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Snap!, D.O.N.S, Ray Slijngaard

Snap! just sign up with UK's record company Hard2beat, the one who represent September, Basshunter, Lasgo & AnnaGrace, soon will release some new remixes of ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’, ‘The Power’, ‘Exterminate’, ‘Do You See The Light’ and more mammoth classics which kept raving throughout the 90s...
More infos here

D.O.N.S If you want to know more about this dj, or if you want to know how was the collaboration with Teri B!.
You must read this exclusive interview gave by D.O.N.S to Dj Mag Magazine.

Ray Slijngaard (2Unlimited) after his appearance at I love the 90's and 538 concert with Anita Doth, Ray has a new surprise, his next single will be a collaboration with UK's singer Rachel Stevens ( one of the vocalists from S Club 7), the song is called 'Come In Out Of The Rain' and it's cover after Wendy Moten classic.
The track will be released soon...

Thanks for the info to Krassik


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