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Schiller Radio Show

Christopher von Deylen aka Schiller is coming back after his album release Opus with  a radio show. The artist explained that it's a project that  he's been awaiting for along time and now is confirmed. It's a radio show entitled Schiller Lounge broadcast in more then 300 german cities.
The premiere was last saturday on KlassikRadio.

Dance News

Alexandra Prince the house diva is working also an a new single the news was shared on her official FB account. Alexandra Prince was one of the voice behind of europop project Sqeezer till 1999 when she close the deal with the record label, now is working on her solo project and for sure will a success..

Schiller got a new track on his official Fb Christopher von Deylen aka Schiller announced that it's in the studio working on new songs. The new material will be released probably next year.

Medina was choosen by the danish Reebok to be their image we don't know the check value but i think he has many zeros, right now the danish artist is working on her 2nd album that will be ready next year, till then you can enjoy her recent single "For Altid".

Schiller a new single

Schiller After the collaboration with french singer  - Anggun, the german composer Christopher von Deylen is preparing his future single called "Pale blue eyes" written by Lou Reed/Velvet Underground and will be made in collaboration with Andrea Corr. The tune will be soon available worldwide.

Stunt lead singer Molly Smitten-Downes just finished some new songs from her future material, the songs can be listen on soundcloud. Molly was the member of british dance project Stunt till 2010 when she decided that Stunt is not what she dreamed. Preview of the new songs here.

S*E*X Appeal The new single from ex E-Rotic vocalist Lyane Leigh - "Poison called love" the ep will be released on September 2nd and will be included on the forthcoming album "Russian Roulette". Lyane i think she need a pro team to show how talented is...

Eurodance News

Schiller aka Christopher von Deylen was invited on DW Tv to spoke about his starts in this industry, and also to talk about his music projects,Christopher confirmed that the new material will be out this December and available on all digital megastores. His recent single "Always you" is pumping up in the charts and was made with french singer Anggun. The hole interview can be seen here.

Jocelyn Brown( Todd Terry, Change) is back with a new music project called Allstars Collective and can be see live Tonight(December 10) at Jazz Cafee.

Guru Josh Project released a new single called "This is the night", and was oficially released on September, a smack preview here.

Fun Factory third generation team changed once again. Now, there only remains Douglas and Jenna. Some new songs are currently in preparation... (Thanks to Eva Sipkova & Karine Sanche)

Helena Paparizou released last month another greek single called "Girna Me Sto Htes", a preview of the new song here.(Thanks to Karine Sanche)

Scooter's next album should be released around Spring 2011. On 25th June, Scooter will perform in Hamburg IMTECH Arena, a stadium which offers a capacity of 60.000 persons, for a special concert called "The stadium techno inferno". This will be the biggest Scooter concert so far.(Info by Karine Sanche)

Eurodance News

Alexia single "Grande Coraggio" will be included on Christmas compilation "CARO PAPA' NATALE 3( Dear Santa Claus)".

Schiller just released his new video "Always you" made with french singer Anggun, the video can be seen here.

Dj Jose A polish project called Wet Fingers covered Dj Jose hitsingle "Like that".

Akcent new single it's called "My Passion" and was released last week in Romania. Video can be seen here.

Arsenium Ex O-zone member came on the spotlight with a new song called "Minimum", the tune it's ballad, more here.

Whigfield wrote "Semanas" the new song from Soncini starring Carine, more infos about this track can be found here.

LayZee(Mr.President) new single it's called "Thankful" a song made with Robert Jan van der Toorn ( Papa bear, Nana,Marky Mark).

Schiller a new video

Christopher von Deylen aka Schiller did it once again his latest material Atemlos reached top 10 in sales and was choose by German tourism ministry to compose the soundtrack for  video-installation in the german pavillion on this year's world-exhibition 'expo' in Shanghai.
And now on his music collaboration list was checked another great artist, after Petra Marklund, Kim Sanders & Nadia Ali, Christopher choose another great voice, the French singer/songwriter Anggun.

The new single is named "Always you"  made in the same Schiller style, and soon will be preceded by a new material who will be release next year.  The tune  has also a video who was shoot in Paris, pics from shooting here

Schiller, Armin van Buureen

Christopher von Deylen( Schiller) released a new single called "I Will Follow You", the song was made with Hen Ree and it's from recent material "Atemlos". "I will fallow you" was released in Germany on June 11 by Island Records. On October 2010 Schiller will team up with Mousse t. and Raphael Marionneau to four special events at the planetarium in Hamburg(Germany).(Thanks to Cesar)

Armin van Buureen released the State of Trance Podcast 133 it's a selection of favourite tunes from his radio show totally free you can grab it from here. Also the new single "Not Giving Up On Love" with Sophie Ellis-Baxtor is finished and can be listen here.
The idea of the track came when Armin meet David Guetta's Nervo Sisters songwriter then Armin thought to call Sophie.

Armin says: "Actually we wanted to make an instrumental, more electro-related track and ended up in a collab with Sophie Ellis-Bextor. It instantly clicked in my head. This is the right combination. I think the vocal of Sophie is a win!"

The song will be included on Armin album "Mirage".

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Schiller, Lori Glori, Terri B!

Schiller finished his new material called "Atemlos" a double cd plus a DVD. For this material Schiller worked with Kim Sanders, Nadia Ali and many others. The album will be officially released on March 12.

Lori Glori(Dj Bobo,Intermission) announced that she have a new single called "Oyeo" a dance track made in collaboration with F-Junior, the single was released at the end of 2009, more infos here

Terri B! is back in studio working at new tracks the first one will be called "La la la" and will be in collaboration with DONS and the second one will be called "Everybody sing", all tracks will be dropped out later this year worldwide.

Thanks to TerriB!

Nadia Ali , Schiller, Ice Mc , Dash Berlin

Nadia Ali is now back in studio working on new tracks. The material will be released next year. Till then you can listen the album "Embers" launched this year.

Schiller announced also on his Myspace that is preparing new tracks for his future album who will be dropped out next year. Last single from "Sehnsucht" was Breath featuring Petra Marklund(September).

Ice Mc Gigi Barocco made a remix after Ice's hitsingle "Think About The Way", and was picked up # 1 this week on Albertino chart on Radio DJ. More infos here .

Dash Berlin will perform with Arnej and will represent Armanda Music to the 2010 edition of ID&T's Trance Energy. More infos here.

Blank & Jones , Abigail Bailey, Arash, Dr. Alban, Schiller

Blank & Jones will lunched the next series of chillout compilation "Relax 4" the release date will be on April 17.On this compilation put their voices Keane, Laid Back and Vanessa Daou. The compilation can be found Here. Thanx to Dance News

Abigail Bailey you can listen her every day from 2 pm till 4 pm at Push fm. You can find more infos about her daily show here

Arash another big surpise will come from Arash because will participate at ESC 2009 with AYSEL. The song is called "Always" and will represent AZERBAIJAN on ESC 2009 from Russia.

Dr.Alban will do a song with Haddaway the name is unkown yet we have to wait till summer. Now the Dr. is involved in charity projects in Nigeria.

Schiller An exclusive track can be discoverd on Schiller myspace , the track is called "I need you" and was made in collaboration with Jael. The track will have and a video soon.

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