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Sylvia Tosun, Linda Mertens, AnnaGrace,Gabry Ponte

Sylvia Tosun house diva came on dance scene with two new songs, the first one is a remix made for Alex M.O.R.P.H."World Keeps Turning" and the 2nd it's a collaboration between Alex M.O.R.P.H. and it's called "An Angel's Love" trance anthem of 2011 named by Armanda Music. All the tunes can be found on digital megastores.

Milk inc lead singer Linda Mertens cover this week P-Magazine.

AnnaGrace made for Q music 10th annyversary a cover of Black Eye Peas,the tune was recorded in Regi studio with Jelle Lasgo and Kate Ryan you can see it here.

Gabry Ponte former Effel 65 release a new single called Skyride, the tune was release in Italy on July, and the video for this video gather almost 305000 visits.

Shaun Baker, Gabry Ponte, Groove Coverage

Shaun Baker just released on the end of November a new single called "Frontline", the single is very diffrent from the other releases it's more club and they stopped the collboration with Maloy. Already the video reached almost 150000 hits on utube.

Gabry Ponte joined forces with italian legend rapper and songwriter, Jovanotti, the new single is called "Tutto l'amore che ho(All the love that i have)" and was released this month on beatport and itunes.

Groove Coverage just release the new video" Innocent", a preview here.


Eurodance News

Alexandra Prince release the new single it's called "Treat Me Right", the EP was made in collaboration with Chic Flowerz and was released officially on November 5.

Twenty 4 Seven released on itunes a "Best of". More infos here

Marcia Juell and the project CyberSutra were nominated at IDMA,and you can vote for them here

Gabry Ponte made a mash up of "Barbra Streisand" and can be listen here.

Susana( Armin Van Buuren) release a new single called "If I Could" from her recent material "Closer". The EP was made with Bart Claessen and will be official released on December 20. More infos here.

Mylène Farmer, Helena Paparizou, Gabry Ponte

Mylène Farmer I really love this european singer not because it's beatiful and she has that 50's look of classical french actor, 'cause it's enigmatic person and rumors are hunted her like ravens looking for dead bodies... A few years ago european press named her Madonna because she has more fans then her ... and it's a notorious singer every  appearance it's a subject for French tabloids... now i leave the description of this big star alone and i will tell you what i saw o her twitter fanbase account that a new single it's one the way, the name it's "Oui mais... non" and it's # 1 on top of downloads and includes remixes by Chew Fu the same who remixed the new single from Ysa Ferrer "French Kiss".

Helena Paparizou the winner of ESC in 2005 and ex lead singer of eurodance project Antique posted on her twitter account that her new single it's called "Psaxno Tin Alitheia"(Searching For The Truth) , the truth we try to find also...!? why she forgot her european fans and why is still doing greek music and also why she posted this single released in May !? i think we never find the answers to this questions!? because Helena forgot us and it's concentrated over her greek public....

Gabry Ponte(former member Eiffel 65)made a new remix to Italian project Fabri Fibra and the name of his song is "Vip in trip" like the the title, the subject is very common: Television , and how it's manipulate the people, with a very hilarious video, where appears and italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, the project it's ready for italian dance tops.

Pandora, Gabry Ponte, Kim Sozzi

Pandora's single "You Believed" was release in Europe by Toco-international. You can buy the single here.

Gabry Ponte release a new song called "Love 2 Party", a song made in collaboration with SpoonFace and was dropped out on August 30. Infos about the single here.

Kim Sozzi the american dance singer from Melville it's working on her future EP, after "Just one day" who was a success, Kim thought that it's time for a another smash hit EP called "Rated-R",  i don't know if is a cover after Rihanna but soon will find out when the tune will be available on all digital megastores.

Daniel Aminati , Gabry Ponte,BBB

Daniel Aminati finally comes back on the music scene with a new single after a long long waiting.The song is written in german and is called Wie Keiner Dieser Herrn (As Nobody Else).It is available for online download from 22 May 2009 and released as single on 29 May 2009.The style of this track is totally oldtime defined but the three bonus remixes are currently modern electro and house.

Daniel is popular as member of the boyband Bed & Breakfast til 1996 and as a speaker on the german TV Channel Pro 7 today. He takes parts in several social and charity programms. Musically he recorded one solo album called I Feel At Home in 1999 and some solo singles :Turn Me Up (96), I Want You Back (97), My Greatest Love (99), With You I Wanna Be (99), When I Give My Love To You (99) and Happy By Mistake(2006).

Drum Mode is proud to present a collaboration between 3 veteran and well respected artists of the international dance industry. Teaming up are the fabulous Victoria Wilson James (ex The Shamen) and Dutch production duo Jaimy & Kenny D.
Together they have recorded a song Never Stop which is originally written and performed by The Brand New Heavies and was one of their biggest successes back in the early 90s.

Gabry Ponte , the famous italian dj and member of Eiffel 65, presents his new album Gabry 2.o Vol. 2 recorded in 2009. In 2008 he released the Vol. 1 . This album contains his latest single Ocean Whispers with a popular sax melody similar to Guru Josh's Infinity.

Ferry Corsten presents his new album compilation Corstens Countdown 100 - 2009.

Roger Sanchez , the american dj star producer and remixer, presents his latest compilation Release Yourself Vol. 8 - 2009.

Crystal Method The british techno band Crystal Method released their new album in 2009 called Divided By Night. It contains 12 new tracks in a brand new style for the band, some of them are Dirty Thirty, Drawn In The Now and Smile.

Bad Boys Blue
According to their last album Heart & Soul, Bad Boys Blue will release the new album compilation Rarities Remixed on 19 June 2009. It will be published by Coconut Records Germany.The album will contain 10 old remixed hits as "Jungle In My Heart", "House Of Silence" and "Follow The Light".The album can be found here

News written by Krassik

Klubbingman's new single Another Day Another Night feat Trixi Delgado reached #72 in the Media Control German charts.

Infernal started their summer tour, 30 dates through Denmark. They opened their own shop, where you can find all kind of Infernal goodies...

Real McCoy O'jay announced on his Myspace that he completed the recordings and the final mixing for the new album on friday last week. "We're taking a break for the rest of this week and going to start fresh next monday with the preparations for our live set-up" he explains.

Kandystand announced the title of their next single on Twitter : "Open Your Heart", a Madonna cover with an electro touch.

News by Karine Sanche