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J'adore - La Bouche

Natascha Wright release an album with La Bouche covers, the name is J'adore La Bouche and can be listen on Spotify. Right now the singer is shooting the video for "Be my lover ". Natascha is known after the collaboration with HADDAWAY and Lane Mccray. 

Spotify here 
Video Here

Eurodance News

Des'Ray 2 Brothers on the 4th floor lead singer it's involved in charity event with NOVIB project in Sudan. NOVIB it is an association dedicated to establishing a fair world with no poverty in it.

Abigail Bailey released in May a single called "Don't Lie" who was remixed by Tom Novy and Jerry Ropero. The tune can be found here.

Captain Jack team just released this November an Ep with "Hit Remixes 2010". More infos here.

Haddaway hit single "What is love" was covered by american rapper Eminem on his new single "No love" and also by Abigail Bailey.

Waldo's People new single is called "Jackpot" and was released on November 17th, and was made in collaboration with LA-X , more infos here (thanks to Karine Sanche)

Haddaway, Zippora, AnnaGrace

You Gave Me Love

Haddaway it's been a long time from last Alexander Nestor's single release, after a fruitful collaboration with Dr. Alban in 2008 and with Klaas in 2009, Alexander aka Haddaway decided that is time for a new song called "You Gave me love", the tune is in Haddaway style and wants to conquer european tops and for sure...because has an easy chorus and is a very happy and uplifting just perfect for a summer hit, the tune was dropped out in March 2010 and was produced by Tony Hendrik.. more infos here

Zippora released "Lotus Eater reloaded" an material who includes 14 mixes sold as a digital album only for more infos check this page.

AnnaGrace Peter Luts announced on his official facebook account that the AnnaGrace's ( ex Ian Van Dahl)solo album it's done and ready for release on June 21st 2010.

Groovewatchers (Peter Luts project) will release a new single called "Sunshine" a preview of the single here

Sylver, Haddaway, Tiesto

Sylver You can discover Sylver's videoclip for their new single Music. The video features John Miles, the original artist, as well as his son John Miles Jr, who has been collaborating for so many years with Milk Inc and Sylver. Watch it here

Haddaway Remember the German real-TV show Comeback Die Gross Chance that was broadcasted on Pro7 in 2004 ? Haddaway and CC Catch, as well as the other competitors, recorded a collective single entitled Survivor and a double best of album, both released under the name Comeback United (Thanks to Dance Music News) Buy it here

Infos by Karine Sanche

Tiesto every monday you can download the english version of Tiesto Club Life 136, this edition includes remixes of:

01. Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes (Thin White Duke Remix)
02. Tiësto feat C.C. Sheffield - Escape Me (Marcel Woods Remix)
03. Mike Koglin vs P.O.S. – Autumn (Original Mix)
04. Activa - Transmission (Original Mix)
05. Tiësto - Adagio For Strings
06. FKN feat. Jahala - This Is The Only Time (Smart Apes Remix)
07. Carlo Resoort - Revelations (Original Mix)
08. Josh Gabriel presents Winter Kills - Deep Down (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
09. Super8 & Tab - Irufushi (Original Mix)
10. Three 6 Mafia Feat. Tiësto - Feel It (Tiësto's Feel It On The Floor Remix)
11. Ernesto vs. Bastian - Killer Tone

You can download from here

Turbo B, Haddaway, DeepZone

Turbo B This summer some very famous acts from Bulgaria have made a nice collaborations with world known artists which brings them more international popularity.

The most explosive combination is between the rappers duo Rumanetsa & Enchev and Turbo B from Snap! Rumanetsa is a half romanian-half bulgarian and Enchev is a natural bulgarian singer.

Turbo B was their idol with his unique rapping style and thats why when they met him at a concert in Bulgaria, they reffer him an old tape to listen. The US star loved the music and agreed to do a new vocals to it.
So the new hit Don't Cha Know was born. These guys invited the Holland singer Miss Romagna from the band R.O.O.M. to join them and put some sexy vocals. The single entered the bulgarian radio charts last week and will be released later as a maxi in America, Holland, Turkey and Romania.


Info by Krassik (

Haddaway 's hit single "What is love" was remixed by the german dj Klass and was released on 27th July.

Here are the track list of the single:

1 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Radio Edit)
2 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Impact Mix Edit)
3 What Is Love 2K9 (Bodybangers Remix Edit)
4 What Is Love 2K9 (Spinnin Elements Remix Edit)
5 What Is Love 2K9 (Cansis Remix Edit)
6 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Club Mix)
7 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Impact Mix)
8 What Is Love 2K9 (Bodybangers Remix)
9 What Is Love 2K9 (Spinnin Elements Remix)
10 What Is Love 2K9 (Cansis Remix)

More infos here

DeepZone The bulgarian dance band released their 4th single called "Summer is Here" soon will be released and on Toco International compilation all over the Europe. For more infos check Deepzone site

Thanx for the infos to Krassik