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Eva Simons is back!

After a long silence Ingrid Simons daughter - Eva Simons came back on dance scene with an amazing dance tune-Celebrate the rain
Eva Simons started her music debut on dutch tv show Popstars  when she formed with  Li ann and Sharon Dorsoon  the girl group Raffish .
But her success came with Silly Boy lunched in 2009, who was also the mark of her music career through her unique fashion of hair style.
Now in 2014 she joined forces with Sidney Samson to break dance charts with this amazing song entitled Celebrate the rain, a song  produced by Sidney Samson and wrote by Eva, but also a song that will be the summer rain anthem of 2014. 

Thanks to Gerwin Schoeman

Eva Simons: I love you mom

Eva Simons - an emotional message 
Yesterday on Mothers day, because some of us are celebrating not on March 8th but on May 10,Eva Simons posted an emotional message addressed to her mother Ingrid Simons (T-Spoon). Eva thanked her for all the things she learned, and she was like a guardian for her.

Thank you mama for your protection, guidance & love . You're my best friend. You're my guardian angel. your my mum. I love you. Happy mothers day said the artist

 Maybe in the future, who knows Eva will do a song with eurodance artist Ingrid Simons, who is also part of Eva's working team.

 Anita Doth also posted a message addressed to her fans: I am mother more than anything else. It's the only thing that never makes me feel insecure. It's the only thing i am 100% proud of. Being a mother finally completed me xxx love to all the mothers xxx wrote the singer on FB

I Don't Like You

With this message wants Eva Simons to promote her brand new single "I Don't Like You", but where did we go wrong!? It's a question also that i want to get an answer..
 Anyway check out her new single released under Interscope Records and can be found here.


JES is back on track with a new tune entitled "Can't stop", the tune was official released on November 7th and can be found on JES

September Petra Marklund just released last week the new video "Party my head" .The video was shoot on July 18th by Patric Ullaeus the one who made and the latest video.

Pandora was nominated at OE Music Video Awards with "Why" the song extracted from her recent material "Head Up High". Soon Pandora will release another track here it is a preview
Pandora - Head Up High by andersnyman

Neja's single "Walking on a dream" was choosen by Coconuda their tv spot, the tune will be included on "Sushi club reloaded" . Neja says "the ones who appreciated the first volume of "sushi club 133", cannot miss the "reloaded" version, enriched by the warm and sophisticated sound of the FBI band... "
The new material will be done before Christmas.

Eva Simons released her 3rd single an amazing track made with Apster and it's called "I Need More" preview of the new single can be seen here.

Lili Rocha it's brazilian native singer and "Gold In Your Soul" it's her recent single launched on August 2011 and for this single she collaborated with Steven Wolf.
"Gold In Your Soul" is enpowering song that advocates self worth and challenges listeners to find the confindence within. More details here

Eva Simons, Ace of Base

Eva Simons(Cooper) In 2009 a song appeared online under the name Lady Gaga & Rihanna, that song was "Silly Boy" the tune soon attracted a large online fan community and became one of the most listened to tracks online, generating over 10 million listens, after this appeared and the artist who really sung the song, Eva Simons(Cooper and daughter of Ingrid Simons T-spoon) with a average look, Simons quikly conqured the tops.
In August 10 Eva join forces with Afrojack and from this collaboration was born "Take Over Control".
Right now Eva works  with big producers on "Rockstar" first album, who is due for  release in late 2010.

Eva says on her website:

"Writing songs is great, I love it so much. But sometimes I get scared : is this song good? Is the beat ok? Aren't these lyrics corny? You wanna make the perfect album, no songs that are just on the album to fill it up. Only good stuff. Because of my song Silly boy, I get the chance to work with a lot of talented producers and writers from all over the world. It's amazing. I really like to write my songs, create those crazy flirty melodies and "in your face" topics. I love those "In your face" topics!! Haha. Just say it like it is! My second single will probably be a song that's written with a amazing producer from America! I can't say anything yet, but the song is a BOMB!!! I know you guys are waiting for some new stuff, but I wanna make a good album, and that takes time." said Eva.

Ace of Base are filming the new video for "All for you" the new song from "Ace of Base 2010" . The single is promoted on all radios over Europe.