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Alfa Official vs Reech - You infect

Reech is the guy responsible of Pompo nelle casse hit from PowerFrancers who got in Italy a golden disc. Behind of this project is the youngest and the most talented producer - Dbag or known as Ricardo Marcchi.Who recently produced the latest singles of Spagna and Power Francers.
The new  single You Infect was made with Alfa (Alberto Violi), a young italian dj/producer that realized tracks supported -among the others- by Roger Sanchez. You infect can be found on all digital megastores

More details here
Video here

Top 5 Apocalyptic Songs

Everybody created an hysteria over this date of December 21, so i choose a Top 5 with dance songs who has as theme this subject :)

No # 5 Baracuda  - I leave the world  Today

No # 4 Mario Lopez - Another World

No # 3 Regi & Basto - The World Is Coming Down

No # 2   Captain Jack - Save the world

No # 1 Mike Candys and Evelyn  - If The World Would End

Gala a new hobby..and a new material

The italian singer Gala Rizzatto has a new passion.. On her official website the singer posted a few photos made by her, and are very well made....

Gala is well best known after her album "Come Into My Life" featuring "Freed From Desire", "Let a Boy Cry", “Come Into My Life” and “Suddenly”. Her latest release is called "Lose Yourself In Me" and was released on her label on her own label Matriarchy Records, the tune ranked #1 in Lebanon for 3 consecutive weeks. Gala is planning a new single this Fall called "Taste of Me" fallowed by the album named "Yourself in Me"

Claudia Uhle in Studio

                                   Source: FB 
The face and the voice of the german project X-Perience Claudia Uhle announced her fans that is working in studio on new tracks for Angelzoom project. The new single will be ready for release in spring 2013 and the new album at the end of 2013 said the singer.
 Claudia was lead singer of X-Perience until 2007 after the release of "I feel like you", and in 2009 was replace by Manja Wagner...

Euro dance stars without make up - Sexy or what !? part 2

                                          Was a sex symbol in the 80's even now Sabrina  breaks hearts
                                           Still a diva Alexandra Prince
                                           Maruja Retana
                                           The new dance star Manu LJ
                                            Now you get it why the camera loves this lady !? T-Seven
                                           Evi Goffin Lasgo  !?  hmmm
                                           Still a Libertine  Kate Ryan
                                           Evelyn (Mike Candys lead singer)
                                          Love will come but beauty still on  ... :)SIL(Sylver)
                                          Linda Mertens (Milk inc)

Ciao Ciao

"Ciao" is the new single from Simona Nae. Simona stared to "play with music" at early age when she was chosen to be on Meloritm choir. After she entered at National Palace of Children, reaching under the guidance of Professor Lăcrămioara Mitroaica.
But with dance music started in 2004 when she release the mega hit "Sperante"(Hope) with romanian project Sistem after she release a few materials in romanian very aprreciate by the critics but were more pop .

In 2012 was the comeback on dance scene 'cause was taken under Mihai Constantin umbrella and "Ciao" is the new single released  by Simona  for Romanian market only..

"My new album is almost ready for and is adressed to UK market it's a kind of pop opera genre, namely the crossover. For Romania, we chose a retro sound that I wanted to differentiate from what is now the music market. Ciao is very modern but with some retro elements." said Simona

"Ciao" it's a  hello to all the listeners ... to have fun and to enjoy her music, more infos visit this page.

Kate Ryan a new album....

Dhany "Love is gettin down"- i don't know what's the story of this track but i know that was released by Dhany in collaboration with Dario Daniele. Dhany wants once again to get our attention - with this message: that is back and ready to attack!! .... the dancefloors... off course...

Kate Ryan is preaparing a new video next monday the shooting will be taken in Uk, also she confirmed that she is working on a new album in french the title and the date will be shortly posted.

Luciana made a new song with Richard Vission, the same dj responsible of I like that success. The tune is called "When it feels this good" and will be available on all digital megastores

Music Factory - Sweden

Sweden was and is the most prolific country in music industry, even american artists launched their carreer here. When you say Sweden you'll think at Max Martin or Denniz Pop the brain producers who made hit after hit.
Denniz Pop was responsible for the success of artists like Ace Of Base, Dr Alban, E-Type, Safe, Backstreet Boys, N' Sync, Solid Harmonie and more.
But in August in '98 Denniz lose the fight with cancer and died.
I think with Denniz died also and the good eurodance & pop. But Sweeden keeps given new talents like Von Der Burg, John Dahlbäck or Klas Frans Åhlund.
In my opinion Sweden it's a Music factory cause music here is made on an industrial scale.

Predator by Julissa Veloz

She was in love of music from the age of four, her parents saw her potential as a vocalist and took her to auditions in local talent contests. Julissa is known in USA (cause from America is coming this artist) as American Idol finalist. Her first single is called "Take control" and the 2nd one who kept my attention, and was released few days ago is called "Predator" a song inspired by her experience "I'm the Predator and i like to hunt mans" like she says .. more infos here.
The single can be found here.

Eurodance come's back!?

I want to begin with a little definition of this genre for the ones who want to know a little bit of this style of music... it was very popular in 90's. So i looked on for help so i found this:
"Eurodance is a very global term, and depending on the websites you will visit each webmaster will have his own definition" for more check this page.
So get this straight.... eurodance music contain a strong beat ranging from 110 to 150 beats per minute (BPM), a creative and catchy synth melody with easy chorus, and  all this kind of genre are made in Europe that's why the term Euro...

So why this article!? because lately i found that many of international artists such as Flo Rida were inspired by this genre listen "Sugar Sugar" its cover after Eiffel 65 '99s hit "Blue".
This year other ones took the inspiration from eurodance Sabrina Washington  for example and her new song "OMG" sounds very Snap! "Rhythm is a dancer", and the new single from Iyaz "Lalala" it's a cover after ATC "Around The World"....
So in the end international artists are puting in their music some eurodance "flavours" ...The End

Thanks to KDj

Jes, Linda Estelle, Claudia Cazacu, Unique 2

Jes (Motorcyle) "Closer" her new single is # 2 in UK Dance Charts, the single can be found togheter with 12 remixes on itunes .

Linda Estelle ( T-Spoon former vocalist & Divas of Dance) broke the ice of silence with a hot collaboration, Linda join forces with dutch Dj Sinharaja to bring out this amazing electro track called "Hold one" released on June 2010, and it's the 2nd single with Linda as a vocalist. "Hold on" it's from Dj Sinharaja debut album called "Proud to be Dutch". More infos here.

Claudia Cazacu romanian trance deejay release her new single called "Rain". "Rain" is her latest release on her own Couture label for more infos about the single you can find here.

Unique 2 Another comeback on  european dance scene is going, i'm talking about the former Unique 2 singer Jade join  EK3 to bring out this new music project called Busy Bazaar, why this name !? very simple music industry is like a Busy Bazaar :). Right now Jade & EK3 are preparing new songs who will be ready for release later this year.

Medina, Alex C, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Cascada, RIO, Velvet, Solid Base,Dj Aligator

Medina Valbak released the english version of her album "Welcome to Medina", the material includes 13 tracks 4 of the tracks were wrote by Terri B! and the others by Lisa Greene & Adam Hersland Powers (who wrote also some tracks for Infernal). "Welcome to Medina" was launched in Germany, Austria, & Switzerland on 23 July 2010. You can get it from here.

Alex C produced the new album "Tried and true" from Clay Aiken (American Idol), the album was released in June.
Alex also is working on his album with Yass because 2 new songs "Teufelstanz" and "River flows on you" were posted on his myspace account. You can listen here.

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor You can see them live because D-rock & Des' ree will join Anita & Ray (2Unlimited) on the world tour in 2011 ( Thanks to Karine Sanche).

Cascada went in studio to work with her team on the new material, the album will be release later this year. Natalie won this year on Viva Comet the award for Best Female Artist.( Thanks to Karine Sanche).

RIO aka Dyer Tony former rapper of eurodance act Beat System recently recorded the video clip for RIO's new single "Hot Girl" in Mallorca. The story : Tony works as a pizza boy, is bored and falls asleep... in his dream he becomes a superstar cruising through the island enjoying the sun and attracting a lot of beautiful girls.(Info Karine Sanche).

Velvet release a new single called "Victorious" a nice summer song in collaboration with Linda Bengtzing winner of Fame Factory in Sweden. "Victorious" was originally wrote for Melodifestivalen 2010 preselection but was rejected, even that, the song has a huge success in Sweden being  the most played song on radios all over the country. The single "Victorious" was official released on April and can be found here.

Solid Base's single "Sha La Long" was covered last month by SAIFAM eurodance project Varaderos. They also recentely covered E-rotic's "Chico Chaco".(Info Karine Sanche).

Dj Aligator made a remix on Safri Duo's newest single "Helele". The song was the official anthem for the world cup 2010 in South Africa. You can listen the remix here

BG the Prince of Rap will perform on Eurodance Party in Frankfurt (Germany) on August 7th. If you want to see them and to listen „Colour Of My Dreams“ , "The Beat is Hot" , "Can We Get Enough", "The Power Of The Rhythm" and more don't miss this event,  infos  here.

Sabrina, Alexandra Prince, Sandra, Regi, Annagrace, Vengaboys


Sabrina is trying a different job this summer on July 5th, why? because will be the new tv presenter on "Voglia di anni 80".
"Voglia di anni 80" it's the new show from italian television Italia 1.
The new video with Samantha Fox, "Call me" was launched, the song entered on national dance sales charts directly at #6.

Alexandra Prince launched a new single! After the shooting of "So alive" the new video, Alex recorded a new single "Set me free" a track made by Jeroenski & Jorn, 2 dj's from Netherlands. "Set me free" was released on June 14th and can be found here.

Platinum Collection
Sandra release last December a "Platinum Collection", a compilation that includes all her success from 90's till now. The material can be found on Amazon.

Regi Last night Regi played on his radio show MNM Dance, new tracks from his recent material "Registered 2". The album includes collaboration with Turbo B, Ray, Jessy, Katerine and many others, for more infos here

AnnaGrace was protagonist of the new pictorial for EEN magazine. AnnaGrace was dressed like a princess, this was and the theme of  photoshooting. You can see the hole material here.

Vengaboys Kim & co were nominated at TMF Awards for The best dance. The show will be brodcast today live on TMF more infos here . The new single "Rocket to Uranus" will be also release in UK this July.