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Indra, Alex C, Gigi D'Agostino

Indra released on February 8th the new album called "One Woman Show" on the album will be included and the single "Upper Hand (Sexy Mama)" Thanks to Karine

Alex C Rumors says that new single will be a cover after Roxette hitsingle "Listen to your heart", the tune was already covered by belgian project DHT.

Gigi D'Agostino Dj Tom Hopkins made a remix of Gigi's hit "L'amour toujour(I'll fly with you)".

Indra, Mylene Farmer,Real Mc Coy

Indra after a 3 years of break from music scene, Indra thought that it's the time to release a new single called "Upper Hand (Sexy Mama)"a nice pop dance track.

The maxi cd includes 3 tracks:

1.Indra - Upper hand (Forty4s cold_mix)
2.Indra - Upper hand (2Frenchguys mix)
3.Indra - Upper Hand (Album version)

The single will be included on Indra's future album called "One Woman Show" who will be released this year.

Mylene Farmer 's new single will be called "Sextonik" and includes 2 club mixes.

More photos here
Real McCoy performed their brand new single "Two Hearts" at DJ Bobo & Friends concert in Engelberg. It should be released during next Autumn (thanks to O'jay himself). More news here

Bad Boys Blue, Indra , Dj Sammy , Brooklyn Bounce, Mr.President, Jes

Bad Boys Blue the first single of this year from the guys from Bad Boys Blue will be called "Queen Of My Dreams" , the song can be found on their album "Heart & Soul". The single will be released in March 2009.
More info Here

Indra She will be acting in a theater play entitled "Ma femme est folle" (means : my wife is crazy) from January 10th to March 30th at the Théâtre des Nouveautés. She will have the female leading role..
Info Karine Sanche

Dj Sammy New songs from Sammy can be discovered on his official website

Brooklyn Bounce team is working at a new album who will be released in February.

Mr.President on Jens Neumann website i found an news about Mr.President comeback...
Who will be in the band who knows !? will see this year!?
Thanx for this info to Jessica

Jes the new single from queen of chill out will be called "Lost".
The video will have the same idea like her last one "Imagination".

JES Lost In The Sound Live