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Sandy Chambers back in studio

The eurodance diva Sandy Chambers is back in studio preapring new tracks for her future material, the news was posted on her official facebook account. Sandy is the most "prolific" eurodance artist among the years she worked with the most famous artists such as : Mariah Carey,Georgia, Laura Pausini,Zucchero, Bobby Farell,Alexia, Double You and was known on dancefloor as the voice of Corona.
Sandy Chambers now is under the Offlimits umbrella working on her solo album with Favretto, Sannie Carlson.
In recent interview gave to radio Zero Sei Sandy explain : On Offlimits I'm not only the voice but also the face of the projects."

The new material Sandy Chambers will be ready later this year under Offlimits Production so we wait to see the result....

Official Facebook

Eurodance updates

Pandora gave an interview to a Swedish magazine were she explain the true values in her life :

1st Surround yourself with people who have good values, who loves you for who you are is not how much "you weigh"
2nd Do not compare yourself with anyone else. You are unique. There are probably many who look up to me you even though you did not dare to believe it
3rd Often it is difficult to take advice from close friends or parents, bring in another "mentor" or "coach" in your life. Someone you look up to and listen to ..." Pandora
The full article can be read here.

Sandy Chambers DVision released this days a new version of Sandy's hit "Illussion" the new version was made in collboration with DAB. Also on Amazon there is a version of Boney M hit "Daddy Cool" with Sandy's voice more infos here.

Dhany italo dance diva recently made a new song called "On Your Road" with Micro the single will be soon released on all digital platforms. Offlimits production launched on Amazon a new version of the "The Rhythm of the night" is called "To the beat" and can be found here.

Edward Maya's hit single Stereo love was covered by Mia Martina, a preview here . (Thanks to Miguel Lam)

Kirsty Hawkshaw released a new single called "Elusive", the tune is pump it up in DMC charts at # 13.

Sandy Chambers, Kate Ryan, Terri B!

Sandy Chambers (KMC,Benassi Bros)was invited on Radio zerosei for interview where she talk about her music career. Sandy open a canto school in Brescia Italy for the people who wants to start a music carrer, about her music projects, Sandy will still collborate with Offlimits and she works on her first solo material.
Sandy explains: I work on my solo album as Sandy Chambers and i will continue to do what i love the most doing "Dance music".
Sandy latest single is called "Cloud n9" and can be found here.

Sandy Chambers - interview at Radio Zero Sei [13 10 2010]

Kate Ryan appeared o belgian magazine Flair, the article it's all about girls who looks sexy at 30. Kate Ryan right now is working on her first single who will be ready for release this year. The article from Flair can be read here.

Terri B!(2Evissa, Future Breeze) working hard one new projects like this one with Kurd Maverick called "N.Y.C", released on October 13th.
Terri B! says about this song : "i love this so much....NEW YORK, where my family resides, this is to you!!"
"N.Y.C " can be found here.

Magic Affair, Sandy Chambers, Kim Sozzi

Magic Affair Ak Swift Magic Affair member, works on new hip hop project with MCBEE, Harv Dent and Gravy Mavis, the song is called "Gs Up Sneek peak" and will be released under Zulu King label, for this song Ak made also and a video, more here .

Sandy Chambers Dance diva, came with 2 new songs, the first one is made with Mood Velvet and called "Summer Of My Life" and 2nd one is called "Catch Me Now" made with Pro-Hunters, an unique and smashing ragga-dance track with amazing sounds . To catch the new tracks you have all the infos that you need here.

Just One Day

Kim Sozzi appeared with a new song called "Just one Day". The song is from recent solo material with the same name released on July 21 2009, and includes the hitsingles like :"Break Up", "Feel your Love", "Kiss Me Back(cry 2ite)" and "Secret Love".
The new single fallows the same music line with retro beats and drum synths. The tune entered on all american radios playlist and enjoy a huge success from critics part.

Claudia Cazacu "I love electronic music world so much that I decided to be my job. When I'm on stage, my music is telling a message to the crowd, and when I see the reaction of people everything turns into a dream come true." You can read the hole interview with Claudia here 

2Unlimited, Bad Boys Blue, Sandy Chambers, Kate Ryan

2Unlimited Ray & Anita (former 2 Unlimited) announced a world tour. No date or place was mentioned yet... (thanks to the 2 Unlimited official French fansite).

Romy and Marion (former 2 Unlimited) confirmed that they are planning not only a single (for January) but also an album (thanks to the 2 Unlimited official French fansite).

Bad Boys Blue End of October, BMG plans to release a new Bad Boys Blue compilation, tribute to the 2 former members Trevor Oliver Taylor and Andrew Thomas who recently died. It will be entitled Unforgettable (thanks to Chris Gipsmen).

Klaas Meets Haddaway What Is Love 2K9 peaked as #12 on the danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh).

Eiffel 65 A Decade In Blue (Da Ba Dee) 2009 is #9 this week on the danish dancechart (thanks to Anders Bøgh)

Infos by
Karine Sanche

Sandy Chambers(Benassi Bros,Double You)gave voice for the italian drink Santal, the spot it's already played on italian channels also and on romanians channels too.

Kate Ryan new single will be called "Evidemment" and will be released soon. The tune it's from newest album called "French Connection" launched this month.

Sandy Chambers

Visit Sandy's Myspace on

Hello Sandy thank you very much for this honor …
Sandy how did you start your music career?
I started singing at the age of 5 with my brothers in a band! I was actually the backing singer. I actually started professionally in 1992 when I arrived in Italy with the producer Roberto Zanetti.

You’re first dance project you work with was Double You?
Double You was the first internationally renowned dance project I worked with but before that I was part of Netzwerk and also released a single as Babyroots-

I know that in ’94 Dancing With An Angel was a huge hit in Italy… Did you thought that song will have potential to be a hit?
I think that when you're working on a single you never know what the outcome will be. Almost everything I sing sounds like a hit to me but that's not necessarily what happens! It was a great single though!

I know that you gave voice for many eurodance projects like 2 Shell, A.T. Tomix feat Salimah, Babyroots, Corona, Double You, JK, to name a few, which one was your favorite and why? And from today’s (Benassi Bros,Favretto, KMC)?
Again I love almost everything that I sing for different reasons and all of these projects were really important to me. I think that when a single is released and you hear it on the radio, the emotion is undescribable and that song becomes your favourite… until the next release!

Have you been involved in the choice of the project name under which the songs that you recorded would be released?
Sometimes I have been involved right from the start but other times the project already exists and I am a featuring artist.

What happen after you left Double you?
Everything! My career really took off. With Double You I went on tour in Brazil for 9 months and really learnt the ins and outs of the music business. After that I officially became a recording artist!

In ‘95 you release a single under the name Sandy, called Bad Boy, was the only single released under the name Sandy?
Yes it was actually!

In ‘98 you worked with Alexia at her album The Party - how was working with her?
Alexia is a very hardworking, hugely successful singer who I admire a great deal.

How did you start to work for Benny Benassi?
I have worked with the Off Limits team for many years and so it was almost a natural progression to work on a project with Benny.

With the project Benassi Bros you release a great song which is my favorite Illusion - who wrote that song? The track has a story?
Daniela Galli wrote the song and it talks about how love can sometimes seem unreal, how everything seems to run so quickly and how it would be to just stop those moments in time. Great song!

Another great song that I love is Castaway. Did you thought to release this track like a single?
I don't think there is any plan to release it as a single but I'm glad you like it!

One of your producers you work with, said this about you: "Sandy, you have a lucky voice. Everything you sing turns to gold!". What do you think about that?
Well what can I say? I was very honoured for someone to say that about me… I don't know if it's true but I try!

Did thought to release a solo album?
I am working on a solo album and hopefully it will be to your liking!

Do you wrote your own songs?
I do write some of my own songs and also for other artists... mainly pop though.

How many songs did you record in one single day of recording session?
On a good day I have recorded 3 or 4 songs in one day but it really depends on the song and how my voice is that day!
Sandy what do you think about eurodance?
I love Eurodance! It's what I've always done and it's what I do the best!

Do you have a wish to sing a duo with some singers, and if you do, with whom?
Wow! There are so many people I would love to work with! Where do I start? I would love to sing with India Arie, Maroon 5, The Script, James Morrisson.

Do you often have contacts with other dance divas such as Jenny Bersola, Alexia or Meoldy Castallari?
Well I actually saw Jenny 3 days ago and Alexia last week! I don't have much contact with them because everyone is so busy but it's always good to see them.

If I had to characterize yourself in three words, what would it be?
Loud, hypersensitive, lazy!

What do you hate the most?
Thank you so much Sandy.

Tiesto, Kirsty Hawkshaw

Tiesto will release another single from his new material Kaleidoscope, the track is called "I am strong" and is made with Priscilla Ahn, the tune will be release soon.

Kirsty Hawkshaw known for her collaboration with Tiesto, Kristy finally will release a new single called "Skin', available on Digital Download,the release includes fantastic mixes from Arnold Toutain (Healing Angel), Matt Lange (Altered Tensions, Face to Face), and the incredible R3volve and also including a bonus track from a collaboration with Falling you. More infos here

The next interview will be with big Dance Diva ... (you danced on her songs let's start with Dancing with an angel with Double you, Corona - Baby Baby, Kmc - Get better, she worked with Alexia on her The Party album, and now join the offlimits family , of italian top producers said about her " that everything she sing turns to gold!"), Sandy Chambers will answer to our questions in an
exclusive interview.

Special thanks to
Sandy Chambers & Off Limits Production.

Sandy Chambers, Scooter, Alcazar, Simone Denny, Samira

YoungFire's new single, Ojos Del Amor (Eyes of love) has been released and their website has been updated. (thanks to Young Fire staff)

Mike Staab, producer of Mysterious Art and Magic Affair, died on 13th May (thanks to Anders Lennartson).

Sandy Chambers comes back with her new single This is me, produced by Alle Benassi (studio partner and producer of Benny Benassi and of all the tracks with the Benassi’s signature). The complete release contains four versions.

Scooter Together with with other German artists Jeanette Biedermann, Tobias Künzel (from Die Prinzen), Guildo Horn and Sylvia Kollek, H.P. Baxxter from Scooter is a member of the German national jury of Eurovision Song contest in Moscow (thanks to Denis DJ Hooligan Zhabkine).

Infos by Karine Sanche

Alcazar Avatar versus Eve(A.v.E)(former Alcazar vocalist) is the name of a new swedish duo in the pop/dance arena. Their first single Party People comes with six different versions, like for example a remix signed by the internationally known remixer SoundFactory.The swedish duo contains of Annikafiore(Lead vocal) and Mitch (Head producer). They write everything together and describe their alliance as,”a match made in heaven”.
The track can be found here
Info by Music Express

Simone Denny's (former Love Inc vocalist) new single "Luv Sick" is #1 on Expressbeats House Chart & #2 on UK Most Wanted CHART.. The single can be found here

Samira(Maxx voice) give an exclusive interview to a german radio, the hole interview can be listen here

AnnaGrace, Lasgo, Sandy Chambers, Sabrina Salerno

AnnaGrace (Ian Van Dahl) made it in UK because the same record company who is promoting September & Basshunter it’s interested about the 1st single of AnnaGrace "You Make Me Feel".
Hard2Beat just said about the single : “the debut single is set to follow on where she left off by achieving major commercial success with a driving funky beat that will ensure dancefloors across the country will be singing along to her infectious hooks and that makes us to promote her in the UK”. More infos here

Lasgo Another dance act choose by the Hard2Beat it’s Lasgo, “Out Of My Mind” is guaranteed for definite dancefloor destruction. A strong vocal, catchy melody and thumping club-edged beats mean that Lasgo deliver, yet again, another sing-along classic. “With massive success in Europe we have no doubt "Out Of My Mind" will have the same effect here” said Hard2Beat.
More infos here

Sandy Chambers the name of her new single will be called “This is me”.

Sabrina Salerno will be invited tomorrow on Canale 5 at “Pomeriggio cinque” in the show will talk about her charity act made for the victims from last week earthquake. The show will began at 16:30 Cet.

Finally I must post the reunion of the year 2009 and of the millenium Ray & Anita comeback at I love the 90’s show…
Here it is the performance:

C.C Catch, Sandy Chambers,Ann Lee,Akcent

CC Catch For those of you who love disco music of 80's, i have a great news, the queen of disco CC Catch will be on tour, Friday will be invited on romanian talk show talking about her future plans and projects..
I will come with more infos Friday, April 10 .

Sandy Chambers ( Double you, JK, Benassi Bros.) it's working in studio at a new single,she said that will be a big surprise for dance lovers. The single will be lunched at the begining of the summer the name is unknown yet.

Ann Lee after of 9 years of silence, Ann lee thought that is the time to comeback, now it's working at new material with her producer Benny Benassi. The first single will be released in the summer.

Dance floor chart This week Basshunter with his song Walk on water is # 9, Steve Angelo VS Robyn S -Show me love # 4, Kate Ryan Ella Elle L'a # 2..
My big question is for MTV Dance what she's doing Britney Spears in this top!??...Next who will be .... Paris Hilton!?
You can vote for Kate & BassHunter here

Akcent the boyband released in Romania their second single called "That's my name", the single it's from their latest album "Fara Lacrimi(Without Tears). The Album can be found Here
Thanx for the info to Adi Preda

Sandy Chambers, Baracuda, Nexx, Sandra Cretu

Sandy Chambers One of the most beautiful voices in the international dance scenario - Sandy Chambers - sings "Get Out Of My Mind", co-produced by Favretto and Battini.
Samuele Sartini - top Italian dj and producer - added his personal touch to this release, making his version of "Get Out Of My Mind".
Quoting Sandy herself: "Love it!!!!!!!!!!!"
So, what are you waitin' for?! Get "Get out of my mind" on junodownload, where it is available as pre-release and it has hit the chart at number 1!

Baracuda new single will be called "Where is the love" and will be lunched on second January 2009 with the video already the single is included on the Après-ski Hits 2009 compilation.The show will be broadcast Saturday 3rd January on RTL II (live) - 17:00 CET with September, Alex C, Baracuda, Novaspace.

Novaspace lunched their new video called “Dancing to Danger”.
The single will be official lunched on 2nd January 2009 also can be found on Après-ski Hits 2009.

Thanx for this infos to CrazySexyMarvellous

Culture Beat – an exclusive interview with Tania Evans can be seen on Tania Evans MySpace.
The interview was taken by Cesario Piccinni

Dj Cosmo is a popular resident dj in famous clubs of Southern Germany.
He was know from the project Mythos 'N Dj Cosmo ,in the summer of 2008 release a dance single on Tiesto Clublife show called “Eclipse” now join forces with Ray Wilson and lunched “Show me the way”. Check

Nexx Johanna & Co shoot a video at the end of November for their new single "Paralyzed".
The video will be lunched in Europe next year in January.

Jens O the new single from this band will be a cover after T.A.T.U success “All the things she said”

Sandra will prepare a new material who will be release in 2009, for the new album will work with the same producer like her last album Art of Love, Jens Gad.
An article was publish about Cretu Mansion

“It’s nearer for the demolition of the Cretu mansion. But some of its parts (the producer’s lawyer claimed) had not been classified as illegal and therefore could not be touched - it concerns tennis court, swimming pool and several annexes.
The Town Hall estimates costs of demolition for 950.000 euros, and they will be able to pass the bill on to Cretu himself. Jaume Roig - Cretu’s lawyer, claimed it is preposterous, that his client will have to pay for the demolition of a property he built after receiving building licenses in good faith from both the Island Council and the Town Hall. The Town Hall have to pay the demolition costs and it is also set to pay around 10 million euros in damages to Cretu.
The Supreme Court in Palma informed the Town Hall about the final deadline and reminding them that the main house needed to be demolished and the area restored to its former state by the 1st November. It would take action if the court order was not carried out. But according to town mayor - Josef Costa, the final deadline would not be met, cause the demolition of the property was a complex issue and would take around three months to carry out.”

Infos from

Sandy & Dhany are breaking the wall!?

A dream come true for many euro and italo dance freaks : a duet of Sandy Chambers and Dhany. They joined forces on this new single produced as always by the Benassi Bros, not only singing, but also contributing to the songwriting. And the result, powerful and bouncy, is just brilliant. The single alternates between Benassi version (with their usual distinctive metallic sound) and interesting remixes by Diego Donati and F&A Factor, and ends with an acappella version.

"Hi everyone! My name is Ally, and I’m here to present you Dhany’s latest song. But first of all I want to thank my friend for placing this ad... For all of you who don’t know who Dhany is...well she is the main singer of Benassi Bros, she is the amazing girl who sings the hits: Every single day, Hit my heart and make me fell...
Her latest song is as a featuring...Sandy vs Dhany – "Break the wall"...I can tell you that it’s a great song that will make u get up from the chair and dance...if you want to convince yourself you can listen to: www. beatport. com. For more details you can visit my page : I'm waiting to find out what you think.Thank you all. kisses"