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Paul van Dyk and Bestie Larkin : Love is

The armada's trance vocalist Betsie Larkin just shared a private message of Paul van Dyk. The german dj is revealing the future single that are working on.
The track is called Love is, and will be included on Paul's future material entitled The politics of dancing... 

Right now Betsie Larkin is touring with other armada trance vocalists: Alexandra Badoi and Susana.

Another collaboration of Betsie Larkin

You are very familiar with this trance singer - Betsie Larkin. The singer announced on her FB profile that she prepared a new trance track made in collaboration with Andy Moor and it's called Not Afraid.

New songs from Mel Jade and Betsie Larkin

The australian singer Mel Jade is preparing  a new video for the single Bliss. the news was shared by the singer on twitter. Bliss is the new song that will be included on Mel Jade future material.

Betsie Larkin also is working on the new single with Ken Loi . The singer didn't say the title and when will be release the new single, but is really excited about the result.


Betsie Larkin - Insatiable

No is not a cover after Darren Hayes , just a a great track wrote by american dance artist Betsie Larkin who also signed the tune made with Lange, and release a few weeks ago.
Betsie enter on trance scene  in 2008 when she collaborate with Ferry Corsten at Made of Love one of the best trance tune and most voted track.
About Insatiable is a love story and can be described as the perfect soundtrack for a sun laden afternoon along the beach or amidst a dark, crowded dance floor.

Betsie Larkin was really impressed by the video and shared the news on her fb account

We had so much fun shooting this music video in Taos, New Mexico - "Insatiable" with Lange 

Not Coming Down by Betsie Larkin

Betsie Larkin is one of the most popular trance vocalist and this year she "renew" the collaboration with dutch dj Ferry Corsten for "Not Coming Down". A song very emtional with amazing vocals and can be found here.

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