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News Updates

Milk Inc Great news from Regi & Linda's part, the name of their single will be called "Fire" and not "Dance 2 Forget" the premiere of the single will be aired exclusively on Regi MNM Dance show broadcast in January 28th. On the belgian forums circulate a rumor that the sound of the new single will be the same as "Race".(Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Hadise Winner of TMF Awards in 2008 but also one of ESC finalist is busy lately with her new material right now is preparing the cd covers and like her anterior album will  have 2 versions turkish and english.

Sharon May Linn just announced on her FB account that the new album is ready to release, the genre and the title is unknown but let's hope that would be in the same style as "Show me the way".

Jasmine (aka Jasmin Heinrich, aka Jassi) the first Ice Mc vocalist & E-Sensual she's still doing music as Inubia or as Hula Girl.  Her voice reminds me of our beloved Melanie Thornton.More infos here.

Eurodance News

Ice Mc release a new single called "Party With Us" and it's made in collaboration with DJ Sanny J, the single was official launched on November 23.(thanks to Karine Sanche)

Whigfield future single will be called "To feel alive". (Thanks to Sebastien Peyretout)

BG the Prince of Rap will collaborate with BPM on a brand new track that should be recorded in January 2011.(thanks to Karine Sanche)

Lane McCray (La Bouche) has a new song in collaboration DJ Blaine and Barona, the new song it's called "Pump It". The tune was released on October 28 and can be found here.

Medina's new single "Addiction" is # 1 on Danish Itunes dance charts.

Sylvia Tosun new single "Above all" is # 3 this week on Billboard Hot Dance Club Chart.

Double You single "If  Could Fall" was played on David Guetta radio show, so my question is ... this will be a new collaboration for the Grammy winner!? Will seee...

Nadia Ali , Schiller, Ice Mc , Dash Berlin

Nadia Ali is now back in studio working on new tracks. The material will be released next year. Till then you can listen the album "Embers" launched this year.

Schiller announced also on his Myspace that is preparing new tracks for his future album who will be dropped out next year. Last single from "Sehnsucht" was Breath featuring Petra Marklund(September).

Ice Mc Gigi Barocco made a remix after Ice's hitsingle "Think About The Way", and was picked up # 1 this week on Albertino chart on Radio DJ. More infos here .

Dash Berlin will perform with Arnej and will represent Armanda Music to the 2010 edition of ID&T's Trance Energy. More infos here.

Basic Element, Ice Mc, Jam & Spoon, Plavka

Basic Element "Touch you right now" it's on radio compilation 538 Dance Smash Hits 2009 Vol. 2.The compilation can be found here.

Ice Mc a new song can be discovered on Ice Mc my space the track is called “Don’t do that”. Ice performed Saturday 11 on the I love the 90’s – The Party…
Thanx for the info to Music Express

Jam N Spoon The producer of Jam N Spoon , DJ Jam El Mar, is honored to be on the list of remixers of the new track Hands Of Time by Tested Records. This track will be with the stunning Eva-Diva on vocals.
Info by Music Express

Plavka revealed the tracks from her solo material "Plavkalicious", Plavka was the lead singer of the project Jam & Spoon & The Shamen. Today she plays small gigs in London with her band and more of the songs she sings are influenced in jazz.
This are the songs included on her new material:

Im A Woman
Dont Get Attached
Chasing An Illusion
Be My Sundae
String Of Pearl
Read My Lipstick Lips

For more check her page
Info by Music Express

Ice Mc, N-Trance, Milk Inc, Lasgo, Abigail, Dj Bobo

Ice Mc after a long silence Ice Mc came back on music scene with a new track called "Could you be loved". The track si made with the greatest singer Katherine Ellis guilty for Freemasons succes "When you touch me".
The track can be listen on Ice Mc myspace.

Photo N-Trance website

N-Trance find a new vocalist her name is Lynsey-Jane Barrow. The N-trance team said: "The re-invention of N-Trance continues in 2009 with Lee Limer & Lynsey-Jane Barrow. Lee Limer the original dancer & showman from the infamous stage performances back in the early 90’s , and….. T-1K, the original MC & Rapper who performed on tracks such as ‘Set You Free’ & ‘Turn Up The Power’".
N-Trance are performing now in the UK.

Milk inc i have an announce from official Milk inc website, for all the people who pay it the tickets of Milk Inc concert from March 20th. The Full Live Show at the Brabanthal at Leuven will be postponed till December 19th, 2009 and all sold tickets for the show on March will still be valid at the show on December 19th, 2009.

Lasgo "Gone" was choosen by Radio 538 their dancesmash hit. The new song still goes up in tops this week on UltraTop is # 5 and on MNM dance chart still # 1.

Abigail Zsiga is back in 2009 with a new single "Forever Young" the song is club track and it's on the CD Compilation "Big Muscle Of The Rhythm". The track was produced by DJ Bill Bennett and is a cover version of "Forever Young" originally by "Alphaville". Abigail will be releasing "Forever Young" as a single with remixes by various international DJ's in early 2009. Abigail will be touring in early 2009 with a new line-up, new songs and a very new sound. The track can be order here
More infos here

Infos EurodanceBlog

Dj Bobo has announce for his fans ...

Alex C & Yass, Hypnotic, Ice Mc , X-perince

Alex C the german producer, guilty for U96, ATC, Rollergirl is back with a new premiere a new single called "Liebe Zu Dritt"from the forthcoming album "Tabu".
More infos about this u can check his Official Myvideo

Rumors tell his future single for Europe will be the english version of Docktrospiele ... The album Euphorie got 2 platinum in Germany for the best seling album ..

Thanx for the info to Karine Sanche

Hypnoticis Pascal Maton, a Belgian producer, composer and remixer that released several New Beat and early Euro House records between the late 80's and the early 90's. He released a few singles (such as "Pump Pump It Up", "Ready Or Not" and under the name of HYPNOTECK "Let's Go Crazy", number 1 during two months in the dance charts and number 7 in the top 50 (sales) in France. In 2003, he created a new recording studio in Paris for the label Penelope Music. He released the single 'Malibuye' for David Soul (former actor in the TV series 'Starsky and Hutch' and Mory Kante. In 2007, he rearranged and mixed the album : A Tribute To Piaf with artists such as Donna Summer, Pat Benatar, Willy De Ville, Leon Russel, Emmylou Harris etc. In 2008 we can hear his latest release "Touch Me Now". Now, he's working on new electro and lounge projects for Presence Prods.

Infos from TocoInternational

Ice Mc will be back in the studio shortly working on some new and exciting material......

Previous comeback was 2004, when Ice and Robyx started writing some new material and at the beginning of 2004 began recording a new album. The new album, "Cold Skool" was released on April 19, 2004 on Time Records). This material was not quite what the eurodance fans waited..

Thanx for this info to Mike

X-Perince are still searching for a new vocalist. The recording of a new song is planned for early 2009. If u are intrested check out the website for more infos

Thanx for the info to Karine Sanche

Zeitia Massiah is now known as Zeeteah and has her official website (thanks to Klems)