
The album was released official in April an has 13 tracks includes the smash hits 'Hotel, Departe de noi & the new single Miracle of love"
The new material can be found here .

Liza Da Costa (former Captain Jack vocalist) released her solo album called "Supresa". The material is made with her band Hotel Bossanova and was released in February, if you love brazilian music for sure you will love this album. More infos here

Bad Boys Blue is choosen the best tracks for their 25 anniversary. You can vote once per a day till 14th July. More here

Dj Project , Qlabs, Terri B, BassHunter, Atb, Infernal,

Photo Markus Dodi

Dj Project( aka Elena) the Romanians dj’s Max & Gino finally decided to release a new single under the Dj Project label.
The new single it’s called “Hotel” and was official lunched on 28th November on Happy Hour show from Pro Tv.
Elena came for this single with a new look who remind me the girls from 20’s..

Dj Project - Hotel

Tu ai fost primul vers
Propriul meu univers
Imi gaseam alinarea in tine
Dar ai vrut sa ma vezi
Doar in noptile reci
Doar cand tu ai nevoie de mine

Tu ai fost primul pas
Va fi greu sa te las
Astazi totul depinde de tine
Daca tie ti-e greu
Ce-as putea spune eu
Toate noptile-mi stau marturie

Inima mea e ca un hotel
Din cand in cand Te opresti la mine
M-am saturat vreau sa pleci din el
Vreau tot sau nimic de maine

Tu ai fost primul vers
Propriul meu univers
Imi gaseam alinarea in tine
Dar ai vrut sa ma vezi
Doar in noptile reci
Doar cand tu ai nevoie de mine

Tu ai fost primul pas
Va fi greu sa te las
Astazi totul depinde de tine
Daca tie ti-e greu
Ce-as putea spune eu
Toate noptile-mi stau marturie

Inima mea e ca un hotel
Din cand in cand Te opresti la mine
M-am saturat vreau sa pleci din el
Vreau tot sau nimic de maine

Q-Lab From Off Limits Production labs came out and this new project called Q-labs a an Italian duo from Reggio Emilia Italy .
The new single is called "AUTOBANNER" more infos about the single here

John Dahlbäck is a Swedish house music producer and DJ currently based in London, UK
Dahlbäck is also the owner and founder of Pickadoll Records, with releases by, apart from his own work, artists like Sébastien Léger and Dada Life. He has recorded minimal techno under the alias Hug and as Hugg&Pepp together with his cousin and fellow producer Jesper Dahlbäck. Remixes include Kleerup's Longing for Lullabies and Alanis Morisette's Underneath.
He made an appearance with a set on Pete Tong's The Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 on October 4th 2008
Infos from Wikipedia
John join forces with Diaz & Young Rebels and made a great dance track called “ Can't Slow Down” and for vocals called Terri B!( 2evissa) and the result is this…

John Dahlback, Young Rebels & Diaz feat. Terri B - Can't Slow Down (Morphine) (Diaz & Young Rebels Vocal Mix)

BassHunter came again to Romania for an concert and Radio 21 took an interview we’re talks about spice life …
More try to listen the hole interview HERE

Atb alias Andreas Tannenberger is working in studio for new tracks who will be on his next album ....
The release date of his new material will be next year till then you can enjoy his new single "Wrong Medication"

ATB & Jades - Wrong Medication (Radio Edit)

the new single it’s called Electric Light a soft pop ballad from their most recent album Electric cabaret.
The video was shoot in Brooklyn NY

Dj Project (aka Elena ) Story !!

Romanian Best Product

In October 2000, two DJs from Timisoara, DJ Gino Manzotti (Handke Guiseppe) and DJ Maxx (Floarea Ovidiu Nicolae) decided to found a musical project named, accordingly, DJ Project.

The following year they release their first album, "Experience", at Media Services Sony Music. In 2002 another one of their albums - "Spune-mi tot ce vrei" - is produced by Media Services again.

Since autumn 2003 Dj Gino Manzotti and Dj Maxx also included in their project Elena (Elena Batlagan), and released "Lumea ta", their third album as a group and the first in the new formula.

In 2004 DJ PROJECT was the Romanian group to feature in the Romanian Top 100 for the longest period of time - 40 weeks - with their single "Lumea ta". The next release, "Printre vise", was another musical success of the year, played intensely by the Romanian radio stations.

In 2005 the single "Lumea ta" begun its European career, being promoted by Ministry of Sound - the most important record company in Europe, focusing mainly on euro-dance. At radio stations in many European countries Europe played the Romanian as well as the English version of the song, along with numerous remixes. In Europe, DJ Project was promoted using the name "Elena".


Dj Project NU SE DESPART!!
Se pregatesc sa isi lanseze albumul in US primul single care va fi lansat se va numi "Before I Sleep" shi poate fi gasit pe Itunes.