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News updates

NEXX are back but without their lead singer - Johanna Eriksson who is busy whit her newest project Cloud 9, but Rob and Sebastian are still working togheter and they found a new vocalist - Celeste is her name.
The new single under this formula is called "Put Your Hands" and was made in collaboration with their friend Marius Nedelcu, the tune was already released in Russia and Poland. preview here

Dj Aligator was invited last year on Superdoscoteka 90s where he performed one of his newest singles called "Starting Over", the tune will be included on his future material that will be released this year.

Twenty 4 Seven are shooting this days their newest single- "The Reason". The new video will be posted on their official utube channel.

Pandora After Alexia who has her own online radio also Pandora took her example and made a radio. You can listen here.

ATC The Disco Boys made a remix after ATC hit "Around the world", the single is promoted by Armin van Buuren label - Armada.

LayZee(ex Mr-President) said that 2012 will be a fruitfull one for his project : "This year we will be starting work on many different features including artists from around the world." said LayZee

The Roy made a new song called "The Age Of Wisdom" you can listen here.

United Passion are ready for the new material. "Made with Passion" is their new album and will be released on February 17th.

Discover this new project White Noise Machine and their new single "Dirty Love" who is a nice dance who has the hole support from Marcia Juell. You can listen here

You are a dj  ?and you're unknown !? Eurodance Blog wants to gave you a "homework". Choose one of Samira Besic classic eurodance tracks and do a mash-up ...if we like it, the winner will be promoted on our sites... Good luck!!

Dance updates

Tiesto is ready for a new dance hit after a long break the # 1 club man is "Zero 76" his new single made in collaboration with Hardwell. A preview of the new single here.

Nexx the swedish dance group with "Syncronize Lips" is preparing a new material till now are done 8 tracks explained Rob on his Twitter account, the new material will be released later this year in Poland, Romania & Sweden.

September gets award after award after she got "a scandipop award" now was awarded by swedish magazine "Elle", her debut singles are  climbing  on itunes dance charts so Petra is ready to party in 2011 with her "dancing shoes".

United Passion the german dance project has a new member Carina and on beginning of February would start the recordings of their first single with the new member. The newe single will coming out at the Spring 2011. (thanks to Urs Stettler)

Sovrana Prod. is ready to release a great hands up single called "Come In And Stay", the single was made in collaboration with Dj Mill4anno, a preview can be seen here .

Maria Rubia after a long break from dance scene the hot blond and one of former Fragmas vocalists announced on her Twitter account that's is ready to party, Maria would start this month the record session of her new material who will be done later this year. Till  then  you can sing "Everytime you need me" :)

Eurodance News

Medina  next single will be called "Addiction". The tune is the 3rd song from her international album "Welcome to Medina".

Regi is preparing a new compilation "Regi in the mix vol.9" and will be released on all digital platforms.

Nexx are working on new songs for the future album who will be launched in 2011.

Kristine W released "Walk Away(Remixed & Remastered)" and can be found here.

Cascada released the new video "Night Nurse". You can watch it here.

September decided to release also and the song "Mikrofonkåt" the single had over 500 000 views, so Petra decided to release it as a single.

Dave Mccullen, Basshunter, Nexx

Some Things
Dave Mccullen ex member Lasgo and Ian van Dahl producer cameback this year with a new single called "Upside down", a song made in collaboration with Aston Coles and was released on all digital megastores in May. For more infos here.


Basshunter The name of the new single was revealed, is called "Saturday".
"The story of the single is very simple everyone wants to have fun on Saturday night" explains Basshuter in a recent interview were can be seen here . The video was shoot in L.A and will be brodcast on Dance nation Tv and will be released in Uk in July 27.

Nexx The single "Paralyzed" was mixed by romanian dj Andi and includes 5 mixes for more infos here

Sylver, Nexx, Basic Element

Sylver's new single will be called "It's my life", and will be included on "Decade (The Very Best Of Sylver)" an album who contains all Sylver's hits and this new single. The material can be found here

Nexx released in Romania the new single "Paralyzed" for more infos check this page.

Basic Element made a new single called "Got You Screaming" and it's included on the Absolute Dance Summer 2010. ( Thanks to Eurokdj & Klems)

Kim Sanders, Nexx, Scooter

Kim Sanders( Culture Beat, Schiller) announced on her facebook account that she recorded 2 songs. The tracks will be included on Kim's future album who will be launched soon.

Nexx will be on tour with Velvet, Basic Element and more in 2 of the biggest ski resorts in Sweden. If you live in Sweden and you want to come to see them, here you can find all the details ( Thanks to Johanna Nexx)

Scooter The new video "Stuck On Replay" was released. The song will be the anthem of the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship in Germany. The single is included on Scooter new album "Under The Radar Over The Top" released on October 2nd 2009.

Nexx , Elena

Nexxs single "Synchronize Lips" " has entered the Official Dance Chart in Norway (#9), Finland (#10) and # 3 in Sweden this week .
(thanks to Sebastian)

Elena(former Dj Project vocalist) launched her single with a romanian rock band, called "Here i am". The tune it's included on last Dj Project album "In the club" released at the begining of 2009.

Ace Of Base, Ida Corr

Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base former vocalist) is working on her solo material who will be launched in 2010, till now, one song is done and soon will be released.

Ida Corr finnally decided to make her move on music scene but this time not alone with Mr. Lover lover aka Shaggy, and the result is a great dance track called "Under the sun" launched on November 2nd. "Under the sun" is also and the name of third studio album which was released on August 31, 2009. More infos here

Nexx gave us an exclusive interview you can read it here

Alex C, Nexx, Amanda Lear

Alex C new video "Dancing is like haven" was released and can be seen here

Nexx's single "Syncronize Lips" went up to #3 on the Swedish Dance Chart this week.

Amanda Lear the disco queen from 70's came back on music scene with a new song called "Someone else's eyes" and it's made in collaboration with Deadstar. Infos about the new material you can find here

Roger Sanchez, Katerine, Nexx

Roger Sanchez The Transatlatins team up with the legendary India for "I Can't Live Without Music". The Transatlatins are no other than Roger Sanchez and DJ Oliver, who released only one track under this moniker prior. Their first release "Mysteriosa" on Stealth Records, was an instant classic and still is a track to play out in the after hours. We just re-released this classic on our Stealth Classics, Vol.1 EP.

Roger wanted to revive this project, reached out to Oliver last summer and ended up in the studio together. When Roger road tested the instrumental people went crazy. Roger felt he needed to make a proper song out of this and got no less than the legendary and long time friend India on vocals.

The result is a peaktime clubmonster with a fantastic sing along break. Finally there is a proper vocal house track around that puts a smile on your face from ear to ear: Just as house should be.

Two weeks of promo resulted in a fantastic number 1 position in the DMC Buzz Chart and number 6 in the Cool Cuts !! DJ support is still coming from all corners of the world. Besides the original, Jesse Garcia, Tom Stephan, Angel Manuel and Chris Moody & Oleas delivered great remixes for this not to be missed package.

Thanx for the news to Roger Sanchez, for more infos check Roger's myspace

Katerine after her succes with the single "Utrasonic" who even made it in the Canada Dance Charts on the 2nd place, her record company thought to record a single for children cd's, the song choosen for that compilation was "Ayo Technology"( cover after Mylo), the track was was picked up by radio stations in Poland. Not much later the song was in the Polish top 5 and Katerine has - against her will- her first international hit.
In an recent interview Katerine said that she loves to represent Greece at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest...
Till then listen "Ayo Technology"

source: Johanna Facebook
Nexx came this week in Romania to promote their debut album "Syncronize Lips".Photos from their visit can be seen here.
I just found out that Johanna the vocalist of the band is also the background singer of Ace of Base..

Italo Dance On November 14th 2009, Berlin will host a big Italo Party in Berlin. With names such as Taleesa, Playahitty, the Soundlovers, Len Laszlo, Roby Pinna, and many more... All infos click on the banner in the right conner from the blog..
Info by Karine Sanche

Lasgo, Robert Abigail, Nexx , Dash Berlin

Lasgo Jelle was yesterday on "The Life is Live show" an Belgium music television Jim to promote her newest video "Gone".

Info by Karine Sanche

Robert Abigail
the dutch dj Robert Abigail made a new hit in colaboration with Dj Rebel. The song is called Merengue and can be watch on TMF & Jim.
After "Mijito Song" it's time for "Merengue"

Nexx the new album is titled "Synchronize Lips" and has 11 groovy tracks including the first two hit singles "Synchronize Lips" and "Paralyzed", and the brand new single "Bitch Switch" . The album is produced by Jonas von der Burg and Niclas Kings.

The first release is happening this friday 6th of March in Poland!
Also they decided to open an romanian website
For more infos check the official website

Dash Berlin i think that past 2 months from their first release "Till sky falls down". Now the team lunched a new hot single called 'Man on the run". More infos here

The news was copy from Eurodance Blog

Fusion Radio Suck

Sandy Chambers, Baracuda, Nexx, Sandra Cretu

Sandy Chambers One of the most beautiful voices in the international dance scenario - Sandy Chambers - sings "Get Out Of My Mind", co-produced by Favretto and Battini.
Samuele Sartini - top Italian dj and producer - added his personal touch to this release, making his version of "Get Out Of My Mind".
Quoting Sandy herself: "Love it!!!!!!!!!!!"
So, what are you waitin' for?! Get "Get out of my mind" on junodownload, where it is available as pre-release and it has hit the chart at number 1!

Baracuda new single will be called "Where is the love" and will be lunched on second January 2009 with the video already the single is included on the Après-ski Hits 2009 compilation.The show will be broadcast Saturday 3rd January on RTL II (live) - 17:00 CET with September, Alex C, Baracuda, Novaspace.

Novaspace lunched their new video called “Dancing to Danger”.
The single will be official lunched on 2nd January 2009 also can be found on Après-ski Hits 2009.

Thanx for this infos to CrazySexyMarvellous

Culture Beat – an exclusive interview with Tania Evans can be seen on Tania Evans MySpace.
The interview was taken by Cesario Piccinni

Dj Cosmo is a popular resident dj in famous clubs of Southern Germany.
He was know from the project Mythos 'N Dj Cosmo ,in the summer of 2008 release a dance single on Tiesto Clublife show called “Eclipse” now join forces with Ray Wilson and lunched “Show me the way”. Check

Nexx Johanna & Co shoot a video at the end of November for their new single "Paralyzed".
The video will be lunched in Europe next year in January.

Jens O the new single from this band will be a cover after T.A.T.U success “All the things she said”

Sandra will prepare a new material who will be release in 2009, for the new album will work with the same producer like her last album Art of Love, Jens Gad.
An article was publish about Cretu Mansion

“It’s nearer for the demolition of the Cretu mansion. But some of its parts (the producer’s lawyer claimed) had not been classified as illegal and therefore could not be touched - it concerns tennis court, swimming pool and several annexes.
The Town Hall estimates costs of demolition for 950.000 euros, and they will be able to pass the bill on to Cretu himself. Jaume Roig - Cretu’s lawyer, claimed it is preposterous, that his client will have to pay for the demolition of a property he built after receiving building licenses in good faith from both the Island Council and the Town Hall. The Town Hall have to pay the demolition costs and it is also set to pay around 10 million euros in damages to Cretu.
The Supreme Court in Palma informed the Town Hall about the final deadline and reminding them that the main house needed to be demolished and the area restored to its former state by the 1st November. It would take action if the court order was not carried out. But according to town mayor - Josef Costa, the final deadline would not be met, cause the demolition of the property was a complex issue and would take around three months to carry out.”

Infos from

Victoria Silvstedt, Blumchen, Ultra Beat, Liz Kay, Nexx, Enigma, Loona

Victoria Silvstedt the Playboy Playmate of the Year '97 presents a show on the french and italian channels TF1 & Italia 1 called "Wheel of Fortune".
In '97 Victoria lunched a music album "Girl On the Run" with a lot of succes in Sweeden on that album lunched the hit single "Rock Steady Love" featuring Turbo B ( Snap!& Centory)

E! Online opens up jet-setting life as she travels around the globe of Victoria Silvstedt the premiere will be this Sunday at 10:30 Cet and it's called "My Perfect Life"...
Till then u can see her everyday on TF1 & Italia 1 :)

Blumchen the hit single "Herz an Herz" of Blumchen from '96 was recover by Rob Mayth "Heart to heart"

UltraBeat a after a long break the guys from UltraBeat lunched their new single called "Never Ever"

More infos about the band you can find here

Liz Kay Lunched in Europe her next single called "True Faith"

Nexx After their succes with "Syncronize lips" , the next single released by this band will be "Paralyzed"..

Enigma Micheal Cretu lunched DVD of the album "Seven Lives Many Faces"
His next single will be called "The Same Parents"

Loona(aka Carisma) release her new video called "Salam Aleikoum".The new album it is called "Moonrise" at was release on 10th October 2008. on the new album you can find also 4 remixes..
Info from Euro Reggae

Groove Coverage their next single will be a recall of "Moonlight Shadow" (Mike's Oldfield) . That single was remixed also by Missing Heart (E-Rotic) in 2001.

E-type in case you didn't see E-type video "True Beliver" here it is....

Eurovision 2009 News

Waldo's People will compete to represent Finland at ESC 2009.
Sani, former Aikakone vocalist, will compete too. They will be performing during the same semi-final, on January 16th on YLE channel. Songs will be revealed on December 3rd..
Other ESC news Belgian artist Hadise will represent Turkey....

Infos brought by Karine Sanche

Fresh News

Hermes House Band is launching the new single called “Please don’t go” cover after the british group KWS .
From the 90’s was inspired and the new album HHB called "The ryhthm of the 90’s", there you can find all the euro dance success of the 90’s in Hermes House Band style.
Other news about the party guys is that... they have a Tv called HHB, more infos HERE

Dj Encore lunched his new single called "Fallin’" the single it’s from his album "Unique".
From this album was released also : "You Can Walk On Water", "Out there", "Changes"..

Fragma will release in a couple of weeks the new single called "Memory". You can listen the Original and Klaas Remix on the Fragma MySpace page.
This week the first vinyl will be released including the Original Mix and a very cool Jerk & Bastard Remix. Two weeks later we will release a special Klaas Remix Edition Vinyl incl. the Klaas Vocal Club Mix, Klaas Dub Mix and a massive Klaas Climax Mix. Please check your local record dealer and your favorite internet vinyl shop.

Nexx The group NEXX consist of Johanna “Jo” Eriksson, Robert Skowronski and Sebastian Zelle. The story of NEXX began already in the end of 2001 when Robert and Sebastian met while auditioning for another pop project. They both got the job and went on tour in 2002/2003. When the job was finished they decided that they wanted to continue working together and so in the end of 2004 they started to write new songs in their studio in Stockholm. They had many contacts with different Swedish producers which helped them with finding the right sound and they slowly started to form a new group. Robert has previously been staring in musicals in Sweden and he’s been backing up other artists as dancer and singer. Sebastian is a top DJ in the world of nightclubs in Stockholm. They both always had a passion for clubbing and spending time at the dance floors so they got influenced by artists like Madonna, Basement Jaxx, Kylie Minogue and disco artists from the 70’s and 80’s. In December 2004 Robert started rehearsals with the world famous ABBA musical MAMMA MIA! in Stockholm where he became very good friend with Johanna "Jo" Eriksson who also was part of the cast. At that time he and Sebastian wanted to find a female vocalist for the new group. Shortly after the premiere of MAMMA MIA Jo listened their material and asked Robert if she could put her vocals on it. She went into the studio and she basically blew Rob and Seb away. NEXX was born! The group continued to write and record new material during next two years and in 2006 they went on tour in Sweden, Finland and Latvia. In 2007 they got in touch with Swedish top producer Jonas Von Der Burg (September, Danny, Alcazar) and together with him and Ivar Lisinski (Bananarama, Danii Minogue) they wrote their upcoming single “Synchronize Lips”
The band is in the same record company like the Basic Element, Lemon Records..


Basic Element I just got this video with the making of .... Basic Element - Feelings Enjoy it!

Basic Element - making of

Dip Project From Russia is comin' the rain lool.. and the newest project called Dip Project & Infiniti.
It’s a trance, dance progressive band from Moscow. They release a song "Gde Ty" who is a big hit in Russia and now wants your attentions :D