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Janice Robinson - A new battle

Janice Robinson the first vocalist of Livin' Joy is passing this days through hard times, and shared on personal instagram a message to inspire people .

 "A creative vision of how to endure all of life’s hardest battles . I was born with a profound level of faith and even in this global dark hour I stay committed to trusting Gods divine purpose of my life . Today’s MRI is done and I have another MRI on next Tuesday for another part of my body . I have shared my life journey with you all simply to inspire you to build a relationship with God . These next few days for me will be incredibly hard as I wait for all the results during these days I will simply laugh and love my daughters and bring joy to my family and friends with my crazy sense of humor yep I will leave all my friends very funny messages that bring smiles to their face and joy to their hearts . Remember search within to find you’re strength for you are stronger then you think you are . " Janice

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Janice Robinson actress !?

The lead singer of italo house project Livin' Joy gave an interview to Raw Real Being, were she shared some real thoughts about the music industry nowdays  and why she disappear from dance scene.
Also she revealed that she will be part on  big project but this time in a musical more infos here 

Janice Robinson is a Dreamer.

Janice Robinson the one responsible of Livin' Joy success with "Dreamer", but more recent with popularity gain on UK's show XFactor, is joining forces with with Grammy award winning producer Dave Aude. The news was shared by the singer on a famous social network .

Let's hope that Livin' Joy producer will allow to be the face and voice of the project. Special thanks to TranceHouseVocalist

Janice Robinson has a new relationship

 Janice Robinson the lead singer of eurodance project Livin' Joy confess on a famous social network, that she has a new relationship, a new relationship  but with God.
The singer shared her thought with her followers.

When you are alone you really get to see life so clearly. When you are alone you get to have this one on one with God that is pure and not disturbed by others around you. When you are alone you get to take care of yourself in such a nurturing way. When you are alone you get to laugh out loud at something and not be judged at what your laughing at. When you are alone you get to eat in peace and not worry about having a conversation with someone. I am alone I am not in a relationship I am in love with what God has done for my life and I am building my relationship with God in such a mighty way so when the right man does come along I will know God sent him . Not the damn devil.. How will I know I will feel Gods love coming from him I will feel a calmness in my spirit I will feel a trust like never before I will feel a quite peace inside my heart and it will be clear God did this not man but God......#meditateonthatsingleladies

Janice is also responsible of Livin' joy success Dreamer, who his a anthem for those in doubts.

Sugababes, Livin'Joy, Right Said Fred

Sugababes The three lady's who "Push the button" came back with a new single called "Get Sexy" who is included on the newest material called "Seventh Studio Album". (Eurodanceblog)
"Get Sexy" will be official released on 31th August you can pre order on Amazon.

Livin'Joy Niels Van Gogh made a cover after Livin' Joy hit "Dreamer" , the song was released on August 14 an can be pre-order from here

Right Said Fred The new single is called "Sexy Bum" and was played on Ballermann hits , for more infos check the official website( Thanks to Krassik)